Looking at Lilibet Windsor's traitorous Christmas speech of 2004....

Debunking History Debunked again. The video in question:

The Earl of Portsmouth also crops up in an article I wrote some time ago on Windrush and reverse colonisation:

When I uploaded this video on Youtube, the controllers there immediately shut down the comments section. This guy History Debunked is obviously protected by those in charge of social media.

Tolkien and Candour Magazine at Spearhead: http://www.spearhead.co.uk/0208-sg.html
Candour Magazine website: https://www.candour.org.uk/

The quotation I paraphrased is "Yes, I am a Jew, and while the ancestors of the right honourable gentleman were brutal savages in an unknown island, mine were priests in the temple of Solomon."


Countering Leftist arguments that the NHS would collapse without immigrant healthcare workers.

The second part of my debunking of the societal collapse theory many nationalists are fond of....

Just as the title suggests.

Yes, he does.

Another look at Simon Webb alias "History Debunked", this time his schizoid behaviour when addressing other races and his own relationship with them, particularly but not limited to this video:

A response to the Youtuber Simon Webb a.k.a. History Debunked who deleted my comment on his video addressing his ethnicity and the Jewish Question that he loves to avoid:

Yes, I have finally had the plague....and survived without a single vaccination....

More on what's happening in the People's Democratic Republic of France....


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