Demography Is Destiny

- Demography Is Destiny

Using objective morality, Will Nardi proves forever that diversity is our greatest strength. Time to pack up and go home, Alt Right raycists! Selected highlights from his extremely painful debate with James Allsup: ● Some research on diversity: ● Race and voting patterns: ● Race and IQ: ● Young Nardi vs young Alt Rightish guy Nick Fuentes:

Full video by Not Shadowbanned Yet: -- what I've posted here are lightly edited excerpts.

The globalist establishment incites a violent mob to suppress rising nationalism and white identity.

Subscribe to Darwin Digest: -- their soundcloud got shoahed, so now they're here:

original description:
The Darwin Digest is back from our SoundCloud Shoahing and better than ever. It's a big episode this week with special guest Kevin MacDonald on to discuss Jewish influence.
0.01.27 Overview of Culture of Critique
0.06.03 How Jews kept influence in academia for so long
0.10.43 Evolutionary Psychology
0.17.40 Future of the Jewish evolutionary strategy
0.23.26 Anti-Zionist Jews
0.29.47 The Holocaust as a weapon
0.35.30 Ultra-Orthodox and ultra liberal Jews
0.43.05 Collectivism vs. Individualism
1.04.40 The Jews of India and China
1.10.10 How much ethnocentrism is enough?

Dr. Kevin MacDonald and his works can be found at

The audio of Faith's appearance on 'The Krypto Report' that finally got her kicked out of Sleazy Ezra Levant's "Rebel" Media Corporation. ● The rest of the story: ● Stefan Molyneux's post-Charlottesville interview with Goldy:

Propaganda aimed at children. European populations, cultures, and identities are being re-engineered by hostile elites. Video by Cassius:

"The end of white people." Eli Mosley talks to Triple J, then an incredible reaction from a caller. Aired evening of 14th August on the 'Hack Live' program.

Unite The Right: state police declare the permitted rally (upheld by a federal court) an 'unlawful assembly'. Press conference 8/14: --- Faith Goldy:

The System Revealed: Antifa, Virginia Politicians And Police Work Together To Shut Down #UniteTheRight:

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Politics is downstream from demography.