Tonight we have Lew from Big Lew BBQ and he has been doing YouTube for a while now. He actually could have the record for the fastest talk BBQer on YouTube! Lew has a classic sense of humor and loaded with life experiences! To sum it up Lew is COOL!
This week at the Bar Rail we have Rob from Beer Champ BBQ and he is coming on to tell us a little more about his journey as a Tuber and of course we are going to talk a little about the SHACK!
See all of you tonight and hey it is good practice for all of you that are quarantined already!!

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Big Lew BBQ's channel

Beer Champ BBQ's channel

Tonight we have CJ from Cooking with CJ & CJ's Que. CJ has started his new channel CJ's Que so he could separate his BBQ cooking videos from the Ninja content. I am excited to have him on to ask why and what are the benefits to having 2 channels. So grab a bar stool and lets get to know a little more about CJ.
We are also adding a new segment called meet the New Bartender. This is for those channels pushing to get to that magic 1k subs and 4k hour of watch time. Our 1st up is Ric from Ric's BBQ & Specialites and he is closing the gap on that ultimate goal and hopefully we can help him get there!
Dash from SDSBBQ will come in as our Weekly Bar Fly and have 3 top questions he has gotten lately but if you got a couple more add them in the chat!
Best for last is Jason from Easy Bake BBQ is coming on to do a live unboxing of the GrillGrates he won a couple weeks back right here on BBQ Tavern Talk!!
So grab your favorite adult beverage and sit back and enjoy the show----Ricer is pushing it this time!! ha ha

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CJ's channels
Dash SDSBBQ's channel
Ric's BBQ & Specialties channel
Jason's channel

I would like to Thank Alton & Jeanne from The Dawgfatha's BBQ for stopping in and telling us about their channel and their plans for this years BBQ season! Alton has a passion for BBQ and especially a big interest in pit and cooker manufactures! So if you haven't yet head over to their channel and check it out!! He has been doing some great videos lately about Backline Fabrication with some of the pits they are making! Here is the link to The Dawgfatha's BBQ channel

Thanks for watching!!

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BBQ Dragon Grill Table Fits 22" Weber Grills:
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Weber 7403 Char-Basket:
Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker (WiFi):
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