Choose Life

God Bless America

God Bless America

God created man not machine. Do not let man be your God

We live under God not allah

Bring attention to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

What is Disease X? When will we know?

Have we come to this? We lab grow babies, animals, vaccines, aborted fetal tissue, now we lab grow our meat?


I hope the Muslim community can put their differences aside and get the shot when available.

What is the saying. "We are what we eat".....What are we with animal organs? What are we becoming?


It is time to stand up for America and OUR freedoms

They are here in America. They proclaim to take us down. We waited to long. Now we will fight for this country.


We must research and question why these materials are used instead of other safer means of immunization

Vaccines and virus. What the hell

Can we be satisfied with our creation?

Who makes our vaccines. Do you know what is in the vaccines you are injecting into your children. Watch video and be shocked as I.


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