Davis M.J. Aurini

Just playing a bit of sax.

My friend Andy (aka Based Jew) and I explore a ghost town.
Music: I Feel You by Kevin McLeod www.incompetech.com
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Originally uploaded May, 2016.

Reup from September 2016.

Originally uploaded October, 2016.

The r/K mating strategy themes in the anime Psycho-Pass. Originally uploaded April, 2016.

An analysis of the film Sicario. Reup from January, 2017.

Originally uploaded February, 2017.

Originally uploaded August, 2016.

Nostalgia Critic's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRy05ts1zyk

Originally uploaded March, 2017.

An analysis of how movement subversion operates, as relevant today as it was in November, 2016 when I originally uploaded it, shortly before Internet Bumfights (aka Internet Bloodsports) became the hot, new thing. Hopefully I can deftly avoid being popular enough to get caught in anymore of this gangland crossfire in the future.

If I could add one thing to this video, given what I've learned over the past few years, it would be this: Don't join movements! If it's anything more complex than a customer loyalty card, the movement will inevitably metastasize into something you didn't sign up for, but you're now smeared with their reputation, like it or not.

Originally uploaded March, 2017

Originally uploaded February, 2017.

Originally uploaded January, 2017. I guess these days it's fentanyl.

Originally uploaded January, 2017

Originally uploaded September, 2016

Originally uploaded October, 2016

Originally uploaded March, 2017

Originally uploaded January, 2017

How the TV screen defines our psychology. Originally uploaded September, 2016.

Originally uploaded December, 2016.

Originally uploaded January, 2017

My theory on how the split between left/right mimics the sort of brain damage which splits the brain's hemispheres. Originally uploaded February, 2017

Utilitarianism versus tradition. Originally uploaded July, 2018.


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Soldier, historian, & novelist. I explore ghost towns, and discuss current events, mathematics, culture, and philosophy from a Catholic Medievalist perspective.

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