I stumbled across an old music file and I thought it would be fun to convert it into a WMV file and share it, it has somehow got quite a bit of attention on my other pages for a primal recording. It does sound a bit rough, but it was a learning experience. This thing goes back at least five years when I first started fooling around with digital audio workstation recording and trying to figure it all out (I still by far prefer old school recording methods). I no longer own either the guitar or bass that I used on this, and the drum beat is a PC drummer pro program that is tantamount to a glorified metronome that I picked up somewhere for 10 bucks. I was still just trying to learn how to mix things at this point. It is just some thrashy type riffs I threw together and added some noisy Slayer-ish type of leads into it.

Just another instrumental I threw together.

Another tune that has been played a time or two on underground radio. The song is about the battle of Verdun that was recorded several years ago. Like most of my more current recordings, this was recorded in a home studio and not meant to be perfect production. That is what I enjoy about underground music, imperfect and raw sounding. Drum credit on this track goes to a friend named Richard.

Another track from my little home recording project. This one just got global underground airplay...

Audio video for a new tune...






Another instrumental

A video for an instrumental I recorded a few years ago


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