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For those who got 1 min free time, have a look at my "about" section, i put some news in there, cheers

For those who got 1 min free time, have a look at my "about" section, i put some news in there, cheers

Little over 2 days now site has again issues with processing of videos, so delays will occur






I had no idea that a version like this will come out, i'll continue with this one from now on since manga has lots of these moments


This looks interesting af ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Also for mobile users, found a really good app for browsing Bitchute, except the fact that you can't upload with it i must say it's pretty smooth, even better than pc, apk here , the app was removed from playstore, you can find more details on app developer reddit
Since i mostly use pc, didn't know about this so far so maybe this will help someone on phone



Ep 11 - 00:00
Ep 12 - 24:00
Ep 13 - 47:50

Ep 1-2

Season 2 soon

Ep 9 - 00:00
Ep 10 - 24:00

Ep 11-12-13

Ep 7 - 00:00
Ep 8 - 24:00

Ep 9-10

Ep 5 - 00:00
Ep 6 - 24:00

Ep 7-8


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If you use Line, i've made a group chat for random stuff, you can join here (can join only from mobile)

Currently testing 2 other streaming sites, you can subscribe there if you want to, i try to keep things up to date as much and as fast as possible

Odysee -

Rumble -

For Odysee i plan to slowly start uploading all the content from here there as well starting with ongoing series, it will take a while since my time is very limited but it should be done at some point.

Rumble works like a charm with the option to select quality as well, but for now i'm just testing to see if i can keep my uploads in there (copyright related).
If any of these sites require any fee for watching content please let me know, i just want to share my taste in anime with others and for that mater i want to keep things free for viewer.

With all this being said, those sites are backup, this channel will have priority but how the uploads are shown depends by site itself, for example if i upload one video on all 3 sites and it's processed by Odysee first, well it will appear there first, easy as that.