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David Vance and Rebecca Butler in conversation!
The last few weeks have seen multiple stabbing events involving "asylum seekers".
What is going on?

Glasgow terror attack;
Whites Lives, do they matter?
The state of UK Policing

David Vance is joined by Rebecca Butler to discuss the weekend mass murder in Reading, and more generally, the removal of free speech from Big Media

Marxism is being enabled by a Scum Media. Tonight we discuss the toxic role of the media in pushing the BLM Antifa. I am joined by author David Sedgwick as we cover the fall of Rhodes, the assault on our heritage, the enabling of a destructive and violent force.

David & Ed discussing the latest from the crazy world of news & politics. Uncensored and unfiltered as ever - #ScumMedia free zone.

1. Are the legacy media inflaming racial tensions and misreporting actual news?
2. Did the weekend rioting damage the opposition to BLM agenda?

At 8pm on Friday the 12th June, David Vance will be in conversation with For Britain Leader Anne Marie Waters. In such unprecedented times, be sure not to miss it. Watchable on all ANM and DV social media channels.

David and Ed discuss the #BLM cultural vandalism, the response of a supine government, latest economic figures and why zoos can open but you can't get your hair cut!

Discussing the Race Baiting media,
The collapse of lockdown

David & Ed take a look at the latest happenings in the news and challenge the Mainstream Media on the domestic terrorism and race riots in America, the politicking of sport.

How exactly did we get into the Lockdown? What influenced Boris Johnson so change track so dramatically?

Just what is happening across the USA? Renee Lynn, author, activist and founder of Voice for India, lives in the US and will share her thoughts with us.

David Vance meets Fiona Marie Flanagan to discuss Covid Ireland, the power grab by the State, the censorship and the fake news!

How did we end up in this lockdown mess?
How do we get out of it?
What has been the role of the media?

David Vance meets David Sedgewick, author of The Fake News Factory, tales from BBC land,

1. 1. Virtual University Education in the age of Covid19.
2. Time to furlough the Furlough.
3. School's out for summer?

1. Politicians vs The Scientists. The Blame game begins
2. Boris Johnson to meet Bill and Melinda Gates. Vaccines all round
3. Brexit trade deal - the final contdown

1. Hospitals lie empty
2. Back to the 17th Century
3. Vaccines

Just what is lockdown doing to our economies?

Coronavirus Update

The decision of the Supreme Court is an affront to democracy

SKY debate

The Easter Sunday massacre

David Lammy accuses Rees Mogg and Boris of being 'worse than Nazis" and goes on to urge an amnesty for 300,000 lawbreakers


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