James, Hanna and David gather for another dissection of what's going on in the great bowel movement known as the Aut Right. This time we look at the bizarre cult of pro-forced birthers, neo-cons who have come into the Aut Right through MGTOW and the odd (or perhaps not so odd) outreach to the Aut Left, among other things. The podcast was recorded the shortly after the Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting, which we begin with.....

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Banned by Youtube, this is a serious look at the Holocaust as a religion, as preached by its priesthood in the halls of pseudo-academia. We journey to Mühldorf in Bavaria to take a look at the former concentration camp in the forest of Waldkraiburg and investigate what really happened and expose some of the disinformation propagated by the likes of the intellectually dishonest Jordan B Peterson. Note well: This is not intended as hatred against any particular ethnic group.

Recorded in April and recently banned by Youtube, supposedly for 'hate speech', several of the Mjolnir Magazine crowd, Hanna, Neil, James and I take a look at the shills, weirdos and shitlibs of the Aut Right and the nonsense they get into, including oriental religions and dietary fads. We also look at the manipulation of figures by the likes of Facebook and Youtube, which is probably the real reason for the podcast's banning.

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It's another critical look at the Aut Right recorded a month ago, as Hanna, James and I examine the European elections, the internet spergs that destroyed UKIP, the sell-outs to so-called civic nationalism, Aut Right women selling out to MGTOW for shekels, and the Eternal Mike Enoch as de facto leader of the Aut Right to whom everyone must go cap in hand for shekels. Please subscribe to James' channel, as he also hosts discussions on various topics:

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This is the Youtube channel for David Yorkshire, Editor of Mjolnir Magazine, the print magazine for the Eurocentric illiberal arts, and editor and main contributor to the Mjolnir Magazine blog and Dairy Male satirical online newspaper. I am also one of the hosts of Mjolnir at the Movies, the film review channel available on Bitchute and Youtube. This channel is dedicated to discussing culture, history and philosophy from a Rightist perspective.

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