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Dr Reiner Fuellmich and Robert F Kennedy Jr discuss deaths following Covid jabs, with whistleblower footage from care homes where many deaths and serious illnesses are occurring in the days that follow injection.

Source (22nd February 2021):

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Trial lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich outlines the Covid crimes against humanity:

Dr Andrew Wakefield on the mRNA “vaccine” being rolled out worldwide:

Business owners in Carlsbad, California, are saying “no more” to lockdowns.


Source (February 1st, 2021):

“No widespread event in my lifetime comes close to the Covid lockdowns as an instance in which we human beings have so ignorantly and arrogantly chosen to live not merely inharmoniously with nature but in direct and hostile opposition to it. The final price we pay for this folly will be astronomical.”


Source (January 24th, 2021):

Dr Sam Bailey from New Zealand examines the PCR method that’s commonly used to test for Covid-19.

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14. Off-Guardian 5th October 2020 - PCR Inventor: “It doesn’t tell you that you are sick”: https://off-guardian.org/2020/10/05/pcr-inventor-it-doesnt-tell-you-that-you-are-sick/

Source (February 9th, 2021):

With the help of scientist and virologist Dr Stefan Lanka, the non-profit Project Immanuel critically examines and scrutinises all fundamental publications on Sars-CoV-2 and Covid-19.

Project Immanuel’s main objective is to make science understandable to everyone. All the technical terms and scientific procedures of virology and microbiology that you need to know and understand are explained in a way that’s easy to comprehend and illustrated with many examples.

“This is a scientific project. This means, for one thing, that although we are very critical of all that has been done and has happened in the Corona crisis, we always remain neutral. We do not take sides with anyone, nor do we condemn anyone. We analyse everything from a purely scientific medical point of view. It also means that we emphatically ask you, the viewer, not to simply believe any of our statements. On the contrary, doubt, be critical and question us. Anyone who can refute our statements is hereby cordially invited to do so, but should do so with tangible, verifiable facts. If we have made mistakes we are happy to correct them.”

Behind Project Immanuel is a small group of independent filmmakers who want to help bring into the public domain scientific facts that are ignored by the majority of people only because they do not conform to the predominant worldview and accepted consensus.

Contact Project Immanuel via:

[email protected]

Source (February 13th, 2021):

Irish independent politician Michael McNamara highlights how mainstream media coverage in Ireland is adding to the high levels of stress and anxiety amongst the population.

Source (February 4th, 2021):

Irish independent politician Michael McNamara asked the Republic of Ireland Minister for Health how many people have been vaccinated who have already contracted Covid and whether it is proposed to vaccinate such people in light of the suggestion that they may be protected due to their previous infection.

Source (January 21st, 2021):

A documentary on the fourth industrial revolution, what the 1% have to gain, and what the rest of us have to lose.

Source (January 13th, 2021):

Video by happen.network

This film is based on a letter by an international team of professionals, researchers, and activists, calling for an expedited investigation into scientific fraud in public health policies.

Full letter here:

Source (January 10th, 2021):

By Kate Wand:

Sucharit Bhakdi was born in Washington, DC, and educated at schools in Switzerland, Egypt, and Thailand. He studied medicine at the University of Bonn in Germany, where he received his MD in 1970. He was a post-doctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics in Freiburg from 1972 to 1976, and at The Protein Laboratory in Copenhagen from 1976 to 1977. He joined the Institute of Medical Microbiology at Giessen University in 1977 and was appointed associate professor in 1982. He was named chair of Medical Microbiology at the University of Mainz in 1990, where he remained until his retirement in 2012. Dr Bhakdi has published over three hundred articles in the fields of immunology, bacteriology, virology, and parasitology, for which he has received numerous awards and the Order of Merit of Rhineland-Palatinate.

“Are the PCR tests appropriate for diagnostic purposes? Certainly not. The PCR method developed by Mullis, who got the Nobel prize for this, he himself said, ‘Do not use this test for diagnosis.’ [...] This is abuse of the test. Why? Because the test is far, far, too sensitive. [...]

“Last week 60 people were sent into quarantine in a town in Bavaria. They decided to demand that the test was repeated because they didn’t believe it. The test was repeated and it turned out that 58 were negative, and the last two were only positive because the test had been rigged so that it was so sensitive. The other 58 were totally negative meaning that the test itself was faulty. This test should be trashed immediately, worldwide. And it should be considered a criminal act for anyone to be sent to quarantine because this test was positive.”

