ope you guys like it . Good vid full of info

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Great video from Mike

From open communist president literally speaking Chinese talking points to Snownados empty shelves and ,mass suffering from yet another created weather assault. All around the world and the sheep still sleep .

All around the world people are rising as is tyranny.

Great vid

Speech by Alan
Vid by me

Same script .

For the frauds

OUR INFORMATION IS SPREADING WE MUST KEEP GOING EVEN MORE. Wile Jones is full of crap the info is spreading . If only one of them had the balls to show the actual documents and the actual proof and put an end to this madness. But that is fine we will do it . Please feel free to share all links you please we are in this together . They are now spreading OUR TALKING POINTS .

Studied like lab rats for over 100 years


Or am I ? Its not us . It never was.

All around the world people are waking up but many others are not . We must fight harder

Same thing as in DC. More troops arrive in DC as well. Locked down soldiers going into place.

More riots against tyranny happening .

Some reality from MSM even though they always leave out the actual truth

NWO Releases absurd promo vid. You know we are winning when they are this desperate. Between this and the Reddit boys now fake ailing the markets and showing everyone how fake every single part of our lives has become .

Another tool they use

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