Happy New Year 2020 from the Caribbean islands.
Time Zone UTC -4 Santiago (Coordinated Universal Time)
Nikon DSL D5300
300 - 70 mm lens at 70 mm
Vari Program - NIGHT SCENE
Cover Picture: DSC_1417.JPG * 2019-Dec-31 / 23:55:40 * Exposure Time - 1.5 seconds
Video: DSC_1426.MOV * ‎Wednesday, ‎2020-‎January-‎01, ‏‎00:31:33 AM
Aperture: F 4
ISO Speed Ratings - 1600

The Legend of Zelda
Breath of the Wild (BotW)
Link looking for and finding the Lost Woods, Korok Forest, Master Sword
Video taken from Microsoft Xbox app
Zelda-BOTW-2019May23-LostWoods-04.mp4 - Video 1
Zelda-BOTW-2019May23-LostWoods-06.mp4 - Video 2
Zelda-BOTW-2019May23-LostWoods-01.png - Cover Picture
Zelda-BOTW-2019May23-LostWoods-02.png - Picture 1 Location
Zelda-BOTW-2019May23-LostWoods-03.png - Picture 2 Path to take from last torch

The Legend of Zelda
Breath of the Wild (BotW)
Link at on his way to Goron City during a Blood Moon
Video taken from Microsoft Xbox app
Zelda-BOTW-2019May21-GoronCity-BloodMoon.mp4 - Video
Zelda-BOTW-2019May21-GoronCity-BloodMoon.jpg - Cover Picture

The Legend of Zelda
Breath of the Wild (BotW)
Link at Hyrule Castle during a Blood Moon
Video taken from Microsoft Xbox app

The Legend of Zelda
Breath of the Wild (BotW)
Link at Lake Hylia shooting shock arrows at Dragon Farosh
Video taken from Microsoft Xbox app

The Legend of Zelda
Breath of the Wild (BotW)
Location and Entrance of To Quomo Shrine
Finding the entrance is not easy.
Opening the entrance requires exploring and guessing.
It is not straight forward.
Stop the video if you just want to find the entrance and figure out how to get in by your self.
Solving puzzles is part of the fun.
I needed help from my nephew. I was about three days trying to find the entrance.
Video created using Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

The Legend of Zelda
Breath of the Wild (BotW)
Link at Lake Hylia watching the Dragon Farosh

The Legend of Zelda
Breath of the Wild (BotW)
Link at Lake Hylia watching the Ya Naga Shrine
Concealed in Hylia Island. It’s west of the bridge of Hylia.

My car has been sitting with out being turned on for about 5 years. I could not find parts. I was starting just fine before the last time it was started.
I finally found the parts I needed, it was a pipe that goes from the water pump to the thermostat housing. Replace both.
I can hear the fuel pump but only after I crank the engine. When in the run position I cannot hear it. I could not hear it at all before. Then I applied direct voltage and I heard it run. Now I can hear it after I crank the engine. I changed the spark plugs, cleaned the connections and the distributor.
New spark plugs, after a few attempts to start it I removed the spark plugs, plug 1 & 3 looked good, 2 looked OK had some carbon spots, 4 was completely black. All the spark plugs have a spark.
I checked each spark plug for spark with the tester in the video, I put the black Styrofoam behind the tester so the spark is visible.
Make Mitsubishi
Model Mirage ES Two Door
Year 1999
Engine 4G15 1.5 liter
Trans Axle F4A41

The Legend of Zelda
Breath of the Wild (BotW)
Link in forest, short test upload.

Before during and after Hurricane Irma at Puerto Rico 2017-Sep-06 about 05:00 PM Atlantic Time.
Most of the photographs were taken after the hurricane. Bad weather produces the nicest sunrise and sun sets.
Hurricane Irma was an extremely powerful and catastrophic Atlantic region category 5 hurricane, the strongest observed in the Atlantic in terms of maximum sustained winds since Wilma, and the strongest storm on record to exist in the open Atlantic region. Followed by Maria two weeks later, and is the second-costliest Caribbean hurricane on record, after Maria.
Puerto Rico got lucky as this hurricane went to the north and causing less damage than expected. Electric power was out on most of the island for a few day, It hit on a Wednesday and power to most locations was restored by the week end. The water supply was restored in less time, some areas did not have running water interrupted.
This helped every one prepare for Hurricane Maria which Puerto Rico and many islands in the Caribbean have not fully recovered from yet.
Photographed with Nikon 5300 DSLR Tamron 70 - 300 mm Lens
Sound recorded from actual an Coqui (small frog native to Puerto Rico). Some find their sound relaxing but they can be annoying at times.
Video created with free OpenShot Video Editor V 2.4.3
Photographer Defender StarGate

Night Sky photographs 2017-Sep-07 - 08
Folder 105D5300
Files: DSC_0141.JPG - DSC_0207.JPG (many skipped)
DSC_0048-crop.jpg (large moon)
Camera Nikon D5300
Lens Tamron 70 - 300 mm
Video created with Nikon Movie Editor
This editor has a limit on how many files you can use (max 32)
Photographer Defender StarGate
Sound Defender StarGate whistling.
Edited with Microsoft Editor app V.

Hurricane Irma Puerto Rico 2017-Sep-06 around 17:00 hours Atlantic Time.
Folder 105D5300
Files: DSC_0063.JPG - DSC_093.JPG (many skipped)
Camera Nikon D5300
Lens Tamron 70 - 300 mm
Video created with Nikon Movie Editor

Pictures and one video of my little baby Flaqui dog.
Camera Nikon CoolPex 4500
Folder: 196Nikon
Files: DSCN0214.JPG - DSCN0351.JPG (skipped some in between).
Made with Nikon NkMEdit
Limited photo video editor.

The horizon at sun set. Video and some pictures.
Folder 103D5300
Files: DSC_0161.JPG - DSC_0219.JPG (many skipped)
Camera Nikon D5300
Lens Tamron 70 - 300 mm
Video created with Nikon Movie Editor

Flaqui in the back yard. I call her,
Flaqui... Flaqui... Little baby Flaqui dog.
Created using Windows 10 Photo App
File Name: 107D5300/
Cover: 110D5300/DSC_0253.JPG

This is my little baby Flaqui dog scratching her head on the grass.
Flaqui scratching her head on the grass, some thing she does to get the sand out of her eyes after sleeping.
File Name: DSCN0242.MOV
Sunday, ‎2016-‎October-‎02, ‏‎16:31:05 PM
Camera: Nikon CoolPix 4500
Cover image: DSCN0249.JPG
‎Sunday, ‎2016-‎October-‎02, ‏‎16:31:08 PM
Taken at night with moon in the sky.

My little baby Flaqui dog walking up the driveway and into the garage.
File Name: DSC_0536.MOV
‎Friday, ‎2017-‎November-‎03, ‏‎07:27:10 AM

My little baby Flaqui dog out in front of our house on the grass.
File Name: DSC_0512.MOV
‎Thursday, ‎2017-‎April-‎27, ‏‎07:00:34 AM

My little Flaqi dog circling on bed to get comfortable.
File Name: DSC_0352.MOV
‎Sunday, ‎2017-‎June-‎18, ‏‎09:36:30 AM

This is my dog eating, Her name is Flaqui for flaca which means skinny in Spanish.
File Name: DSCN0386.MOV
Sunday, ‎2016-‎October-‎23, ‏‎16:50:23 PM


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