Aerial views from all over Greece, see from above many great places from the land of gods and relax your mind.
Picture yourself in one of those places and start planing the best trip of your life .. a trip full of beauty and tranquillity!

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The city of Argos is one of the most ancient cities in Europe, therefore, one of the most ancient cities in the world.
The Mycenaean civilization thrived in the area that locates around Argos, for the modern visitor, today's city can be only the start of an unforgettable experience through history and time.

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The Ionian sea location is between Italy and Greece, it is a rich environment with amazing beauty full of sea life and islands, the water clarity is astonishing, if you experience the Ionian beauty you will understand the past and the significance of all Mediterranean area.

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Hello world, my name is Demetres (Δημήτρης),

The goal of this channel will be to upload nice and interesting videos when i can, i will also try to show you the beauties of my country and hopefully i will make you visit one of the most ancient and fascinating lands in this world .. Greece !

So, hop aboard and select a video, it's time to Bit Chute...