Fall Cabal Part 7 censored by YouTube

Fall Cabal Part 5, censored by YouTube

We are in the midst of the Great Awakening. Take a few minutes and learn the truth. How much do you really know about the CIA? This compilation of excerpts from two leading authorities on the CIA will likely shock you.

You will see how secrecy and corruption are directly responsible for practically everything that is wrong with our world, and what we are currently doing about it.

The time has come for the Great Awakening. Watch and learn. Please support efforts to awaken others, follow the links below for the full information presented in this video.

Kevin Shipp. Three hour lecture of the CIA, discussing his knowledge and experiences:


Douglas Valentine. Author of "The CIA As Organized Crime - How illegal operations corrupt America and the world."


Exposing the organized propaganda of the mainstream media to influence and control you.

See the organized effort to discredit the Great Awakening being revealed on social media.


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