Chris Chan was too much bait

Don't you want to be treated like royalty?

I like to culturally enrich my channel

Mass Shooting on Bourbon Street

I never recall connecting this closely with any of my teachers over anything remotely political.
Either the indoctrination techniques are more sophisticated or the children are less intelligent.

One who is able to approach a variety of subjects in a calm but stern manner

It's going to be much harder to reach herd immunity due to the delta variant.

The Pfizer petri dish

Someone needs to pay


This is where we're at now

Hope you are jabbin' too

Just an average day in California

Please understand

Chris Chan arrest footage as shot by Ethan Ralph of the Killstream

AOC forced to admit that the fault lies entirely with Democrats & the White House.

Choose wisely, the wrong one can ruin your life. Good luck!

By closely examining their hands

A breeding kink

I can't believe I have to start a new season of this series.
If I'm going to get pissed, I'm getting pissed at the republicans.

This doesn't have to be your existence. Find yourselves a girl like I recommend and your life will change forever.

Which vaccines are your favorites?

It's safe and effective

Best place for this kind of hate speech

Seems they have some conflicting interests

I never thought I would have the opportunity to introduce you to such a fine specimen


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