David Paul Pfleger


David Paul Pfleger is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, creator, improvisationist, artist, minimalist and performer. He performs regularly throughout Texas.


You never said “when?”.

You never even asked.

You just assumed I’d always be there. At your events. According to your viewpoint. To your agenda. Your timeline.

I do my own thing. I’m an adult. I’ll come to you. If I want to.

Respect. Respect for an individual. For their own thoughts. Their own ways. Their own life.

Let people be. Let them soar in their own person. Who they are. If you love somebody set them free. Not your conditions. They are not children. It’s a simple concept.

"Never Said When" composed & performed by David Paul Pfleger.

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I used to run 10 miles at a time. Which made me eat all the time. Not the results I was looking for. Started intermittent fasting and everything changed. Only run 2 miles at a time. Lots of strength & mobility exercises. Cut out a lot of sugar and carbs. Worked like a charm. Took about a year.

Piano and acoustic guitar duo. No vocals. Wedding music. Pop, country, jazz.



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