Degeneration Nation

Degeneration Nation

This is a quick video I found on Thursday. This is the only newish one i could find, i know some of my subscribers asked for a newer one so here it is

I can watch this one 100 times and it would STILL be funny every time. I hope you enjoy this as much
as I have!

link to the article about first court appearance.

link to North Carolina Department Of Public Safety
Offender Public Information

This topic has been covered by quite a few other creators but i figured hey why not put in my 2 cents on it. sorry not sorry but no one would mistake this man for a woman.
The Transgender community should be embarrassed by this idiot.

What's better than a SovTard getting their window
smashed then arrested? Not much!


How dumb do you have to be to still refuse to comply when threatened that a K9 will remove you
from the car?? hopefully this SOVTARD learned his lesson but I seriously doubt it.

You gotta love how delusional these morons are! Sometimes videos without windows broken or being tased can be entertaining.

Please note.. the audio on the original was all over the place, i fixed it the best i could. apologies for the audio.

How sad it is when you can't even put differences aside for 1 fucking day.. such is the life of Cuck master Rowlands. PATHETIC

Sovereign Citizens are a comedy gold mine! These
Idiots are so delusional it's almost sad...ALMOST. People really like watching these idiots getting owned.

Original video -

Van Balion's Channel -

As Usual Riley J Adam's Apple Dennis has no idea what he is taking about but preaches like a dumb shit anyway.

Original Video -

If you get killed In Fort Nite just be a man and own up to it don't whine about it.

Vegans....gotta love em right? well, some of them at least just not the militant ones.


I'm not a big fan of Planned Parenthood Especially regarding abortions. I'm not going to lie, I wanted to punch a hole thru the wall after watching it. It's ok to disagree with my stance but please be nice about it.

Part 2 of Vegan Insanity is coming soon! if you havent seen part 1 click the link

It is freaking hilarious when these Sovereign Citizens try and quote the consitution and totally botch it. good times good times. these morons need to do some research and then come up with a new script to use because the old one doesnt work

Video Source -

Reeeeeeeeeee there are a lot of Liberal snowflakes that are furious Judge Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court. Good times....Good times. Loving it HAHAHAHA

The first trailer is out! what did you all think? leave a comment.

Everyones Favorite Lolcow Is Back And Once Again Fails At White Knighting.

Original Video -


Transgender muslim hacked to death
Muslim father kills daughter -
attacks on LGBT up 80% -
Rape Victim sentenced to 200 lashes -
The bible doesnt condemn homosexuality -
Why these 7 countries are listed on travel ban -

Sovereign citizens are amongst the dumbest people out there and I think that's why these videos are so entertaining. pull up a chair and watch these morons go from tough guy to soy boy whiners.

SECTION 5341-5353 -

Enjoy Degenerates!

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The root are one of the biggest race baiters. seriously.. they are the most ignorant bunch around. Just when you thought people couldn't be anymore disgusting.


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[This video is being re uploaded with the new intro and to get rid of the song used that was flagged for copyright.]

First the Tide Pod channel and now this? humanity is doomed.
Edit: In the intro i forgot to say that not only do you have to keep up with the car but you have to get back in it.
Don't be spaz... avoid this challenge at all costs.

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wow, I can't even imagine nor would I really want to.

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Oh Burger King what the hell are you doing?? are you trying to lose business??? never go full feminist! its a death sentence!

In a previous video Whitney was crying and didn't understand why people hated her.. well in this follow up it is very clear why.

What's there to really say? you gotta watch it to believe it...


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