Source (December 29th, 2020):

This interview was recorded as part of the Planet Lockdown documentary due for release at the end of January 2021.

Planet Lockdown:

Watch the Planet Lockdown interview with Catherine Austin Fitts here:

Dr John Lee is a former professor of pathology and was an NHS consultant for many years.

“We’re seeing mortality that’s well within the envelope of what normally happens at this time of year. The last five years have been a below average number of death years if you look at the ONS (Office of National Statistics) data compared to the last 27 [years] which is how far back their data goes.

“The envelope within which we’re in, we’re below the average point of the deaths at this time of year. The question is what are those deaths attributable to. A lot of those deaths have been attributed, incorrectly in my view, to Covid because of the flawed testing regime.

“The fact is the total number of deaths from Covid, this figure that we have of 70,000 (UK), equates to about one in six deaths over the entire nine months that we’ve been looking at this thing. If you accept that about half of those deaths are probably not actually due to Covid, they’re due to something else, because of the testing problem, actually it’s within the envelope of a normal respiratory infection. [...]

“One of the things to look out for in the next few weeks is, because the testing is so inaccurate, as we vaccinate more people, it’s possible that we get more false-positive tests. We’ll actually see an increased spike in tests which doubtless the Government will become more hysterical about. The fact is the whole hysteria should stop. The exit for this is that we protect the vulnerable and we let everybody else get back to their normal lives. [...]

“[The virus] is out there. We’ll have to live with it.”

Source (January 6th, 2021):

Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in biology) discuss the the potential long-term hazards of Covid vaccines.

“The number of things that can go wrong with this is many. [...] We know that this is having an unpredictable effect based on individual variation in immunity. [...] We don’t know why something as simple as this is triggering anaphylactic shock, or the potential for it, but the fact that in some people that’s happening says this is having an unpredictable effect with some immune systems. What other unpredictable effects might it have with some immune systems? We don’t know yet because it hasn’t been around long enough for us to detect these patterns.”

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #58 (December 12th, 2020):

Bret’s website:

Heather’s website

Dr Pierre Kory, associate professor of medicine at Aurora St Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee, testifies during the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing on early outpatient treatment as an essential part of a Covid-19 solution.

“When I am told that we are touting things that are not FDA- or NIH-recommended, let me be clear, the NIH recommendation on ivermectin, which is to not use it outside of controlled trials, is from August 27th [2020]. We are now in December, three to four months later. Mountains of data have emerged from many centres in countries around the world showing the miraculous effectiveness of ivermectin. It basically obliterates transmission of this virus. If you take it you will not get sick. [...]

“[In] a trial by Argentina’s lead investigator of ivermectin Dr Hector Carvallo they prophylaxed 800 healthcare workers. Not one got sick. In the 400 that they didn’t prophylax with ivermectin 58% got sick — 237 of those 400. [Ivermectin] has immense and potent anti-viral activity.”

Source (December 8th, 2020):

An interview with investment banker and former public official Catherine Austin Fitts on what’s behind the Covid smokescreen. A short transcript:

“Essentially you’re trying to get people to buy into a solution before they see where it’s ultimately going to go. Because you’re talking about a transaction system that is no longer currency. It’s a control system. It’s like credit at the company store. If every central bank comes out with a digital central bank currency they have the ability to turn your money on and off, so if you don’t behave, that’s it. [...]”

“You’re trying to dramatically centralise economic and political control. Let me give you an example. We have 100 small businesses on Main Street and a community. You declare them non-essential, shut them down. Suddenly Amazon and Walmart, the big-box stores can come in and take away all the market share. In the meantime the people on Main Street have to keep paying off their credit cards and their mortgage. So they’re in a debt entrapment and they’re desperate to get cashflow to cover their debts and day-to-day expenses. At the same time you have the Federal Reserve institute a form of quantitative easing where they’re buying corporate bonds and the guys that are taking up the market share can basically finance at 0.1%, or their banks can, when everybody on Main Street is paying 16 to 17% of their credit cards with that income. Now you’ve got them over a barrel and you can take away their market share and generally they can’t afford to do what they say because they’re too busy trying to find money to feed their kids.”

