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A world is coming to a point where reality will simulate real-time. Discerning what is real and what is fictional will forever be a blurred line until the power goes out. In this episode, we review the implications of the near future of this transformation. Enjoy.

In 1961, Twilight Zone aired an episode called "The Obsolete Man." Within the confines of this 22 minutes is contained more applicable cautions about our times than all the fiction aired since. In this episode, we review the crucial in detail in a attempt to ensure this era of mankind is entirely avoided. Enjoy.

Once upon a time, Michael Crichton wrote and directed a movie called Looker released in 1981. How could one of the most famous men create a great film and no one has heard of it? Because, he predicted things to come. In 2024, we are staring down the barrel of Michael had conceived some 40+ years earlier. Enjoy.

A setback can be devastating when it happens out of thin air. However, it creates a moment when time slows down, and allows us to reflect on our path and identity. In this episode, we go through several examples of how suffering and loss transforms like a spiritual guide into positive and prosperity. Enjoy.

Many of us are concerned about today's climate of all things. Rod Serling, the creator of the TV series The Twilight Zone shared this concerned during his time on Earth. In this episode, we look through the eyes of a classic episode of the Twilight Zone called "No Time Like The Past" to gain an understanding where and why we belong where we are. Enjoy.

With each new theory online comes a wave of old theories that have been largely disregarded. The Tartarian movement is a valuable group of individuals attempting to reconstruct our lost and revised history. In this episode, we cover many aspects of old and new thinking. Enjoy.

Dream "specialist" tell you the boldface lie that we only dream during the REM or Random Eye Movement phase of our evenings. As most of us know, we dream continuous stories if we dream at all. In this episode, we explore the data and experiences around this truth. Enjoy.

Many have claimed to have been abducted over the years. The stories vary widely. In this episode, we explore the question as to whether or not they are benevolent or hostile. Enjoy.

The world has gone mad. The challenges for the mind exceed the average man's ability to process and make sense out of reality. Those in control are rolling their hands in delight with the results. In this episode, we examine the many factors that are seemingly overwhelming the public at large. Enjoy.

Time to discuss their latest blatant actions that they want you to ignore.

Every day the technology gets more powerful exponentially. In this episode, we review Chat GPT and Gemini, their differences, and how they could effect all of us. Enjoy.

Pulled from the archives.

This episode had major technical issues. Hopefully the content is valuable.

In this episode, we delve into the art of human communication, acknowledging that each individual's unique life experiences shape their perceptions and beliefs. These personal belief systems act as filters, influencing how we absorb and process information. We'll explore the intricacies of this mechanism and offer insights on enhancing our understanding and sharing of thoughts more effectively. Join us as we navigate the complex landscape of human interaction and learn how to connect more deeply with others. Enjoy.

In 1971, a film released written by the legendary Michael Crichton called Andromeda Strain. This important film took the public down a path of how the military handles deadly substances. Claimed to be a legitimate crisis in the film's credits, one will see the ultimate example of military lab work. In this episode, we review the marvel of this film's insight and the implications it might have for similar situations. Enjoy.

Commercial tell-a-vision discusses how long it takes aliens to reach Earth, but seldom do they discuss why or how their vehicles would work. With the rumors of a fake alien invasion as a play in the book of controllers, we take a deep dive into the prospects that await us. Enjoy.

The creator of the Star Wars franchise, George Lucas, released his first prophetic file in 1971 entitled THX 1138. A bold exploration of an Earth taken over by the global elite that rules over a working class fascist society relegated to working in toxic factories building the robots that govern them. In this episode, we explore the meaning of many scenes that today appear to be the manual for how those who steal their positions of power will configure the world if we don't stop them. Enjoy.

One of the long-lost powers of humanity is word of mouth. A ceremony of communing with another human being can be a way to tell them you appreciate them or to gain insights into their world. In this episode, we examine the crucial elements of this exchange to inform and potentially change the world. Enjoy.

In 1976, a science fiction film was released that provided a glimpse into a utopian future of 2274, but there was one catch. At the age of 30, one must renew. In this episode, we examine this cult classic and what it might mean for our near future. Enjoy.

In 1973, a film released that shocked the world. Staring Charlton Heston and Edward G Robinson, and set in 2022, we see a world that was predicted in so many ways it makes one wonder if it was all part of a Brave New World. In this episode, we review the film Soylent Green and review its accuracies to our 2022. Enjoy.

Download the film here if you'd like to see it first:

Once upon a time, the oceans were not level. The day they decided to even their pools, the world experienced a flood it couldn't conceive. This episode begs the question, was Man present when this happened? Is there evidence that man was building structures below sea level? What would that mean to our fake history? Enjoy.

Around 1909, a man by the name of G.E. Kincaid decided to explore the Grand Canyon before it was shut down for normal exploration by Teddy Roosevelt. After sailing up a river channel, he noticed what he thought were signs of Gold or other precious minerals. Upon climbing up the cliff face, Kincaid found something he could barely conceive. Enjoy.

Each year since 1969 brings in a celebration of an event that never really occurred. As time passes, the masses are waking up to the deception that was always a part of these organizations. As scientists wanted to brag about accomplishments they couldn't achieve, they traded their souls with the devil to bask in that moment of false glory. In this episode, we review one such event, the Moon Landing Hoax. Enjoy.

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This channel is dedicated to rebuilding society from the bottom up. If you're a Truther and you think we need to take back this planet, then we need to ensure that we know how to be the most empowered human beings on this planet. Knowledge and wisdom has been lost to the internet and a sudden drop in EQ. Each show is aimed at replenishing this loss with good old fashion story sharing. Hope you enjoy.