Latino begging black people not to visit Little Village in Chicago.
BLM & Antifa have segregated themselves by their own actions.

This is what is coming, prepare accordingly.

Ilhan Omar calls for the “dismantling” of the United States “economy and political system.”
It's treason then.

It seems the Three Gorges Dam was not as safe expected. Flooding in China has continued for several days now.

Don Lemon arguing that children being killed as a result of black on black violence at BLM events has nothing to do with black lives mattering.
I have a serious dislike of Don Lemon. You might even say that it borders on hatred.

The party continues

Shutdown the I-5 to Mercer in Seattle so that BLM may protest

On national TV no less.

She could not have been more concise.

He doesn't exist

She seems determined

Kill your grandkids! Kill them now!

BLM asking god for forgiveness of their sins. Appear to be barred from entry by racist krackers and uncle Toms. /s
re-upload due to bitchute bug.

I haven't got a clue why. Anyone know?

BLM decides to attend the Grace Baptist Church in Troy, NY

Autonomous Zone in DC shutdown.

I did not cry watching this.

Students learning appreciation for their nation's capitol

Mayor Jenny Durkan's home under siege for dismantling the CHAZ.
The summer of love is over.

They're writing songs about him. The love is real.

Open season on a particular demographic.
The full meeting if you can stomach it.

Tom Cruise 2020 yall

I get the feeling that these new techniques are going to be very effective.
Police brutality is in it's last days.

I remember growing up during a crack epidemic and learning this lesson.
I hope the lesson is taken to heart.

Keep that stuff in New York. Not in my town.
re-upload due to the bitchute bug.


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