Someone looking to settle down

Coach Mike Hickmon was tragically murdered at a little league football game in Lancaster, Texas

Nation's largest bread factory goes up in flames

It's all so tiresome

You show me the man I'll show you the crime

The legend continues

They will eventually figure out a way

Give back to your community

Not according to the FBI


First baby formula, now beer

I see the double yellow line, it looks intentional

Mass shooting in progress?

To say that it will be reduced is Orwellian

They'll be getting the Uighur treatment

Know your pronouns

Victor Davis Hanson says the FBI is beyond redemption

Police continue arresting cartel members after yesterday's attacks

Cartels have ruined the illegal immigration trade. Police pull over an 18 wheeler loaded with migrants headed for Eagle Pass.

It must be tougher these days

It's racist

Six employees were bear sprayed and 800k in jewelry was stolen by 10 masked men

Politicians have integrity. Utica

good help is hard to find

Protest after interest rates raised from 69.5% to above 70% in order to combat inflation.

The army is deployed to Tijuana airport after multiple coordinated attacks by cartels left multiple civilians dead yesterday


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