David Vance

David Vance



The decision of the Supreme Court is an affront to democracy

SKY debate

The Easter Sunday massacre

David Lammy accuses Rees Mogg and Boris of being 'worse than Nazis" and goes on to urge an amnesty for 300,000 lawbreakers

Theresa May destroys her party. By the end of May,​ she will have been destroyed by the electorate.

Why it is right to deport illegal immigrants and punish those who seek to subvert the rule of law. Break the law? Pay the consequences!

Why Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement locks the UK into the EU in perpetuity.

Y viva Espana

Costa del Sol 2018.

Santi Petri, Cadiz. Saturday 25th August.
The invaders arrive - at a 5 star resort.

Tommy Robinson, Rape Gangs, Justice, policing, courts,

Stop elevating one murder victim over another!


UK Government at war with free speech.

UK Government at war with free speech. You can say what you want so long as the State approves.

The African gangs of Dublin.

Why does Labour hate women?

Corbyn and the EU


Leave means Leave. The UK must not stay in ANY form of Customs Union with the EU. This will damage our economic prospects.

The State seeks to presume ownership of your Body. This is WRONG.

AltNewsMedia is coming in 2018. Be part of our revolution!


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