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Deeper Reference Points - Secrets Revealed

The More You Know;-)


It was all premeditated... CTCCTCGGCGGGCACGTAG Covid-19 was created by Moderna in 2017...
It's notable that the CEO never got back with her with any more information about this and it was never mentioned again...

Morgellons was likely one of the government created diseases. Joni Mitchell has it. You can trace all of the Lyme disease cases back to Plum Island and Lyme disease has the spirochetes corkscrew shape if you look at it under a microscope and Morgellons has the same twisting. Some of those people were able to fix it with colloidal silver gel that they put over their whole body or Doxycline and the Lyme disease people get help from hyperbaric oxygen therapy...

A nurse squares off against a dermatologist as they fight to discover the truth behind Morgellons, a disease whose bizarre symptoms include fibers growing out of victims’ skin. The battle heats up when the medical industry declares the patients’ symptoms to be nothing more than products of delusional minds. Now, as evidence linking Morgellons to Lyme disease mounts, the question arises, "Who is delusional, the patients who believe or the doctors who deny?"

The dude with balls of steel went back to Bohemian Grove for a second time for a much more extensive infiltration;-) America's ruling establishment meets in secret at The Bohemian Grove every year. Nobody from the outside world is allowed to see any of it. All you're ever gonna get is videos like this;-)

America's ruling establishment meets in secret at The Bohemian Grove every year. Nobody from the outside world is allowed to see any of it. This dude used a frying pan as a paddle on his way in = AWESOME!!!!!!!

State Department Insider Reveals How The Military Started Its Censorship Campaign Against US Citizens After Trump Victory.
Tucker Ep.75 - The national security state is the main driver of censorship and election interference in the United States. "What I’m describing is military rule," says Mike Benz. "It’s the inversion of democracy."

Mike Benz is Executive Director, @FFO_Freedom. Former State Dept Cyber. Author of the unpublishable monstrosity, Weapons Of Mass Deletion.

Tragedy and Hope 101: The Illusion of Justice, Freedom, and Democracy. Written By: Joseph Plummer. Full Audiobook. Read the book for free here:

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan explains how the Banksters are sovereign over the puppet government.

Usury usurps the will of the masses and a tiny minority rules. (Usury: monopoly money & any interest).

The Banksters can do and say whatever they want as "Money Rules". Since the Banksters control our monopolized money; the Banksters rule. Puppet government is there for the illusion of choice.

Solution? The "have-nots" must issue their own anti-monopoly/usuryFree money. Then hire the enforcers to permit our Jubilee.

Everyone has heard of the New World Order, the World Economic Forum, and the United Nations as vehicles for global domination, economic enslavement, and world government. There was, however, a lesser-known criminal network that operated from the shadows for decades and was deeply involved in drug trafficking, arms dealing, an assortment of massive financial frauds, sexual blackmail entrapment honeypots, money laundering on an unimaginable scale, and of course, many, many murders.

There existed a 5,000-person criminal network with George H.W. Bush as the CEO that covertly ran the world from behind the scenes through the 1980s and 1990s that came to be known as “The Enterprise”, but most people would better recognize it from the name that author Danny Casolero gave it in his book that ended up costing him his life: the “Octopus”.


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The Corporation is a 2003 Canadian documentary film written by University of British Columbia law professor Joel Bakan and filmmaker Harold Crooks, and directed by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott. The documentary examines the modern corporation. Bakan wrote the book The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power during the filming of the documentary.

A sequel film, The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel, was released in 2020.

In case you missed it, ICLEI's by-law mandates lay the foundation for UN Agenda21, now labelled as UN Agenda 2030. Watch, listen closely and learn...
For more info read = BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: UN Agenda 21 by Rosa Koire
RIP Rosa Koire,,, we need you now more than ever;-)

Tragedy and Hope is the Rosetta Stone of the New World Order. From the birth of the Bank of International Settlements to so much more, it's all in Tragedy and Hope.

Chris Busby exposes secret neutron bomb weapons programs, depleted uranium, genetic extermination and more in this great Mike Adams interview...

- Radiation dangers in warfare with expert Chris Busby. (0:00)
- Radiation health effects with expert witness. (0:55)
- Depleted uranium and its effects on human health. (3:46)
- Uranium isotopes and their uses in nuclear weapons. (14:46)
- Depleted uranium weapons and their effects on civilians. (19:38)
- The effects of war on human health and the environment. (21:51)
- Israel's use of radioactive weapons in Gaza. (27:14)
- Uranium analysis and potential collaboration. (37:39)
- Cold fusion and its potential energy source. (42:43)
- Neutron bombs and their effects. (46:41)
- Nuclear weapons technology and proliferation. (58:53)
- Radiation risk and contamination with Dr. Chris Busby. (1:04:00)

To learn more, visit:

The legendary Jim Marrs joins THC to talk about his new book Population Control: How Corporate Owners Are Killing Us, which covers most of the major campaigns against the people. From aspartame to vaccines, it’s all here people!

