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Where to for Brexit after Florence?

Who will be the next UKIP Leader. Does it matter? What is UKIP's future?

The next Conservative Prime Minister?

Schools indulge mental illness in the name of progressivism.

Why does Labour prioritise rapists over their victims?

Barcelona was the most recent, it won't be the last. The Jihad will come for us unless we fight back and seize the initiative!

Calling out the predators for what they are! It is a vile slur on British Asians to label these sexual criminals 'asian".

National Trust behaving like the National Front IMPOSING liberal values.

Germany has surrendered to Islam. It sanitises Jihad and will engulf the continent in flames.

It's not the gender pay gap we should worry about, it is the existence of the BBC! I say axe the tax!

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A man on a mission in two or three editions. Right of liberal. Pro civilisation. Anti dark ages pathology.