Jw blk jw blk jw, dky dyk tranny dyk, job cuts. Jw blk jw thee end.

I didnt even mention the economy jobs school debt ect, im taking my kids to the forest and fishing as much as possible.

22,000 the price is right, just imagine if the area becomes middle class, then its a goldmine. Need them boo-G ppl's. Maybe if we give out free latte's we can gentrify the area, doubt it tho this area off halsted is to far from the nearest trendy areas, so its never going to change

This is sick, calling the fbi is sick, this is terrible behavior laughing at anothers pain cmon

Charity if not given freely is robbery, therefore not appreciated and used as another dividing point

Yall like jus sum haters

Then we are left with efeminate hipsters. #i knew iran did 911

This old house, #THISAoldChicagoHOUSE

This is the jokes foundation alot of add on go with it but for the sake of time i did the bare bones version.

Drugs prostitutes addicts cops and so much more inmyUrbanwastern.

Bike lanes, its only nice enought to ride a bike 90 days a year.


Once gay always gay or are they some wierd term like bi curious or some goofy shyt.

Lookin like someone poured cheeto dust on your kid.

This may be why I'm still here. I need a lawyer to incorporate a non for profit for me, pro bono or cheap.


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