This video is from Paul Joseph Watson. Places like the RAND Corporation are preparing for a future with the Internet of Bodies (IOB). One of the ways you can find out more about a topic that to find information would be impossible to acquire otherwise is to use remote viewing. For more info on your Transhumanist future check out this extraordinary remote viewing session about what is being done to everybody without their permission...

"Illuminazi Bilderberg West Bohemian Grove identifies the core of the criminal cabal that orchestrates the evils of the world. It needs to be viewed, reviewed,and reviewed once again. Its the best single expose of the Luciferian Elite in existence on film." Anthony J HIlder

Anthony Hilder with Robert Hammond cooperate in producing this video about Bilderberg West....Bohemian Grove. Ted Gunderson, Gary Richard Arnold, Deborah Tavares, Alexander Backman, Dr Edward Spencer, Rena Poole, Spencer, Mark Dice, Ross Pitman, Alex Jones, Kristine Frazao, David Dees...

Dr Robert Malone and EcoHealth Whistleblower Dr Andrew Huff Discuss Wuhan Lab Leak Theory
Feb 22, 2022

''Hamas was encouraged and really started by Israel and the United States to counteract Yasser Arafat.'' - Ron Paul
Just like Taliban was created by United States to counteract USSR same script...

We explain current events and tell you where things are headed, and why.
Discover more at:

Zionists harass anti-Zionist Jews because they pose an existential threat to the lies they tell themselves to justify genocide. If the world understands that Zionism is not Judaism - just repackaged manifest destiny - zionists have nothing to stand on. Their argument collapses. Americans + other westerners were taught that the “Israel / Palestine conflict” is just an intractable, ancient holy war, instead of properly situating it as a decolonial resistance struggle.

How to forecast an earthquake THE TEXT VERSION: By Dutchsinse (Michael Yuri Janitch)
Simply put, almost anyone can do earthquake forecasting down to a region of a few hundred miles, down to an approximate 7-10 day time period, and usually within 1 magnitude of what actually ends up striking.
HOW TO: Standing wave principles apply. See here for a video example:
Video above shows the whole process from deep earthquakes to the spread up, the halfway sorting and the spread out......... (video shows concentric waves , into a singularity spike upwards, then a standing wave in a tank building power reflecting back into itself.. then the middle points are sorted via vibration on a shake plate, then the wave travels as a soliton solitary wave of translation, then sorts to middle points again as it distributes out along the linear plate boundaries and across craton edges)
Explanation: Between any two earthquakes , a middle point exists.
Think of two earthquakes like two waves in a standing wave tank. Then a new earthquake (a new single wave of same size or combined larger) pops up in the "middle point" between the two previous waves.
Like book ends, the two previous earthquakes define the area to watch for the NEW earthquake to strike in the nearterm future. The middle point usually is struck with the combined total of both previous earthquakes.
Summed up:
Watch first for deep earthquakes... then watch next to the deep quakes for shallower larger earthquakes to spread up , out to a shallow depth and then away from the deep quake location (like a wave spreading out and away from a splash).
Then, find the middle points between the current (past 48 hours of) earthquakes. This determines the new locations to watch in the next few days to be hit.
Then you can track the spread and plot additional forecast points based upon the current earthquakes which already have struck.

Michael Shellenberger goes through an authoritarian pitch designed to sound like no big deal. The leaders of the Censorship Industrial Complex insist they didn't break the law, but they did. They worked on behalf of the government, demanded mass censorship, and interfered in an election. In this video, I explain how they almost got away with it...


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This is the best material that the conspiracy community had to offer over the last 60+ years. If you take away all the bullshit and you just leave the best sourced alternative viewpoints ever captured to tape this is what would be left. We are close to The Secrets Revealed Section of American and World History and this channel will be waiting for everybody when they finally figure out what happened,,, that being global genocide. People are going to want to know what the hell happened and who perpetrated this on all of humanity and one part of this channel will answer that for them. Other parts of this channel will explore extraterrestrials and the abduction phenomenon, psychic perception, psychedelics, forbidden archaeology and everything else that was true but wasn't allowed to be spoken about in our societies. There's also some good hacking and Physical Pen Tester videos;-)

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