The man who warned us all months ago what was happening with the crooked payment pay to play bs. Punished and threatening his license What is happening to him will be used as an example to the other doctors a several have spoken out as well as I will Link the doctors and nurses here .

Must see now exactly as I have warned see these videos this is why i was censored everywhere . As warned open and close and open and close . Etc Etc
The Truth All Documents In Description
TWO pronged Main Assault
Dr Francis Boyle Level 4 Bio Weapon

Complete 11 hour documentary. Where are THE MEN now.Sick of scared little boys who do nothing but talk while our nation and people are destroyed by the same people whom destroyed them. We are in the last battle now . If WE FAIL no one will be free ever . Freedom lives or dies right now .

They must be stopped

Bizarre skies this morning in Sarasota and dolphin feeding while fishing.

Some of you will have seen some of these documents there are new ones as well as for the new subs . They are book burning all over in case they take me down here is some real truth for you . A gift of thousands of hours of research that you can download and have and read for yourselves.



Infinity matrix patent

Infinity Matrix PDF

Effects Of Radar On The Human Body -

Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Waves Studied From Communist countries

Patent on Voice To Skull Technology (V2S) - ( School Shooters all on psyc meds )

Weather and Climate Modification ( Climate Change )

Harvesting Organs From Minors And Incompetent Adults

Operational Defenses Using Weather -

Using Newborns As Organ Donors ( Pushed abortions for more experiments )

Patent on D.E.W Weaponry ( Paradise Fire )

Psychological Operations PDF

Cia Truth About 5g

1.) Coronavirus Patent -
2.) " S " Gene Mutation of Coronavirus Patent -
3.) Pirebright Vaccine Patent -




Teleportation Physics Study



They have no banned stefan molyneux as they did to me over 100 times in a decade . I never stopped or self censored . We are under assault from sides . I am the most censored content creator that never gave in . The bigger channels now feeling the pain . I have had to restart over and over again and never made money , or sold shirts or gimmicks etc They're here guys . Time is up . As warned over and over again . The sheeple people must wake up .
OMFG They are going to do it again .Which is why were are being demonized the same way they were WW2 was not what we were taught or what our soldiers fought for

Brought to you by Johnson and Johnson , The United Nations , The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation , The World Ecomic Forum , The IMF exactly as we have warned . Full interview is linked above and you can see it unfolding now .

The unseen part cut off from the last video by mistake . The truth is the truth no matter how ugly it is and no matter how you feel about it

Must See and share .

Beautiful thunderhead full power

A break from all the insanity with some humor .

A video I made to ODD's track Work , Buy , Consume , Die

You gotta get up you gotta stop being nice .

Dr. Richard Day Complete

Declassified With Death Angel Truth About 5g

Declassified With Death Angel You Are Much More Than You Know

NYC Hospital Nurse Speaks TRUTH

Must See and Share : The Net Is Closing SEE COMMENTS - Senator admts price per head

MusT See And Share : 5g Goin Down ! PLEASE SHARE EVERYWHERE

Must See Raw Footage : Incoming - Death of The Elderly


Declassified with Death Angel EP 6 Frequency Weapons / Mind Control

We're Living in 12 Monkeys ( Truthstream Media - Opening and reclosing of society TRAINING G THE SHEEPLE

Insanity 1 Million Ded , Locked down and incinerated - Based on cell records

Death Angel Special Report : Two Pronged Main Assault

Declassified With Death Angel Event 201

EXOZOMES - Journal of Nano biotechnology

WARNING L Not For the weak .
For those who believe I was mistaken in my last video . You need to wake up NOW . Just because you believe something does not mean others do or can . Not 1 WORD from MSM or the FAKE TRUTHERS .

I seem to have made a mistake in calling for unity and peace. There are videos popping up from all over. Most of which I cannot even post here . We are a war with the Marxists ideology which seems to have infected the entirety of the black community as they defend criminals and thugs over freedom and peace. SO BE IT .I can do BOTH peace and WAR .

A great video by Alan Watts

i tried my best . Put everything I had into my videos. The frauds have sponsors the real ones have no one . I cannot say that others helped me before I cannot spend my life begging. No one donated anything. Not a penny. Banned every other month so no one would remember me or my work . The enemy won . The enemy supports each other . The real ones are cast aside. My heart is broken. I love you guys and I will never give up . Will be awhile before I can do any kind of anything again. . I promised I would never betray anyone and I never did . Hell of a way to go out fighting for people over oneself. I have nothing left to give . Stay strong . Even when you are weak. Goodbye guys , gotta a long hard road ahead of me once again . Take care of yourselves . Be good to each other.Do not let them take everything from you as they have done to me .

From America to South America . From Europe to China and Hong Kong . From Spain to Kenya the destruction mounts. Crops taking hits in multiple nations . Same draconian tactics being used around the world. American police acting the same as Chinese communists .

Prove me wrong . There is a reason I am banned . And its not from BULLSHIT.

Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right. ? George Orwell, 1984

The science matches . Its all connected . They;re here ! From the portals spoken of being opened in my unlimited energy video to the science of frequency control as I just put up

The truth of what is happening .


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