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Enjoy the soup!

Learn how to properly hog-tie a grand piano in this informative video!

Sunflower Harp - DJO
An elephant playing a trombone.
squirrel chipmunk harmonica

This video has not been approved by the World Health Organization so don't watch it without wearing a mask. It's for your safety.

So what you're saying is this is another DJO video?

A brief treatment of our friend James Corbett, Vice-chairman of the Apple Juice Preservation Council.
Check out Corbett Report and Global Research:

Fuck YouTube! :)

The views expressed in this video do not necessarily reflect light.

Ooops - 2nd upload - had to fix some stuffffffff. It's all Mike's fault.

Made possible by a grant from Mothers Against Light.

Not responsible for lost or stolen lungs.

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If you hate random, you'll hate this!


Wow this is crazy eh? Here's the whole story:

- Dec 2, DJO uploads "Happy in Paraguay".

- Dec 3, AOTS airs the video

Sorry for the looong wait. We were parking. Actually we're working on a loooong video but since it's taking a looong time to finish, we're throwing out a few quickies so people don't get the idea that we drowned in a vat of apple juice or got eaten by penguins.

Warp your ass to

Star Trek- Who Pooed on Your Dad? Anothe Star Trek Voice-over by The Dayjob Orchestra guys

You asked for it

The Bad Hair Day Brigade interviews the Beatles.

Christ, Mike, Pete at Pezmosis Studio January 2016.
Turtle: Ernie


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Stupid videos featuring dialog replacement. Come for the apple juice, stay for the pandas!