I can't believe he had Colon Cancer... (NOTE: Sorry for the lack of uploads since I had a lot going on in my life with favors and babysitting. I've also realized that Bitchute now has a new comment system and so far I like it a lot.)

If that's the case, It's a good thing I have one of my own...

This rule will be at all Walmarts in every state and yes, I did get this from TikTok.

The Cops in Virgina thought they found weed in a man's car, but it turns out they didn't find anything at all.

It's been a while since I talked about COVID-19

I can't believe my ears... (Comments are disabled due to racist comments from my previous videos)

Sorry if the resolution sucks. The video quality came like that. Also, this incident literally just happened.

Source: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3361401950538571&id=277055628973234&sfnsn=mo&d=n&vh=e

PS5 Memes I Found On The Internet (half of these have other game consoles as well such as the Xbox Series)

I will be making a new intro for my videos very soon. I'm the meantime, I will upload this video and do endless favors/babysitting while quarantined until something comes up.

So this is why we're in quarantine right now? (The Stay-In-Shelter order in Georgia got extended to April 30 by the way.)

A face video as to what's going to happen in the state of Georgia in terms of the Coronavirus. (Note: I won't show my face as often due to all the help I do in my house, so these types of videos will be extremely rare on my BitChute channel.)

I was sent these from someone private and I thought I might share it here on Bitchute.

Well, things didn't go as well as planned... (About the part with the slideshow, I had to wake up around 3am because I no longer have spare time in my house in order for me to come up with an idea to make this video. At least I still have the ability to do that instead of having to wait for off days all the time. The off days from babysitting is what I meant to say.)

I better hope no one in the state of Georgia has the Coronavirus or otherwise me and all the citizens of Georgia are screwed!

Headlines With A Voice Georgia Coronavirus Video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/aMJT6Glrs9w/

WSBTV Coronavirus Report: https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/close-200-georgia-residents-are-being-monitored-coronavirus/IGY3EVA6Z5G7LKHCIPKVLLIH2I/

This is YouTube in the year 2020.

My first video on my Bitchute channel about something that happened to me on the holidays.


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I left YouTube since they have some new vague rules, so now I will upload videos on Bitchute from now on.