Watching the Alex Jones Doc.

Checking out the documentary ContraLand

It's whatever.

Vaccine talk's.

Full RAW video of the rally for Huntington Beach California. May 9th 2020.
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Fall of The Cabal Doc Talk.

Going over the Epoch New's new doc. Conversation and random talks after. 12 hour stream.

Enjoy the 1 year stream with 5 people I care about and 1 I could care less about.

Stream dedicated to fear.

Vaccine talks.

Late night early morning stream. Going over the Richie from Boston stuff.

Going over one of the latest vid's. Shout outs to Deborah Tavares.

Random Talks of Agendas and FEMA.

Bill Gates talks and watching some Dr. Shiva.

Talking about various vaccine stuff, Daily-Mock hops on, Dr Shiva stuff too various random stream.

Going over the doc Out of the Shadows from ScrewTube.

Chillin wit The_Daily_Mock watching the David Icke video.

Tensions in the south China sea highlights and discussion. Special guests include Headshots, Freedomgrower, DailyMock

Origin talks about the Coronavirus COVID-19 stream.

The Black Eye Club.

My debut with The Warrior. Legend in the game.

Streaming and chopping it up about Zeitgeist wit the crew.

Chopping it up randomly and guest appearance The Real Joker on dlive.

Affiliate stream for defmike on dlive. Good times.

Speaking on random and current b.s. on the platform and etc.


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