Today, I talk about my realization that my "clever" name was a terrible idea, and very well could have cost me quite a bit in terms of reputation early on as it could have been conflated with a terrible site.

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In this video, I change course again, and return to my original vision of using the web as my main delivery method vs the app stores. However, I need to figure out how to properly communicate my vision to potential customers.

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When creating ShoppeLister, I had this great idea that people would be able to freely use it directly from the web with no barrier between me and them in the form of the app stores (which can be a huge pain for developers at times).

While this method of using it is second nature to me, the world at large is trained to go directly to the app store. That pain that developers experience in dealing with app stores is more than offset by the convenience that users experience by keeping with a standardized adoption process.

Even if that wasn't the case, I didn't lay out the web as an adoption method very well. Rather than put effort into educating customers that could easily go elsewhere, I should just go with the flow.

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Today, I highlight some of the difficulties I ran into while attempting to take the first steps in promoting ShoppeLister via social media. I thought of a feature I could develop that might help this process, but is it just an elaborate procrastination technique?

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In this video, I go into a bit more detail about my mistake of spending too much time polishing a product when I have no idea how (or IF) it will be used.

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This is the first episode of Entrepreneurship: The WRONG Way!

In this episode, I break down the goals for the channel and cover a bit of my background.

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Mentioned Book: The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It


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