Stay in the ready. Have fun.

Have we ever been FREE?

Stop the encroachment of evil or it will own you and your freedom.

Inexorable-unstoppable. Freedom was not free.

Inexorable by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

The American Spirit is only a shadow

I will always be Gods breath.

Keep fighting America. Do not say you are a socialist and say you love America. Let Freedom Ring

This may be our last fight for freedom. Fight now or forever lose your freedom. We are a nation Under God. Fight for your mortality.

Stop Acts of Savagery. Stop Torture.

Stop acts of savagery against humanity

This needs extensive research.

This must stop. This must stop now. We as Americans can no longer tolerate the disintegration of our country and the minds of our children. Not in our libraries.not in our schools. not anywhere. We must stand up now and restore our country to its sanity.

Is this what you want for your children in America?

Dengue 5 is newly discovered.



What will get us?



How can a human being be a human being after the rape of their minds, bodies and spirits? Stop torture now.

Is the Ebola virus really one virus with many names?

Look at my youtube channel if you want to see my videos as I post them. Bitchute is running 24 hours or longer to load.....not sure how I will resolve but be assured I will or I will find another platform. This is what stops me from walking away from youtube.

America the great. What do you want for your children and grandchildren? No political party wants to live in shit? So why are you?
Is this socialist democracy? When did we start letting people invade our borders and destroy our streets? Wake up Country.

The Zika Virus, Rubella, cytomegalovirus , dengue, yellow fever. are the same but not alike?

What is happening to the human race? Have we come to be so vain and desperate to live that we are tapping into baby and aborted fetus cells?

How? Have we lost our humanity for the least of us?


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