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My take on the classic Judas Priest song. I don't play this stuff anymore, but here I am laying it down. Forgive me.

For K. Panda - Video about the federal reserve and "toxic assets." At the time, banks were being re-capitalized to they could "pay down" all those "toxic assets." Surprise, though: None were paid down. We now know that the federal reserve sopped it all up with "quantitave easing," - which leaves about $5 Trillion in "toxic assets" on their balance sheets to this day.

You better hope your descendants are smarter than the society around you.

I hit the harmonic.

Male rompers are a thing. I thought it was a hoax. Apparently, no. Romphims and Chubbies are real. On the off chance you wanted to get me a pair for Christmas, well, you can save your money for someone else who really needs them.

Trains tend to come back the station. In this case, a $0.42 move back own on silver offers a statistical look at how patience can pay off. When you think you've missed "the move," often times, you have a chance to get back on board.

May 29, 2017 - What I won't do -
May 5, 2017 - Time to Buy -

Ethereum, Bitcoins, Cat Coins, Bat Coins - take your pick. They are not going away. You don't have to like them, but they are not going away.

Notice my use of quotation marks. And, I'm not even a journalist. With Donald Trump near a decision on the US and the Paris Climate Treaty, let's look at how CON (The Cable Opinion Network) presents the "climate change" story.

Watch this BBC documentary on bees:

What I did with silver worked. What should I do now?

When storm clouds gather...

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