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The follow up to "the chopped off foot seen round the world" Saw II was also not originally even a Saw movie, at least in it's earliest form. The script was reworked to fit the mythos far better than how a lot of franchises have done it, and it's got it's twists as well. But... does it have enough of them?

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The first of a long series of movies, Saw was actually the first major film project of two friends fresh out of film school. Understanding they have a very small budget, the movie stands as a great example of how to do a lot with a little.. though sometimes, they use that little quite a lot...

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The long awaited, much requested sequel to Rob Zombie's most acclaimed film The Devil's Rejects, 3 From Hell.. well.. it came out? Really didn't have the impact that The Devil's Rejects did. There are reasons for that, though a lot of those reasons couldn't be helped. Nevertheless exactly how did the movie hold up on it's own merits?

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In 1979, Mike Jittlov made a mark on Hollywood with the creation of the special effects short "The Wizard of Speed and Time" - and over the following decade, turned that ordeal into a movie! It has become somewhat of a cult classic, but emphasis on the cult because I'm sure most of you out there haven't even heard about this one... which is a shame.

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Why am I doing this? Everyone already knows I'm not a huge Power Rangers fan, I don't really get something out of hating the Power Rangers, so why, Creepy? Why do you torment me with these crossovers? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! Because I certainly wasn't.

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One of the biggest hits of 2019, Joker broke records for box office earnings on comparatively small budgets. It also did not result in any kind of.. well, things I simply cannot describe in the description without risking a yellow dollar sign on the whole video, despite what many articles assumed. This is neither here nor there though, the important question is... is the movie really that amazing?

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A Bobcat Goldthwait comedy... bet'cha didn't see that one coming, eh? Shakes the Clown is written, directed by and starring Bobcat as Shakes, a clown with a drinking problem. However, his problems soon begin to multiply, and only a high speed chase and beating the crap out of some other clowns can result in him getting a fabulous career! No.. no, that's not a joke.

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The second half of the theatrical adaptation of Stephen King's horror novel IT, It: Chapter Two picks up 27 years after the last movie left off. That one focused on the loser's club adventures as kids, and this one... well it focuses mostly on them as kids again, but they do have adult versions that do things! ...sometimes?

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Starring comedian Ross Noble as Stitches the clown, Stitches is the tale of a clown who has a fateful final birthday party show he never got to finish... until six years later, when he comes back from the grave to do so in ways even harder to clean up than overzealous application of cake and gelatin!

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The last movie ended on sequel bait, so where does the sequel start off? A different planet without even the slightest acknowledgement of said sequel bait. Well that's just lovely... This time, the alien comes from Mars, it infects people, and it's vulnerability is dependent on the scene we're in.

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The brainchild of MaJaMa, Bad CGI Sharks follows the tale of two brothers who dream of making their own shark movie! That.. kind of sounds like exactly what they were doing, but things take a turn for the "reasons to watch this movie" when the sharks in question become REALITY and begin hunting down victims in LA! Considering the budget, that's almost exclusively these two and their close friends, so best to do something about that shark problem, eh?

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The fourth and final film in the franchise, House IV went direct to video way back in 1992. William Katt returns as Roger Cobb, and it's kind of hard to say why because this still has next to nothing to do with the original movie.

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Possibly the hardest movie in the House series to find, House III, known in the US as "The Horror Show" stars Lance Henriksen as Lucas McCarthy, a cop who has put away one of the worst criminals in history. Sentenced to death via the electric chair, the baddie ends up coming back around for seconds because as it turns out THE GREATEST EVIL OF ALL IS PSEUDOSCIENCE! BWAHAHAHA!

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The follow-up to House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects is Rob Zombie's second stab at the horror genre. It's considered by many to be a depraved, insanely grim tale only the most messed up people could enjoy. Others say it's one of Zombie's best works. Why don't we have both?

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Building on the M. Night Shyamalan cinematic universe, Split introduces us to Kevin Wendell Crumb. He suffers from DID, but not just the movie style multiple personality silliness. This is going into the realm of superhumans, so when James McAvoy jumps from personality to personality and goes on and on about "the beast" and how it will do oh so much damage... yeah.. things get a bit more complex than you usual kidnapped horror...

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After two less than stellar sequels, things seemed to be on the right track with Jurassic World bringing the Jurassic Park franchise back to it's roots. A big blockbuster dinosaur flick that did so well, another entry in the series seemed obvious. Indeed, this movie made gangbusters at the box office, bringing in over 1 billion dollars on a 170 million dollar budget. However... that doesn't mean that the movie itself was THAT fantastic...

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Another made for TV SyFy movie, Pterodactyl first terrorized the world in 2005, with the tale of how paleontologists have no idea what is or is not a dinosaur, or that maybe you shouldn't be poking around certain areas of the world while there are bad dudes about. Luckily, one of them has a military background which is far more useful than the "scholars" in this situation...

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The 5th movie in the Carnosaur franchise, The Eden Formula tells the tale of a super special medical breakthrough able to do miracles! Miracles such as bringing dinosaurs back to life. Amazing how we always land on that space... but neer-do-wells intend on STEALING THE FORMULA! For... reasons!

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Released in 1995, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie is a movie starring the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It's notable as being possibly the first instance of said rangers using only original material, and not writing stories around fight scenes from the Super Sentai series. Despite this... that somehow doesn't make it any more coherent...

LIVING LIFE ON THE EDGE! Seriously, reviewing a kid's movie in a video intended for adults right now is the YouTuber equivalent of flossing with electrical wire. Either way, today's review is Pokémon: Detective Pikachu. It's a mystery flick (obviously) that follows the adventures of a pikachu (of course) who is a detective (could have guessed) and can talk. That's not really the twist though, it's more that he's voiced by Ryan Réynolds.

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Stanley Kubrick's 1980 film adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name, The Shining follows the Torrance family as they move in to the Overlook Hotel for Jack's new job as caretaker! However, a classic tale of cabin fever runs into trouble as it finds itself a Stephen King story, and thus the hotel has a dark secret past, the hauntings slowly drive Jack insane... and of course, the kid is psychic.

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Rob Zombie's movie making career starts here, having both written and directed House of 1000 Corpses. It's got most of the trappings you expect out of a Rob Zombie film - unlikable characters, vulgarity for vulgarity's sake and his wife plays a starring role where she can show off lots of skin. However, underneath all that... is there a truly terrifying tale to tell? No, but some people like it anyway.

A sort of urban legend style horror with a smattering of Final Destination, Countdown is the story of a smartphone app that... well, it only kills you if you don't die when you're supposed to, after downloading the app. It's a kind of roundabout way of going about it, but it can be creepy... and incredibly cheesy.

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The 1972 grindhouse classic, The Last House on the Left was Wes Craven's film debut... and what a debut, billed as writer, director and editor of this movie. Teens run into the worst kind of trouble imaginable, but the bad guys have something even worse in store for them.. THE WRATH OF THE PARENTS!

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Psychological supernatural horror? Well why didn't you say so! The Bye Bye Man is a 2017 flick about a mysterious evil that spreads... through people knowing about it! So it's kind of like "you just lost the game" except with death.


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