Total control of in pods, and chipped for access to everything ...Lord help us.

Do you know anyone with the sheep pox ?

One of these 2 is not like the other...

George Soros: "We have a Foundation in Ukraine and it happens to be one of our best…
They say it straight to our faces.
Here's why they're bleeding our country dry for shithole Ukraine. It is their corruption playground.
And Zelenskyy is blackmailing them.

Devon Island...

We need these mules hard would it be they have the license plates on some of the vehicles...
Give them a plea bargain to get the bigger fish.
I am beyond pissed NO CAMERAS were at the drop boxes in Wisconsin...
And why was True To Vote instructed not to discuss the movie on Tucker Carlson??

Mark Middleton, a special advisor to the former U.S. President Bill Clinton, died on Saturday leaving a trail of unanswered questions.

The cause of the death of Middleton, 59, is not known as his family simply shared the information about his sudden demise which has created a furor on social media.

A large faction of social media followers has termed Middleton's sudden death as "suspicious" adding that he is not the only one of Clinton's close aides who died suddenly and without a cause. The social media buzz is orbiting around the fact that Middleton was instrumental in establishing close ties between Jeffery Epstein and Clinton. Thus, his sudden death could be related to "revelation" of some of Clinton's hidden secrets, the followers added.

I voted for this man do not come at me being a Trump hater.

At some point we have to wake up to the fact that Trump is selling us out to big pharma.

There are billions of people on this planet, and you honestly believe this the best we can do?
C'mon man...
I will never again vote for the lesser of 2 evils

Evil is evil...

As I see people dying from these vaccines around me, my heart hurts every day, and every time he promotes this poison 💔 it is like a gut punch ...

I wish he would just stop...he is not that dumb but apparently he thinks his voters are.

Former President Trump appeared off message and out of touch with his base after introducing the billionaire heir of COVID-19 vaccine maker Johnson & Johnson during a Pennsylvania rally on Friday.

Trump touted his friendship with Jets owner Woody Johnson, heir to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company, during a “Save America” rally in Greensburg, Pennsylvania in support of Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz, drawing little to no applause from the audience.

Is it just me or are these people emotionally unstable...

: Pro-abortionists expressing a range of opinions and emotions as they deal with the realization that it may get more difficult to murder babies.


It appears we have found the answer to “what is a woman” this morning.
Guess who supported the idea to let states overturn Roe v. Wade in 1981?

Joe Biden.

1) The name “Jane Roe” was created over beer and pizza.

In 1969, Norma was 21 years old, divorced, and pregnant for the third time. (The first two children were placed for adoption.) After seeking an abortion but finding out it was illegal, and then driving to an illegal clinic only to find it closed, adoption attorney Henry McCluskey referred her to two young lawyers in Dallas, Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee. Weddington (who had traveled to Mexico a couple of years earlier to have an abortion) was seeking a class-action lawsuit against the state of Texas in order to legalize abortion. It was an unlikely party at the corner booth of Columbo’s pizza parlor in Dallas: two recent law-school grads in business suits sitting across the table from a rough and uneducated homeless woman. The lawyers needed a representative for all women seeking abortions—one who was young, poor, and white. They just didn’t want her to cross state lines to get a legal abortion, or the case would be considered moot and dismissed. Without money and five months pregnant, Norma was the ideal candidate. After downing several pitchers of beer, they agreed on using the pseudonym “Jane Roe.”

(2) Jane Roe didn’t know the meaning of “abortion.”

(3) Jane Roe never appeared in court.

(4) Jane Roe never had an abortion.

(5) Jane Roe became pro-life.

To combat the Roe v. Wade decision, democrats in CA have introduced SB 1142 which would invite women across the country to come to CA for an abortion, paid for by CA. Planned parenthood is salivating at the thought of all the $$ they will make.

How can overturning Roe v Wade be an assault on women’s rights if you can’t tell us what a woman is?



THIS will blow your mind..they are talking about how to LITERALLY hack your brain and make you think and act in a way they program you to act. This was a lecture at WESTPOINT military academy and has a MILITARY application.This lecture was in 2018!!!! How far are they now☝🤔🙏👇

Full video here

We have been lied to, suppressed and conned by rich globalist money hungry elites.

Water Powered Car in 1974:

- Goes 70 MPH
- Travels over 1000 miles on one tank
- Releases zero pollution

We could be driving water-powered cars but the forces that manipulate humanity would never allow it.

As human consciousness rises, and the control system dissipates, we will see the re-emergence of great technologies like this.

"The ability to have something that is relatively noninvasive, or something that you could put inside yourself, that could measure your health and instrument things on an ongoing basis. You could wave a wand over and get a readout. "
- Mark Zuckerberg

The FBI's Cyber Division published a notice this past week warning about increased cyber-attack threats on agricultural cooperatives, which comes at a time when a curious string of fires and explosions damage major food processing plants across the country.

"Ransomware actors may be more likely to attack agricultural cooperatives during critical planting and harvest seasons, disrupting operations, causing financial loss, and negatively impacting the food supply chain," the notice read, adding 2021 and early 2022 ransomware attacks on farming co-ops could affect the current planting season "by disrupting the supply of seeds and fertilizer."

The agency warned, "A significant disruption of grain production could impact the entire food chain, since grain is not only consumed by humans but also used for animal feed ... In addition, a significant disruption of grain and corn production could impact commodities trading and stocks. "

This ain't your father's Republican party...It's a MAGA party now...

