Play your games , it wont work . You cant stop us. You can censor and hide us away but the voices are coming out everywhere . You cant stop truth and passion . You can only show your weakness , its all you got .

A good video from acallforanuprising . We cannot simply allow our rights and freedoms to be handed away .

I need your help to share the videos found here , Everything I do is being intercepted and redirected .

A reupload and a quick refresher as , as warned genocide is moving forward. And this is a great video for the new subs.

Literally making shit up she only has 1.7k subs . Who is she speaking to. Listen to what she is doing and what she is saying. Any questions anyone. The video is right here for all to see. People wake up. The truth ? Wake up America they are targeting you directly. Every single attack proven and widely known were perpetrated by THESE PEOPLE. Tine is up ladies and gentlemen. They dropped the governance board for FULL GESTAPO. Even school officials . So they will brainwash your kids against your own children. If she is working with a federal agency they will expand this to the entirety of the nation.

Any questions the gun shown doesn't even have writing on it . The video is right here . Please share this channel it is important

We are not alone . There are REAL MEN . they BETRAYED us . they are ENEMY While I do not support Trump. This man is on it

A response video to Stranger Than Fiction News , frauds and cowards .

Great report from STFN

We're not voting our way out of this . We're not praying our way put of this , Nobody is going to float down and stop this . The sooner everyone realizes this the better. You wont be able to hide behind money or fake patriotism or Maga or The left . Its too late for that , So I say Boom , Boom , Boom , Boom !

As warned it's happening. What starts over there comes here as was planned the entire time and as is their intentions for us

Thank you 14titans finally someone who get it and I shared it because I bet many others will as well. Living as a coward and existing as a slave is not an option not for you and not for me and I am willing to bet not for many others awake here either,

A reupload for the new subs . Not all of us are fake fraud cowards

Defend your people and your nations no matter where you are.
Its the NWO or all of US

Well . Its painfully obvious now. There is no going back. Our lives are forever altered. People are slowly getting it . Now soon we will separate the men from the scared little boys. Prepare yourselves accordingly .

An excellent and very rare interview from 1973 . And many of the things he says are very c lose to what I believe and what I have tried to explain . Especially you will hear here if you heard my last reality check with death angel many of the same things .
If only he could have seen what has become of NYC and Cali now.

A quick vid just wanted to say hi and show you guys were getting sprayed heavy down here tonight .

Together good men of all races and creeds we can defeat this evil. The only other option is to be its slave and to hand your families to it . For me that is not an option.

Your enemy is real and not even hidden anymore

WE DIDNT ! Only one creator and now HUGO who does a great job here nails it. This is mirrored from RFB . Exactly as warned ad naseum. I called out McCullough and jeff rense not even mentioned . These false truthers and fake ones are a real threat to people getting the TRUTH They ALL HAVE promoted these frauds and in doing so they themselves have become frauds, From RFB , to Igan , etc

This one I found while searching around. A dark documentary about what these things really are. How sick they really are and how and why so many go missing worldwide .


A great interview on the dangers and properties including ourselves and electromagnetic fields and radiation.

Straight into the monster we all go . Get ready . Get food. Prepare yourselves mentally.

No matter where you look from the skies to our food and water to the government goons attacking all rights . We are at total war for survival , As warned repeatedly under attack from all sides at the same time. This isnt a game get active now . Everything rides on this and there is no going back , not now .


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