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#shwab #greta #reset

The racist psyop is being flipped about in the "troofer moobment" either you against racism or your for it. More divide and rule strategies from the social engineers

We cannot allow AI to kill our creativity. If we do it will kill us...

We are 99%. They are the 1%. Once we unify and organise ourselves enmasse, we can take down the 1% and put them on trial for crimes against humanity. The 1% are running scared. Its so obvious now 👊🏽👊🏽💪🏽💪🏽👊🏽👊🏽
# European farmers

Has he really got cancer? What is this distracting us from? What happened to the "realeased" #Epstein cliant list? Next December 2024 an mNRA camcer "vaccine" will be rolled out. Sausage Fingers with cancer and new camcer vaccine? We can see where this is going 🤨🤔

Law of attraction# part 3 coming next

Don't look back in anger, don't look forward in fear but look around you and be aware.....that is where our power is

They tell us everything they wish to do. "Fraudian slips" are a popular way of doing this on MSM. Our silence is our consent and via this so called consent the tiny hats consider their plans as good to go. Our "consent," in their twisted vision of things, gets them off the karmic hook. Or so they believe.....

The WEF and the NWO showing their fear by calling out those of us who know their game. Instead of saying that disinformation and disinformation are the greatest threat, they really mean that we the awake ones are a threat to them. Censorship on the internet started in 2019 after the Christchurch shooting, starting with that video as pointed out by Max Igan. Censorship on the internet is their fear of us showing through.

#jews #zionists #pedophiles #diseasex

The disconnectivity of the coming transhumanist agenda. The mind is the final frontier.....

All fingers pointing at Iran. Its all Iran's fault. Which country will they try to take down next, sparking off world war 33

I will be doing a part 2 to this. Forgot to mention that dodgy statue a block or 2 away from the Jew tunnel, Rothchildes, the slave trade and fraction reserve banking and more on organ harvesting...next vid

Divide and rule and divide and rule again ad infinitum

Like rats in the sewer they skurry away ftom the light....

Tunnels under both Gaza Strip and Broolyn New York built by you know who


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