Youth Referee Texts Player to Talk About Basketball. Then the Conversation Takes a Disturbing Turn

Teens Are Snorting Condoms and Pulling Them Through Their Throats

Parents Expecting Baby Girl Decorate and Get Rid of 'Boy Stuff.' They Had Baby on April Fools Day

Teen accused of hit-and-run of boy who then crawled home

Elderly Man Bought Sears TV in 2002. Store's Extended Warranty Tricked Him into Paying $1000 for it.

Senior Couple Falls In Love At Speed Dating

Katy Perry kisses idol contestant.

Stolen Laptop With Videos of Late Mom Returned

Yo Yo Ma Plays Show For Turpin Siblings

Man arrested spanking strangers child.

Red Gerard Win Gold at Olympics

Teen Livestreamed the Car Accident That Killed Her Sister. Now She Knows Her Fate

Father pours hot sauce to potty train.

Will Smith Making Fun of Jaden Smith

National Signing Day Mom Storms Out

Newest Gerber Baby Named on Today

Jazz Jennings Talks Orgasms With Grandma

Mom and Dad Said 13th Boy Would Be Their Last. They're Pregnant Again and It Could Be a Girl

Mom says teacher bite daughters finger.

Mom Discovers Daughter Is Pregnant Through Pictures Drawn in Journa

Toddler found frozen outside ohio home.

Nick Foles SB MVP Celebrates with Daughter

Carrie Underwood Singing Champion for Super Bowl

The Justin Timberlake halftime performance


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