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So it’s no surprise to see yet another recent study that was cited in a Yahoo News story earlier this month to sell a new shot promoted and recommended by the CDC - the monoclonal antibody shot called Nirsevimab. Let’s see how credible is this study cited in the news story.

The study makes this wild claim that COVID vaccines have saved more than 3 million lives over the past two years. But does it really offer any real scientific evidence? Not really. Let’s take a quick look at the study.

Scene: Martin Pawley (Jeffrey Hunter) accidentally buys himself a Native American wife because of language barrier while trying to purchase a blanket. The accidental wife really takes to him and starts following him everywhere. He finally has enough and kicks her down the hill – all the while Ethan Edwards looking and getting a kick out of it.
Movie: The Searchers (1956)
Starring: John Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter, Vera Miles, Natalie Wood
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This clip from the timeless classic "Whistle Down the Wind" (1961) shows why the character Charles (Alan Barnes) steals the show. The clip will be included in my blog post

Why are there so many top 10 most beautiful women posts everywhere but not any top 10 ugly women lists? This ranking looks at top 10 ugly liberal women in American politics. Just my opinion. Feel free to agree and/or disagree.

Unequivocally a tear-jerker, this scene near the ending of the film shows the professor’s wife (played by Joan Allen) visiting the city again and finding an aging Hachi still waiting in front of the train stop. It will be included in my blog post

So who funded the study that claims to have found 80 percent of Iowa’s deer testing positive for COVID-19? The authors needed to declare conflict of interest, but did they?
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The American College of Emergency Physicians says it is ramping up efforts to address vaccine misinformation. But who funds them? Answer - the vaccine manufacturers.
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Republican candidate for New jersey Governor says he is not conceding yet as votes are still being counted in several counties and the Democrat candidate Phil Murphy's victory speech was premature. Visit for important stories and coverage of leading issues.

The corrupt and criminal National Institutes of Health – the NIH – stealthily removing the term Gain-of-Function from its website.

Joe and Jill seen walking without wearing masks inside a DC seafood restaurant Fiola Mare despite the mask mandate of the city for indoor restaurant diners whether they are vaccinated or unvaccinated. Story link:

The Oregon Health Authority has been counting vaccinated people as “unvaccinated” to inflate the number of COVID and death cases among the unvaccinated. They changed the definition because those falling sick and dying are vaccinated. See the story

Houses, fields, farms, lakes, woods, small towns, and the city of Lakeland - a lot to see in this 2-hour Train ride from Orlando to Tampa in Florida. The cost is less than what you pay for a meal plus tip at a restaurant.

So there’s been another study in The Lancet that found the AstraZeneca shot quite safe and very effective against COVID. But it gets interesting when you check out who the researchers of that study work for. Visit and share your thoughts.
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Detective Dempsey is here to expose some hidden links between a published study cited in a recent new story on Yahoo News and the pharmaceutical companies that make COVID 19 vaccines. You’ll be surprised to see how these links are kept hidden by the journal that published the study and the media that advertised it for pushing vaccine mandates.
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They killed his son and blamed it on him, putting him through nine years of trials while concealing evidence and doing everything to destroy him. In the end, he defeated them all – with his honesty, courage, patience, and faith. David Stephan has shown us by personal example that evil can be defeated if you truly believe in the good and commit to fight for it.
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Correction: In the video when I talk about the pre-existing conditions, I first said vaccinated ones have more co-morbidities, while showing it is the unvaccinated ones - and in the following sentence then I say it correct. So hope the viewers understand that it was a slip of tongue here.

Reuters cited a study to claim vaccines are curbing COVID-causing viral mutations. I dig into the claims to show they are nothing more than unauthentic junk science. Relevant links are included below.

One of my most favorite scenes from David Lynch's classic 'Twin Peaks' - James and Maddy say goodbye in this Season 2 episode. The clip will be included in my blog post to replace the YouTube clip.

Hi Everyone. Ernest here from Word Matters! Since there is another ridiculous story misleading people about the rick of COVID 19 in teenagers trying to influence them into taking the useless and dangerous vaccines, I am taking a moment to make this short video to further expose that story. I say further since I have already exposed that story on my blog Ernie’s Take. See that story details at

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Two pharmaceutical companies making COVID vaccines funded the study. And the lead researcher at the Ellebedy Lab and the one who designed this study – also works as a consultant for Mubadala Investment Company.


Nearly 20 thousand cases of damage to the eyes including blindness have been reported by people in Europe, who took any of the three commonly used COVID 19 vaccines. Eye damage following COVID vaccination, mainly with AstraZeneca’s and Pfizer’s vaccines include pain, irritation, swelling, dryness, eye hemorrhage, and blindness among many others. More than 300 cases of blindness have been reported among the vaccine recipients so far.

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