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I hate being censored on everything and nothing ever fricking working

Full talk is on patreon. We talk the Civil War, Iran Contra, WWII, Indian Wars, a bit of WWE and TPB, 911, and spinning squirrel.

NUMEC isn’t widely known and this is the story we’re looking to tell in our greatest effort to date, to document the criminal activity that was the stealing of American nuclear technology that has never been told like this before.

We’re hoping you’ll enable us to fund the effort to put together, at minimum an hour long documentary on the NUMEC story. Donations with help fund the movies creation and all that goes along with that effort, from sourcing materials like video segments, audio production, and help keep the lights on for those behind the scenes with the project as everyone’s time is valuable. https://www.ancreport.com/anc-store/numec-film/

Those that get involved with receive behind the scenes updates, early access while some will have discounted access to the movie, Special streaming events after the release and any potential stretch goal rewards.

Please join us in the fight to tell the stories the MSM choose to neglect and let’s reveal the history that so many people have lived and haven’t had the opportunity to share with the rest of the country or world for that matter.

Did this a while back. I just got the copy. It is a shame that PressTv isn't allowed to report the news themselves on YouTube.

This was for PressTV i never got the copy bc they were banned on YouTube I did have the skype recording though.

YouTube Extra deleted PressTV from their platform this was the last video
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