Dr David Duke

Dr David Duke



Dr. Duke reveals during the first hour good nutrition to live a healthy life. In the second half Duke reveals the Mossad connection to Epstein's supposed suicide. How the suicide hypothesis remains dubious. Duke also discloses Mossad operatives close to Epstein such as Ghislaine Maxwell have a pedigree going back to the most famous Mossad spy ever, Robert Maxwell.

Augutust Invictus makes an appearance on Dr. David Duke's show to discuss his candidacy. In addition both Duke and Augustus discuss the gradual take over of America by the Neo-liberal elite and suspension of constitutional rights of the American public.

Dr. Duke expounds upon the pressing issues of U.S. foreign policy, health crisis, and delivers an inspirational message on true nationalism. Originally aired on Revolutionary Conservative 08-08-19

Dr David Duke giving a pre Super Tuesday Republican Primary Speech in Rhode Island. In some primaries David Duke won significant votes such as in South Carolina where he received over 7 percent of the vote about the same as Ben Carson and Jeb Bush who spent millions. The interesting thins is that you will hear an incredibly intelligent, powerful speech that presaged the campaign issues of Donald Trump even more honest and articulate.

How the Tribalist Zionist Matrix of Power Rules America


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