“In the 2016 election cycle we saw the general population support candidates who represented populism in a variety of different ways. Bernie Sanders was a populist relative to the other candidates. Donald Trump was a populist relative to the other candidates. And literally what the global capital class realised was they had a problem that could be solved by destroying the independent income of small business and sole practitioners and people who had independent forms of income. If you’re a doctor, a lawyer, a CPA, and you have your own practice, you’re generally going to support the populist candidates. The way to shut the populist candidates down is to shut off their income and support, which is you put Main Street out of business and then there’s nobody to finance a Bernie Sanders or a Donald Trump. [...]”

“It’s hard for me to think of Donald Trump as a populist because he’s very much on board for the pro-centralisation team, but as Michael Moore has said he’s the American peoples’ way of saying “F you” to the leadership. So it was very important for them to get rid of Trump. The problem is they’ve used massive voter fraud to do it, but they’ve used the fraud in a way where it’s obvious that the fraud is off the charts. It’s almost as though they’re turning to the population that they’re trying to turn into a cult and saying, ‘You have to pretend that this guy is the President even though you know he’s not.’”

Source (December 22nd, 2020):

Recorded for the Planet Lockdown documentary, due for release January 2021:

More from Catherine at Solari Report:

Ex-Merck rep Brandy Vaughan, founder of LearnTheRisk.org, shared her experience of the dark side of the pharmaceutical industry at LifeWest’s annual WAVE conference in 2016.

“What is being passed off as ‘health’care these days is really ‘sick’care because pharmaceutical companies — and even doctors to some extent — don’t make money off healthy people. The pharmaceutical industry wants to keep you sick. They will even pass mandatory medical laws to ensure you are a lifelong customer.”

Original source (December 7th, 2016):

Source with improved audio (December 11th, 2020):

Police launch investigation into death of vaccine-safety advocate Brandy Vaughan:

Learn the Risk:


Dr Andrew Wakefield on the mRNA “vaccine” being rolled out worldwide. A section’s transcribed below.

“Messenger RNA is an intermediary between the gene and the product — the protein. It’s the protein that ultimately elicits the immune response, not the RNA. If you want to make a vaccine it’s protein that you give, whether it’s bacterial protein or viral protein. It’s the protein to which the human immune system develops the immune response. So by definition, an RNA vaccine isn’t a vaccine at all because it doesn’t elicit an immune response. It has to be turned into protein, and it’s the protein in turn that creates the immune response.

“A messenger RNA vaccine is actually genetic engineering. It’s putting genetic material from an RNA virus into your cells and asking the cellular machinery with the RNA to produce protein from your cells to which you then mount an immune response. What could possibly go wrong? You have cells in your own body that are producing protein to which your immune system is going to mount an immune response? That’s called an auto-immune disease, so the potential for this to go horribly wrong is enormous. It’s never been used in humans before. It’s never been tested out and yet it’s been rushed to market in [the case of] the Pfizer vaccine and we’re already seeing some major problems occurring. [...]

“A vaccine for this is a misnomer. It is not a vaccine. It is an intermediary product which leads to the production of a protein that generates a so-called vaccine. And it is genetic engineering that has never been tested out in human beings. And if it causes a problem a year, two years, five years down the line and it’s already been given to billions of people worldwide, it’s too late. You can’t take it out. You can’t switch it off. You can’t stop it.”

Source (December 23rd, 2020):

Dr Reiner Fuellmich and Robert F Kennedy Jr discuss deaths following Covid jabs:

An in-depth study on the future of vaccines, by James Corbett.

“...the vaccines that are being developed for SARS-Cov-2 are unlike any vaccines that have ever been used on the human population. And, as radically different as these vaccines appear, they represent only the very beginning of a complete transformation of vaccine technology that is currently taking place in research labs across the planet.”

Source (23rd December 2020):

Full transcript and source links:

Dr Reiner Fuellmich and Robert F Kennedy Jr discuss deaths following Covid jabs:

Great Barrington Declaration:

England’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty, a key figure in the UK lockdowns that began in March 2020, explains just how mild Covid-19 actually is. Recorded at Gresham College on April 30th 2020,


Full 1hr 20min presentation from Gresham College:
Skip to 12:34 for the highlighted section.

As of March 19th, 2020, the UK Government does not consider Covid-19 to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID).

