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Three feature-length screenplays: High Note, Double Life, and The Underdogs. In High Note, vocal student Laura Celt must clear her name of the murder of her idol. In Double Life, a pop diva and a scientist dodge government agents and terrorists while on a quest to prevent insects from being weaponized. In The Underdogs, an undocumented migrant and a homeless man team up against corruption in a Florida town. From the murder mystery of High Note, to the zany musical-adventure Double Life, to the harrowing portrait of evil in The Underdogs, THREE SCREENPLAYS offers a kaleidoscopic variety of cinematic entertainment.

Twins face suicide in this dark comedy. Short film!

Winning the mind war. Short film!


Local TV loser will do anything to keep his show. Short film!

The original cut

Dead end of modern society. Short film!

Two girls and a secret in Barcelona. Short film!

Private investigator Andy Comb is on his most challenging mission: recover a stolen piece of military technology before world war breaks out. But he must tangle with a hot debutante, a psychotic Chinese spy, the U.S. government, and half the eccentrics in North America to succeed.

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Beautiful Russian spy Eva Fleet and goofy film professor Hieronymus Dent must track down a long-lost Hollywood movie to save the world from nuclear war.

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Documentary filmmakers have adventures. Short film!

A sex crime ring snares a filmmaker. Feature film!

A love story. Short film!

Bark like a dog, or else. Short film!

The devils...and the typical American. Short film!

TV actress has life crisis. Short film!


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