I was waiting for a big hook to drag him

A drunk and (possibly) drugged Zelensky is in his office today.
The video was uploaded and deleted.
The Western world should see its heroes.
This looks very demonic to me...what do you think?


For the past 8 years, the government of Ukraine, with US support, has been waging war against its own citizens in eastern Ukraine’s Donbass region – ‘killing its own people’ in Western jargon. That’s the same pretext the US has used multiple times in pushing for war in Iraq, Libya and Syria. If it was acceptable for the US to take action against governments who were supposedly killing their own people, why is the West so upset with Russia for doing the same? And why is the US supporting the Ukrainian government who, to this day, is killing its own people?

Russia is rapidly becoming a pariah state, isolated from much of the world, like other ‘enemies’ of the US like Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. The West is fanning the flames and are escalating the situation in Ukraine. They are making it difficult for a solution to be found because they refuse to consider Russia’s perspective. It’s easier just to condemn and see things in black and white. Censorship, anti-Russia hysteria and a disregard of Russia’s legitimate concerns won’t resolve the current problems, unless Russia just capitulates with the knowledge that they will be subjected to the will of the Empire for many years to come.

Finally, many of us question the sincerity of those who are hyper-outraged at what Russia is doing in Ukraine today, but have been silent as the US, Europe, Israel and Saudi Arabia wage war with impunity.



A French journalist who returned from Ukraine after arriving with volunteer fighters told broadcaster CNews that Americans are directly “in charge” of the war on the ground.

The assertion was made by Le Figaro senior international correspondent Georges Malbrunot.

Malbrunot said he had accompanied French volunteer fighters, two of whom had previously fought against ISIS.

“I had the surprise, and so did they, to discover that to be able to enter the Ukrainian army, well it’s the Americans who are in charge,” said Malbrunot.

Adding that he and the volunteers “almost got arrested” by the Americans, who asserted they were in charge, the journalist then revealed that they were forced to sign a contract “until the end of the war.”

“And who is in charge? It’s the Americans, I saw it with my own eyes,” said Malbrunot, adding, “I thought I was with the international brigades, and I found myself facing the Pentagon.”

Malbrunot also mentioned America providing Ukraine with switchblade suicide drones, something highlighted by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in a tweet that revealed Ukrainian soldiers were being trained to use the devices in Biloxi, Mississippi.

“I believe the great pandemic is still in the future, and that’s going to be a bird flu pandemic for man. It’s gonna have significant mortality in the 10-50% range. It’s gonna be trouble.”
In a recent interview that has gone widely unnoticed by the masses, the former Director for the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) under the Trump Administration, Dr. Robert Redfield sat down for an interview on March 30th with Doug McKelway of the Trinitarian Broadcasting Network (TBN), for their news show called CenterPoint.

Curtis Bay Energy accused of burning aborted babies’ bodies for electricity.

I have no words...just speechless..
Jesus come quickly...


These billionaires are selected not self made, they are installed as project managers for different aspects of the agenda. The first time I watched an interview with this man I realised what/who he was. I stopped listening to his words along with the other psychopaths in their game. Every time I have seen Musk interviewed or giving a presentation, I get the same sickening, twisted gut feeling inside that I get when hearing Gates, Zuckerberg, Shwab and the like; also I get this same feeling from the vast majority of politicians I see or hear. I've come very much to trust that gut feeling. If he was a decent man, a man of integrity he would never get to the point where he is now with all his money and power, the cabal would never let him succeed unless he is one of them! This should be heard and broadcasted throughout all schools globally, so our children can hopefully make the right decision for themselves to stop this tyranny imposed by the cabal.
If we do not as a country start looking at people by what they have done ((fruits of their labor)) instead of trusting every lie they spew from their mouth..we are finished.

Biden: "My name is Joe Biden. I'm Barack Obama's Vice President."
Not that we didn't already know Obama is pulling all the strings....

This may be a stretch, but I had to put it out there.
Love or hate the man, just beware of who you put your trust in.

Donald Trump's Rise and Mass Deception Foreshadowed in 1958 TV Series "Trackdown."

A Con-man named Trump who convinces people only he can save the world by building a wall.

The Episode is called "The End of the World."

I know I was put here for these dark days. sounds emo lmao but I embrace death if it means standing up for whats right in a dark world.


We've probably been at this point for decades now.

Nanoscale robotic units can be aerosolized and weaponized to be absorbed by the vascular system without the victim even being aware of its happening.

So why wouldn't they put this nanotechnology into the covid shots with which you voluntarily agreed to inject yourself?
How about geoengineering aka chemtrails???

They already are.


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I have been censored over 10 years...Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,Youtube, Tik Tok and so many facebook accounts I lost track.
Here I am at Bitchute making another attempt. I WILL NOT stop fighting...This isnt just about me or is about right and wrong....good vs. Evil...our next generations...their futures. I do not want my grandbabies to know that I didn't at least try to win this war.They are my everything and I will not stop until my last breath has left my body.WE ARE SURVIVORS.WE CAN DO THIS PEOPLE...KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT..HOLD THAT LINE!!!

I am not holding my breath here, there are many words you cannot use in your video titles as they will not let you upload if you use them...take them out and no problem.