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Ghost Gunner is a powerful desktop mill capable of cutting AR15, AR10, 1911, Polymer80 glock frames, engraving, and more.

Ghost Gunner 3 is a powerful desktop mill capable of cutting AR15, AR10, 1911, Polymer80 glock frames, engraving, and more.


Can't Stop the Signal

"He drew back into the presidio at Goliad. His supplies, especially of powder and provisions, were pitifully low, and Fannin hesitated in an agony of indecision."


5X Faster | 2x Build Space | Automatic Leveling | Illuminated | Full VFD | 2020: AK-47


From KEYE - Austin and Walt Maciborski: "This “Ghost Hunting” entry embodies Morley Safer’s drive to relentlessly report on an overlooked story and Safer’s ability to make the people he’s interviewing feel comfortable enough to say things you would never expect.
Cody Wilson got worldwide attention in 2013 when he successfully fired a 3D printed gun he made called the “Liberator.”
Then Wilson faded into the shadows. But, Wilson was working on a new plan in plain sight that the “Ghost Hunting” reports helped to bring to light.
This submission includes three stories. The first story aired in August of 2018 when a U.S. judge in Seattle blocked Wilson from uploading gun plans and 3D printed gun plans on the internet. But, I believe the other two stories produced in 2017 contributed to the national awareness of a new threat in the face of mass shootings called “Ghost Guns” which ultimately contributed to the judge’s ruling."

Via The Truth About Guns. Originally released the day DD released code and jigs for 1911s on 10/01/2017.
YouTube nuked this one.
Defense Distributed's Ghost Gunner desktop CNC mill will now complete 80% pistol lowers including 1911s, Glocks, and more to come.

80% lowers at Brownells here:
1911 parts at Brownells here:


January 15th, 2019: Defense Distributed challenges New Jersey’s insane speech crimes law in a preliminary injunction hearing in Austin, Texas.

Archived due to historical importance.
YouTube may remove, but the internet never forgets.

Defense Distributed announces its new Director and CEO of Ghost Gunner, Paloma Heindorff and provides updates on current litigation, future plans, and whether the transition in leadership poses any difficulties.

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