This torture and mutilation of baby corpses needs to stop!!

Dr. Fauci should be arrested.this is sickening.
Human hair was evident by 12 weeks but only in the grafts taken from the fetal scalps. In the scalp grafts, fine human hair can be seen growing long and dark surrounded by the short white hairs of the mouse. The images literally show a patch of baby hair growing on a mouse’s back.

The work was funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)-National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the same branch that Moderna collaborates with for the COVID-19 vaccine.
Mirrored from center for medical progress..
Action: Sign the open letter calling on the University of Pittsburgh to end its experiments on aborted babies and supporting a full investigation by the Pennsylvania General Assembly. I

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., was seen on camera agreeing that eating babies might actually be acceptable — if it stopped climate change. No one stopped this woman or removed her.

This decentralized private membership network of concerned Americans have decided that 'enough is enough'! We do not represent corporate government at any level. We do however work in concert with local and federal authorities when and where it is appropriate. We appreciate and support our local officials who work in honor of their oath and in service to the people.

May God bless you all!

I cannot wait ti see what he finds in these vaccjnes...This man is a true patriot and we need more of him.

MUST SEE...share share share...lots of great clues and information here.I did speed this up .25 because I felt it dragged a bit...ENJOY!!

Kids from the border crossings used for profit and sick elite snuff films.

Wisconsin’s ‘Indefinitely Confined’ Voter Status Excludes Requirement for Voter IDs – 265,000 Ballots Cast in 2020 Election.
With 60,000 indefinitely confined voters in Milwaukee County alone and other abnormalities, like the loss of a flash drive, all ballots should be examined in a forensic review to determine validity . WE DEMAND EVERY LEGAL VOTE COUNTED! Our Governor Tony Evers is a CORRUPT POLITICIAN!

Obama appointee Dr. Carol Baker:

"We'll just get rid of all the Whites in the United States."

this is pretty damning. Get rid of the whites so we can implement our plan. There's no rational explanation for these comments!!!

The company says these are coffin liners...however thousands are being stored in land across the country with no rotation.I found a video the manufacturer made and they did not use a coffin. So in reality these are the coffins.Why so many ??

"100s of parents in Vail, AZ attended a School Board meeting, protesting mask mandates for schools. They would not leave. The Board was overwhelmed and outnumbered. They quit. The parents elected new members and immediately struck down mask mandates for kids. This is the way."

We are being played ,,,WAKE UP...Project Runway back in 2019 told us what was about to happen!
#covid #plandemic #hoax

Denmark health czar collapsed during presser over covid vaccine halt...must see

According to Google only white women are happy when with a black man...See more at white lives matter wisconsin on Telegram.This is NOT about white supremacy or racism ...but that is what MSM want you to think...

We are living in the matrix...



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