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Text To Speech Story #7 being uploaded on a Saturday.

The 6th Text To Speech Story. (Sorry if I keep uploading on Sundays mostly)

My 5th Text To Speech Story

This 4th store will include another story that's similar to this one.

I apologize for not putting a title on the Thumbnail of my last video. I was in a rush that day

The Second Story I've made using Text-To-Speech.

Here's a little story I made using Text To Speech and the situation with the Water Drain Leak has been fixed.

A neighbor's Shower Drain was leaking in my Apartment on 1/4/2024 when me and my little sister notice Water coming down in the Living Room of our place. Here is the result of a busted pipe that happened in the Apartment above us when someone was taking a Shower.

I had made some short funny little dream story before the end of this year. 2023 is regarded as my favorite year in Georgia despite some of the crazy things I went through like Drama and all the usual things we encounter on a daily basis.

I swear it be too many people at Walmart when it comes down to the Holidays alright. This year alone has been the most busiest and dangerous of all time

One of the many few things I see at McDonough, GA that occurs randomly at times

If you hear the part to where I stated that I couldn't talk very loud that I was in my apartment while using the Text To Speech Website on my Tablet is because I made this video earlier before I went to work.

A video about a creepy sign I saw in the Men's Bathroom at McDonough Walmart one day.

I'm uploading this tutorial before this year is over since I promised to make a video on a cool method I discovered back in 2018. This requires a Windows, Mac OS, or Linux computer to do this by the way.

I'm telling a funny little story as to something that happened to me on Thanksgiving Day. I forgot to mention that I was at my apartment instead of my Aunt's apartment because she has a new boyfriend and went to his place for Thanksgiving.

It's been awhile since I've done a video like this, but at least something's changing for Thanksgiving this year.

I apologize that you guys can't see the truck outside my apartment as I was inside when I heard the noise in my room.

Here's another video of some sleeping on a live stream, except the background sounds are disturbing to say the least.

It's just like the Cartoons and Live Action Sitcoms, but it's being caught on Camera.

Here's something funny I didn't expect to see on TikTok one morning.

The funniest scene from the show "King Of The Hill".

A rant I've discovered in the new update after realizing that the old videos can be played again.

I funny way to bypass a door in a gaming level in a game called HacX.

My friend doing a trick to get infinite lives on Super Mario 3D World.

Here's a better version of my Microwave Leaking with it actually being shown this time.


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