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I'm not even going to try to explain this video. What can you possibly say about demonic fashionista?

Leviathan: Is it a demon, Spirit, or strictly seafood? By the end of the video, you'll know the truth.

Question everything you been told about Baphomet because most of it isn't true!

With this demon having several movies done on it, you should probably know the truth about it.

After thousands of years of protocol, the Vatican allows video of exorcism to be released to the public in a documentary. And nobody is asking the question why now?

This video will help you decide if your kid has behavior problems or there is something you should be concerned about.

These are the answers to the questions that you have about demon possession.

Exposing the demon trying to ruin your marriage.

Not everything can be easily diagnosed. Sometimes the problem is bigger than popping a pill. This video will give you insight on mental health and physical health with a Biblical base, helping you decide if it's spiritual.
Through the decades, there has been numerous ways of performing an exorcism, but where any of them right?

Giving you insight how demons use spiritual grounds to get into your home.

This video will determine if your suspicions are correct.

With demon possession apparently at an increase, so is the need for exorcism. But why are so many exorcism not working? This video will explain why.

You think you know what you need for an exorcism, but do you?

This will be one of the most controversial videos you will ever watch...
(If you want to stay in your safe place, I recommend you don't watch this.)

With the recent popularity of ghost hunting and other occult practices, you need to be aware of the Biblical consequences of participating in such activities.

Can Video Games Open The Doors To Demonic Torment & Possession?
Your kids don't have to go to a Satanic Church to experience their beliefs. Satanic beliefs are now downloadable and playable. And it's easier than ever to make it's way into your home

Belial (also Belhor, Baalial, Beliar, Beliall, Beliel) is the name for a demon in the Old Testament. He is known as Beliar in Greek

Some don't recognize the cost of what they put on until it's to late.

This video will put you through a spiritual sexual ed class that only Demonologist stephen Bridges can teach.

Behold, the power of music compels you.


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Biblical Demonologist Stephen Bridges
has over a decade of experience and is an expert on demonic deliverance. His experience and education makes him one of the world’s​ most respected and trusted Demonologists.This channel is to help people with the questions that they may have about spiritual warfare, to keep them informed, and to give them advice that they can trust.