How the globalists sold the American people on the lie that cholesterol and saturated fats are bad and pushed "low fat" as official government dietary policy, and how "low fat" diets and statins are the actual cause of heart disease.

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PETA loves to equate roasted chickens with Jewish Holocaust victims (a campaign which got them charged with hate crimes in Germany and forced to pay a paltry fine)...while they run their own Auschwitz in Norfolk, Virginia and execute animals with gas chambers and lethal injections as the Nazis did to the Jews during the Holocaust.

It's just a matter of time before these violent extremists resort to murder.

There's nothing ethical about stealing the fetal blood from dead cow fetuses which may or may not have been forcibly aborted. If you think that's ethical, then you may as well ask Rick Berman for a job at the Center for Consumer Freedom - a Monsanto front group - and suck Berman's ass.

Whole Foods trained its employees to lie about unlabeled GMOs being sold in their stores.

You may remember Bob Raiford as the commentator and "curmudgeon-at-large" for "The Big Show with John Boy and Billy". What many people didn't realize was that Raiford had many years experience as a news reporter. This was recorded in November 1963 during the state funeral for President John F. Kennedy.

QueVision is CIA/MI6 surveillance technology made by a UK military surveillance firm - Irisys - and they dupe idiot Kroger shoppers into thinking it's to reduce checkout time.

QueVision was not made to reduce checkout time. It was made to spy on you from the time you enter the store to the time you leave the store.

Kroger is in bed with the Big Brother surveillance state. They are anti-American, anti-Constitution, anti-Bill of Rights. They should be boycotted by patriotic people who believe government should stay the hell out of their lives.

Censorship in America.

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This happened during Eid.

Annaliese Nielsen wants to be a racist twat and attack an Asian male and call him "white"...yet she has no problem profiting from a business model which prides itself on the sexual exploitation of women.

Yes. Annaliese Nielsen profits from the sexual exploitation of women. So why aren't the feminists attacking Annaliese Nielsen for sexually exploiting women for the almighty dollar? Because she's a woman, and according to the feminists, women can do no wrong.

UPDATE: Annaliese Nielsen was caught back in 2009 posting child pornography on her porn website GodsGirls. She has yet to be indicted. Get on it, Trump.


In July 2009, Canadian newspaper Le Soleil stated that French-Canadian singer Cœur de pirate was a nude model for GodsGirls while she was a minor, using the name Bea.[17] In the article, Annaliese Nielsen claimed not to know Cœur de pirate or Bea. But in November 2009, Cœur de pirate, then 20 years and 2 months old, said on the Quebec television show Tout le monde en parle that photos she appeared in on the Godsgirls site were taken 2 and a half years earlier, apparently confirming that she was in fact a minor when she posed for the photos. However, GodsGirls has never been indicted for the publication of the photographs.


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