Looting started downtown and surrounding suburbs. #looting Chicago #protestes

Godbless, dont come north of the rust belt i advise you.

Edit 1 if i ate a deer it would be from neccesity 2 when i said south i meant the south of a major urban center. Also hey joe has to be one of the best blues guitar riffs ever by ol jimmy ive ever laid ears upon.

Its always shytty in ...

At least the weathers nice in chi

I hope all is well ill go see and most likely he still crushing and rambling but i cant look down on a man for semi coherant ramblings and flat earth stuff...didnt he buy fcknhm alpachas...wonder how the alpachas are doing.

Owen benjamin im gonna come see how u been i guess

Sweet home chicago...rip jake blues

What a world huh guys pretty ok i guess

And it has a neck head shoulders body and 2 red horns as well. A black figure looming over the people or peadants on the street...just a thought since our streets are a grid like a chess board

Be ur brothers keeper or at.least cause no harm

Lets honestly try to be kind and ú more empathetic and kind in these most bizarre of times godbless the uuu7. Life is precious its a shame how many ook weve lost to doon

Slavery and master and no dignity will be found if the church is taken and these tyrants continue and say good buy to.any wealth btw god bless

Dont tell um what u done dont trust nun um. #NotHapNin

I cant fight with ppl about politics all night I dont need some 25 year old drunk chick with a kid for that its a waste of monet.

Send all donations to 9405 79th ct hickory hills illinois to Jennifer and david guldin

Dave walsh the ppls champ, donate donate donate, paypal in channel discription... gonna buy stuff make a cool channel g.b. d.w. out.

I get it I'm white there fore I'm wrong and should be searched for being in a certain location, I get it they are right and I am wrong
And I shouldnt say anything at all about the government cause I'm just a bad slave who's prolly doing something bad only I was working but still what makes me think I have rights or something...slaves dont get rights.


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