Milli crossed the rainbow bridge on February 5th in the evening. "Adieu Milli" is my tribute to the wild pet girl who lived her life on her terms.

War of the Worlds (1988 – 1990) by Greg Strangis lasted 2 seasons and was a sophisticated and gory show by those times' standards. This clip from the pilot, The Resurrection, is near the opening of the episode showing a group of terrorists taking over a government territory without realizing they are resurrecting the aliens. In memory of actress Ilse von Glatz.
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The movie shows the life story of the eponymous heroine, a legendary poetess and mystic of Rajasthan region in the 16th Century. This clip from the 1979 Bollywood movie "Meera" is special in that it shows Meera standing up to the head priest (played by Om Shivpuri) to defend her refusal of cooking meat to serve to the family and guests while the slaughter has been supervised by the priest. The clip will be included in my blog post

The British cop show Dempsey and Makepeace was a great TV show on police and crime, aired in 1985 – 86. This clip is from the 3rd episode “Lucky Streak” of the show’s first season. It shows the final chase of the bad guys by Lt. Dempsey and Sgt. Makepeace. The bad guy falling in Makepeace’s share of the chase gets some treatment of this London cop lady.
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Robert Aldrich’s 1962 classic What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? is remembered for the immortal performance of Bette Davis as Baby Jane. This clip shows the scene of Jane confronting her disabled sister Blanche (Joan Crawford) over her intention to sell their house. The clip will be included in the post on my site at the link:

The lawmakers in Washington DC have launched the most direct and dangerous assault on children and parents by passing a new bill – a nightmare for every parent who cares about their children. Read the story at

The season-opener of Airwolf Season 3 “The Horn of Plenty” was one of the show’s most exciting episodes with Catherine Hickland as the main guest star. This clip is from the final combat sequence and meant to be embedded in my blog post about the scene at

In Season 4 opening episode of Airwolf, Stringfellow Hawke (Jan Michael Vincent) finally meets his brother St. John (Barry Vyn Dyke). The video available on YouTube is gone so specifically uploading this clip from the episode "Blackjack" of Season 4 to include in my post about this scene at

In the horror/drama "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" (2005), Linney once again possesses her viewers in several courtroom scenes. This clip is from the defense attorney's closing statement scene in the movie where she questions "facts" and possibilities. The post is live on my blog at

Did you know that the research which validated the COVID 19 test is likely to be retracted by the journal that published it early this year? The web of lies is about to be torn down. But the presstitutes will go mute to save the pandemic hoax built on this unscientific paper.

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When you add senility to pre-existing idiocy, the result is Joe Biden. His struggle to put together coherent sentences, every time he speaks, is so obvious on camera that it makes any video report a candid camera session. In his latest "gaffe" Biden was seen mis-pronouncing the word "psalmist" as he tried to recite some biblical quote in his Thanksgiving message. Biden utters it as "palmist" - LMAO!

Did you know that Barack Obama paid only $10 to lease a whole 20 acres of public land in Chicago’s scenic Jackson Park area for 99 years? You heard it right. The Obamas got 20 acres of land at the cost of only $10 for 99 years!

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There are now 400 polio cases over the past year caused by the mutated virus in the polio vaccine that is given to millions to children in third world countries. But when so-called academic sources report those cases, it is worth seeing how they hide the hazards of the vaccine using psycho-linguistic manipulation of a reader's attention.

The story of two college students of contrasting personalities and intelligence, this film touches on the important contemporary issue of academic fraud.

Screenplay: Ernest Dempsey
Producer & Director: Annie Harmon


Stephen Harmon
Caleb Lee
Jennifer Hawkins

Presented by: Twin Paws Productions

Once again an Islamist terrorist has shed blood on British soil and indicated the seriousness of radical Islamic terror in the west. Complicit are media mobs and the culprits are liberal globalists.

• Military coup underway in Venezuela
• Dangerous Islamic terrorist arrested in California
• And – how Christians are treated in Hollywood, revealed by Nicole Kidman

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• President Trump dumps the UN treaty on arms trade
• French President Macron fails in appeasing protesters
• And – a chimp using a smartphone

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• Supreme Court in Kansas protects abortion rights
• Facebook violating Canadian privacy laws
• And – emperor penguins vanish from their breeding site

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• The legal battle over abortion rights in the US
• Wildfires in Russia, floods in Canada
• And – walking more to prevent fractures

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• Florida to allow school teachers to carry arms
• Dozens hospitalized after polio vaccination in Pakistan
• And –How would you like some dead people in your garden?

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Terror in Sri Lanka: Mainstream Media Working Not to Report Radical Islamic Terrorism?

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• US Supreme court to hear citizenship question issue
• Google and Facebook hit with new scandals
• And – some bunnies advice ahead of Easter

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• Desperate Democrats want the unredacted Mueller Report
• The vaccination status of a comatose Israeli stewardess
• And – the dead dog that came out of his grave

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• Dozens arrested in opioid crackdown in United States
• Conservatives win the election in Alberta
• And – bringing an extinct horse back to life

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