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Ep 6 -

1080p on Odysee -

PS: Forgot to upload it last week, busy with work xD

Mappa just smurfing at this point with animation xDD

Ep 21 -

Ep 19 -

1080p on Odysee -

Ep 8 -

Ep 6 -

For better quality, Odysee -

King's Avatar season 1 and All Stars Tournament Arc on Odysee as well


- (link names are self explanatory)

Season 2 will be uploaded soon over there

I cannot get Attack on Titan and Jobless Reincarnation to process here since yesterday, so i'll provide Odysee links for now:

-Attack on Titan The Final Season ep 10 -

-Mushoku Tensei - Jobless Reincarnation ep 6 -


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I will start to prioritize Odysee over Bitchute since these fuckers deleted my channel, better quality of videos, and processing is done in 2-5 minutes after upload, i will still upload ongoing series here as well but dunno for how long, if you enjoy my uploads you can follow me there
Also quick info, for my odysee uploads i will always create a short link because playing with links in description over there it's a real pain in the ass, for example, Redo of Healer ep 6 link is "", change last words with healhero5 and you get episode 5, healhero4 for 4 and so on, each series uploaded will have some sort of easy identifier usually being the name of anime followed by ep number, this should make easier for videos to be found and for me to keep track of them

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