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My take on the classic Judas Priest song. I don't play this stuff anymore, but here I am laying it down. Forgive me.

For K. Panda - Video about the federal reserve and "toxic assets." At the time, banks were being re-capitalized to they could "pay down" all those "toxic assets." Surprise, though: None were paid down. We now know that the federal reserve sopped it all up with "quantitave easing," - which leaves about $5 Trillion in "toxic assets" on their balance sheets to this day.

You better hope your descendants are smarter than the society around you.

I hit the harmonic.

Male rompers are a thing. I thought it was a hoax. Apparently, no. Romphims and Chubbies are real. On the off chance you wanted to get me a pair for Christmas, well, you can save your money for someone else who really needs them.

Trains tend to come back the station. In this case, a $0.42 move back own on silver offers a statistical look at how patience can pay off. When you think you've missed "the move," often times, you have a chance to get back on board.

May 29, 2017 - What I won't do -
May 5, 2017 - Time to Buy -

Ethereum, Bitcoins, Cat Coins, Bat Coins - take your pick. They are not going away. You don't have to like them, but they are not going away.

Notice my use of quotation marks. And, I'm not even a journalist. With Donald Trump near a decision on the US and the Paris Climate Treaty, let's look at how CON (The Cable Opinion Network) presents the "climate change" story.

Watch this BBC documentary on bees:

What I did with silver worked. What should I do now?

When storm clouds gather...

What were the signs, and how can we become better traders of bitcoin?

Twice this week, bitcoin was rocked. Monday it was 10%. Today, 18%. These moves should be a concern to people interested in bitcoin as money.

Two bitcoin investors join me for a discussion about the future of bitcoin as money, and price targets.

Still issues, and still have concerns.

Bitcoins just hit a new all-time high. Is this the top, or is this the bottom? My opinion is, "Maybe," and "No."

Many people - myself included - have believed stochastics is a way to find "buy" and "sell" entries. However, what does the data suggest? My research shows there is some, but not all, truth to the stochastic story.

Just some goofy Mother's Day stuff.

Newsweek reported recently that "big women" mean "big profits". And, as America gets fatter, so do the wallets of wall street. And, as you might suspect, that's not all there is to this story. To be honest, this is an emotional story for me and I hope it helps you or someone you love.

Maybe. Maybe not. In the meantime, here are some channels to watch: Paul Joseph Watson, Mark Dice, Ben Shapiro, Sargon of Akkad, Gavin McInnes, Rebel Media, Hit the Bid, hitthebid, steven crowder, black pigeon speaks

If you were a banker - er "bankster" - you could steal, uh, I mean "earn" BILLIONS like a casino. And, best part? You could do it all and then be rewarded by the SEC with a way to steal, er "earn" even more! How much more? Watch the video and find out.

Lessons learned. One of the many. Thanks to Demcad for the idea for this video. Here's a link to his original video:

Which one should you choose: Gold or "marijuana stocks?" Or, maybe both?

100 years of history suggest this is a good time to buy gold and silver. Maybe not for the next year or two, but over the long term, this is when I'm a buyer.


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