Gareth also talks to Natural birthing practitioner Nickita Starck & Nicola Smith from My Medical Choice UK

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Tonia Buxton joins us to talk about her shock at the decision to overrule the JCVI on giving the 'treatment' to children.
'I've lost a lot of hope in humanity.'
Tonia discusses her despair at how quickly many have been brainwashed.

Former lorry driver Duncan Garwell reveals the reasons behind the shortage of lorry drivers, including the huge backlog at the DVLA.
The situation needs better conditions for lorry drivers and better representation.

Will Greenwood joins us after a stay at a quarantine hotel, sounds wonderful!

Journalist Yohan Tengra updates gives Gareth an update on the situation in India including the Gates influence over Indian healthcare over the last decade.
Yohan talks about the attempts to push mandates for the 'treatment'.

Keiran Morrisey talks to us about his research into death rates in Ireland and the groundwork being laid for a new pandemic.

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Will Greenwood was forced to pay over £2000 upon his return from Zimbabwe, to spend 11 days locked inside a quarantine hotel in London.

He shared the footage with Right Now.

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Protesters have taken to the streets all over the country to be met with rubber bullets and tear gas... because it's all about health.

'Why are all these people being sent home on palliative care?' Our whistleblower describes a trend of supposedly ill, elderly residents being sent back into homes and given morphine & Midazolam doses that would lead to their deaths.

Naomi Cook - This union will help doctors...who've been told they need the jab, to keep their jobs'

Positive developments that have come out of the protests include the launch of multiple, national unions for doctors and nurses who want to speak out or who don't want the jab

Journalist Eve Fisher - 'It's weird seeing journalists not question anything' The mainstream news all seem to be reading from the same script with no scrutiny of government policies.

'These people don't have anything to lose' Activist and Podcaster Fanos Panayides predicts what will happen when you push people to the point where they have nothing to lose.

Photographer Goran Dojcinovic grew up in the former Yugoslavia and notes many alarming similarities between media manipulation during his youth and the segregation between vaccinated and unvaccinated.

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NHS whistleblower.
Graham Hood.
John O'Looney.
Gregory Paul Martin.
Mark Devlin.

Gareth talks to Dr Robert Young, Dr Andrew Rallis, Sir Julian Rose, Naomi Cook, John Mappin, & parents of teenagers give their views on the roll out of the vaccine for kids.

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