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Released in 1995, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie is a movie starring the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It's notable as being possibly the first instance of said rangers using only original material, and not writing stories around fight scenes from the Super Sentai series. Despite this... that somehow doesn't make it any more coherent...

LIVING LIFE ON THE EDGE! Seriously, reviewing a kid's movie in a video intended for adults right now is the YouTuber equivalent of flossing with electrical wire. Either way, today's review is Pokémon: Detective Pikachu. It's a mystery flick (obviously) that follows the adventures of a pikachu (of course) who is a detective (could have guessed) and can talk. That's not really the twist though, it's more that he's voiced by Ryan Réynolds.

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Stanley Kubrick's 1980 film adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name, The Shining follows the Torrance family as they move in to the Overlook Hotel for Jack's new job as caretaker! However, a classic tale of cabin fever runs into trouble as it finds itself a Stephen King story, and thus the hotel has a dark secret past, the hauntings slowly drive Jack insane... and of course, the kid is psychic.

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Rob Zombie's movie making career starts here, having both written and directed House of 1000 Corpses. It's got most of the trappings you expect out of a Rob Zombie film - unlikable characters, vulgarity for vulgarity's sake and his wife plays a starring role where she can show off lots of skin. However, underneath all that... is there a truly terrifying tale to tell? No, but some people like it anyway.

A sort of urban legend style horror with a smattering of Final Destination, Countdown is the story of a smartphone app that... well, it only kills you if you don't die when you're supposed to, after downloading the app. It's a kind of roundabout way of going about it, but it can be creepy... and incredibly cheesy.

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The 1972 grindhouse classic, The Last House on the Left was Wes Craven's film debut... and what a debut, billed as writer, director and editor of this movie. Teens run into the worst kind of trouble imaginable, but the bad guys have something even worse in store for them.. THE WRATH OF THE PARENTS!

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Psychological supernatural horror? Well why didn't you say so! The Bye Bye Man is a 2017 flick about a mysterious evil that spreads... through people knowing about it! So it's kind of like "you just lost the game" except with death.

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Ahh, movies based on video games. It's not like we haven't been down this road before, considering I've already reviewed the original Doom movie with The Rock in it. Doom: Annihilation seeks to... um, well can't really say they were actually trying to right the wrongs of the past. After all, this one's a straight-to-video romp through hell. Yaaaaaaay...

Out today in theaters nationwide, Joker is the tale of.. well, The Joker, and how he became The Joker. I think.. I dunno, it's kind of more slice-of-life than I was expecting, and I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I was supposed to get out of it....

BTW - AMC has responded to the "no singles" viral picture and stated they have no such policy for screenings of Joker. I can't be certain that this is the be all end all for information regarding that particular picture that had made it's way around the internet, but that's their story and they're sticking to it.

A 1977 horror classic, Suspiria has been remembered for it's delve into psychological horror and the artistic vision of Dario Argentino. However, it has been like 4 decades... how well does it hold up today?

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The found footage film seen round the world, The Blair Witch Project had a massive marketing campaign that three filmmakers were lost in the woods in 1994, and their footage was found one year later... but they are still missing! Except they weren't, they were actors and very much still alive. But hey! Everyone thought it was real, so why let things like facts get in the way?

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Set far, far into the future, in the mystical year of 2020 Bleeding Steel stars Jackie Chan as Lin Dong. His daughter has a metal heart, which is the heart of this heart-wrenching tale of.. well, bad guys own a spaceship and they want her blood. That's the best I got for ya.

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The black sheep of the Jackie Chan filmography, City Hunter is a 1993 live action adaptation of an 80s maga/anime of the same name. Anime style antics are common throughout, and the concept of logic should be left far, far behind if you intend to take in this feature. Then again... when have I ever praised a movie for it's firm grip on reality?

The follow-up to the 2017 IT movie, IT Chapter Two picks things up right where that one left off. However, if you think seeing the 1990 IT miniseries means you know what Chapter 2 entails... well, you are right for about 20 minutes of this 3 hour movie.

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The third and final movie of the Rush Hour Trilogy, Rush Hour 3 puts Jackie Chan opposite Chris Tucker in a buddy cop flick where two police officers from different sides of the globe must team up, and put cultural differences aside to work together and stamp out China's largest criminal organization! Now this might sound exactly like what we've already seen before.. but this time it's in FRANCE!

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A much more recent Jackie Chan outing, The Foreigner (2017) puts the man opposite Pierce Brosnan in a drama thriller thingamajig involving the Metro police, the IRA and all kinds of factions. No, this is not the Steven Seagal movie of the same name. My nightmares about reviewing the same movie multiple times by accident shall live on for another day...

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The sequel to Shanghai Noon, Shanhai Knights takes Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson and drops them in England in order to do the "because it's in England!" movie. That's... pretty much all you need to know. Ready for all the jokes you can handle about crazy British foodstuffs and historical events that.. more often then not are very VERY off of the date this film takes place in? ..why, what's wrong with you?

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Okay, this time for reals this is the first Jackie Chan movie made in America. For true! He even speaks english! And I feel very confused... but not as confused as America, as this crazy guy showed up and backflipped his way through the action scenes. It seems like he was the only one who knew he'd be doing that.

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Jackie Chan is BACK, as the Drunken Master in Drunken Master 2! Which is more a remake.. or a reboot.. or a retelling? It's the legend of Fei-Hung Wong, the Drunken Master, and aside from the characters at play and the drunken boxing there's little here that lines up with the original in terms of a remake or a sequel. Point is, Jackie Chan and ass kickery await!

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The 2nd Rush Hour film, Rush Hour 2 is a story about Jackie Chan being a cop from Hong Kong, teaming up with Chris Tucker, a cop from LA, to stamp out a crime ring that starts in Hong Kong before crossing the Pacific into Los Angeles. It's different this time!

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It's a railroad, not a quarry.

ANYWAY, this week we're looking at Shanghai Noon, where Jackie Chan meets up with Owen Wilson for an adventure through the Wild West! And... that sentence alone scarily enough has told you absolutely everything you have to know about this movie. So why not watch a video review of it that's over 20 minutes long?

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A strange little release in America, Supercop is actually the 3rd film of the Police Story franchise, Police Story 3: Super Cop. Or it kind of is, as a few things are modified here and there, but all in all it's still a movie about Jackie Chan going to fantastic locations, meeting interesting people, and beating the crap out of them. Plus a helicopter to dangle from!

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The Summer of Jackie Chan continues, with one of the most requested Jackie Chan movies to be reviewed. Rush Hour, from 1998, marks the first time Jackie Chan was tasked with speaking his mostly English lines completely clearly on set, as there would be no over-dubbing this time. Oddly enough, while tasked with being as coherent as possible, they teamed him up with Chris Tucker for this one.

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Not Jackie Chan's first movie, or his big break, but certainly one of the oldest films to star the man that people might actually know about if you bring it up! Drunken Master tells the story of a man named Fred, who disappoints his father, Robert... at least according to the dub... and must restore his honor with harsh martial arts training! In Drunken Boxing, so there's a silver lining at least.

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Known as Hung fan kui for it's 1995 release in Hong Kong, the 96 release "Rumble in the Bronx" introduced the world to Jackie Chan! Again, as he was already pretty well known.. but still! When it comes to stunts and action choreography, it's hard to go wrong with Jackie Chan. Oh, and the movie's about something about New York and some diamond heist or something. I unno.


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