In 2008, Whitty was awarded $40m (£31m) by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Kary Mullis (1944 – 2019) was an American biochemist and a chemistry Nobel laureate. He earned the Nobel prize for his invention (alongside Michael Smith) of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method.

Not long after his death, the PCR method was used as a diagnostic tool for viruses — something Mullis strongly objected to.

In this recorded interview he said:

“Guys like [Tony] Fauci get up there and start talking, you know, he doesn’t know anything, really, about anything and I'd say that to his face. Nothing. The man thinks you can take a blood sample and stick it in an electron microscope and if it's got a virus in there, you’ll know it. He doesn’t understand electron microscopy and he doesn’t understand medicine, and he should not be in a position like he’s in. Most of those guys up there on the top are just total administrative people and they don’t know anything about what’s going on at the bottom. Those guys have got an agenda, which is not what we would like them to have, being that we pay for them to take care of our health in some way. They’ve got a personal kind of agenda, they make up their own rules as they go, they change them when they want to and they smugly, like Tony Fauci, does not mind going on television in front of the people who pay his salary and lie directly into the camera.”


Ontario’s associate medical officer, Dr Barbara Yaffe:
“I just say whatever they write down for me.”

Ontario’s chief medical officer of health, Dr David Williams:
“Yeah, same.”

Source (15th December 2020):


Mainstream media headlines focus on Covid infections, cases, hospitalisations, and deaths — all determined by the PCR test.

The problem with the PCR test is the “cycle quantification” (Cq) or “cycle threshold” (Ct).

The Cq/Ct value specifies how many cycles of DNA/RNA replication are needed to detect a signal from biological samples. “Cq values higher than 40 are suspect because of the implied low efficiency and generally should not be reported.”

Quote source:

According to Stephen Bustin, professor of molecular medicine, a world-renowned expert on quantitative PCR, and author of the book A-Z of Quantitative PCR (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Bustin), a Cq in the 20s to 30s should be aimed at and there is concern regarding the reliability of the results for any Cq over 35.

Professor Carl Heneghan, director of the University of Oxford's Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, reports that NHS England documentation shows that tests are run at 45 cycles, “which is identifying people who are not infectious.”

The inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, agreed, when he said:

“If you have to go more than 40 cycles to amplify a single-copy gene, there is something seriously wrong with your PCR.”

Quote source: https://bit.ly/346XeRY

New York Times: Your coronavirus test is positive. Maybe it shouldn’t be.

“Molecular techniques based on real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) allow the detection and quantification of DNA but are unable to distinguish between signals from dead or live cells.”

(archive: https://archive.is/x5gak)

Are you infectious if you have a positive PCR test result for Covid-19?
(archive: https://archive.is/sv06K)

BBC: Coronavirus: Tests ‘could be picking up dead virus’
(archive: https://archive.vn/vx6JG)

Covid-19 PCR tests are scientifically meaningless:
(archive: https://archive.is/R4gPW)

The trouble with PCR tests:
(archive: https://archive.is/g1PKx)

Useless testing:
(archive: https://archive.is/IF4yS)

Was the Covid-19 test meant to detect a virus?
(archive: https://archive.is/BvcgF)

Corona: creating the illusion of a pandemic through diagnostic tests
(archive: https://archive.is/noPQz)

Source for the in-video interview with Stephen Bustin: https://youtu.be/fkSps-RSNMo

Source for the in-video interview with Tony Fauci: https://youtu.be/a_Vy6fgaBPE

Daniel McCrossan, MLA for West Tyrone, questions Northern Ireland health minister Robin Swann on why Covid-19 has been listed on death certificates despite clear alternative causes of death.

“If it’s a death that is registered in the community where there has been suspected Covid-19 symptoms there may be occasion where a medical professional will record it on the death certificate even if there hasn’t been a positive case.” — Northern Ireland health minister Robin Swann

Source (May 20th, 2020):

Michael McNamara, TD for the Clare constituency in the 33rd Dáil, questioned Dr John Cuddihy of the Health Protection Surveillance Centre about the current system of recording Covid cases and deaths in Ireland.

Source (September 29th, 2020):

The World Economic Forum predicts that in 2030:
“You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.”
“Whatever you want you’ll rent.”

Published on the World Economic Forum Facebook page on December 9th, 2016:

A related article is on the WEF website:


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