Sol Luckman is an award-winning novelist and humorist, artist and best selling author of non-fiction health and spirituality. His recent offering - "Cali, the Destroyer" - is a brilliant preemptive work outlining the pLandemic and channeled from his own personal dreamscape. You seriously can't make this sh*t up!

Over the years, Sol has very cleverly and deliberately retained his anonymity, which is why you will only ever see this portrait image of him during interviews and the like. Kind of makes me wish I had done the same liberating thing.

Speaking with Sol was one of the highlights of my podcast career to date and I really look forward to recording Part 2 so we can pick up where we left off and dive deeper into DNA activation, spiritual truths, religion and galactic histories. I hope you enjoy our connection and what we discuss here as he really has so much to share.

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It is always a privilege to speak with Dr Peter McCullough. He is a true advocate for health and humanity and since the start of this "p(L)andemic", has been sticking his neck out in the pursuit and sharing of medical, moral and spiritual Truth. This is our third conversation and one I trust will (again), serve to educate and inspire viewers.

As a world renowned cardiologist, epidemiologist and clinician of four decades - plus, over the past two and a half years especially - Dr McCullough has participated in numerous global medical forums, issued press statements and releases, spoken at freedom rallies, written and reviewed 57 (C19-related) medical publications, given evidence in front of the US Senate, been interviewed on countless TV shows and podcasts and shared updated information and statistics on his own show, "The McCullough Report" (link below). In amongst this hectic schedule, he continues to see patients each week in his clinic and support those with C19, with his literally life-saving treatment protocol.

This is a man of conviction, integrity and next level moral fortitude and we are lucky to have him on our side.

Connect with Dr McCullough below and please feel free to share this interview with anyone you think may benefit.

TWITTER: @PEMcCullough



This video may challenge your opinions and allegiances to certain people. Understand that the views and opinions expressed by the elders in this podcast are not necessarily my own so please focus on the message, not the messenger. It is up to every individual to discern whom they wish to align with and put their support behind. Whilst as a collective, we are forging ahead and shifting frequencies higher every day, there remains a lot of unresolved wounding and in-fighting within both the white and black communities. Let's pray for resolve and reunification as soon as possible.

It was such a privilege for me to facilitate this rare meeting of 5 sovereign lore men so they can share their wisdom and get us all up to speed as to what is happening in Australia right now.

Gratitude to Jaggamarra, Warlpiri lore man and Ngangkari Medicine Man; Uncle Otto Sims, senior lore man of the Warlpiri tribe/Central Australian desert; Uncle Wadham, senior lore man of the Githabul Ngarkbul tribe and his brother Uncle Mool and Uncle Koora (aka "George Clooney"), Gungaluu lore man. Gratitude also to my brother Jupuuruula (Kris), Jaggamarra's apprentice and coordinator for connecting us all and making this meeting possible.

Between them, these men hold the keys to reclaiming our sovereignty.

I have always said that the real teachers (the shamans, guardians etc) of this caliber, aren't found as "influencers" on social media because they are out on Country - or in the jungles, the prairies or up in the mountains - DOING the work, holding the grids and singing the song lines for ALL of humanity's benefit.

With the way the world is at present however, it is time for them to speak out and remind us that we are all family and that we are all deserving of freedom and love.

Today, some of these teachers explain the difference between "law" and "lore"; how Australia became a corporation and how that affects us all now and what is happening energetically with these mandatory injections and why they will always choose bush medicine over any man-made alternative. They also share some confronting revelations about the OSTF, information which you must discern as truth or fiction for yourself.

Please note, this conversation is not intended to create further disunity or divide among the tribes, nor between black and white, but rather, to inform and educate people so they can then determine the truth for themselves. Take what resonates for you and leave what doesn't.


It was such a blessing to re-connect with these two divine sisters - Sarita Sol and Tara Love Perry - both from the UK originally and now living abroad in service to humanity.

In this conscious conversation, we cover some of the topics we're "not supposed to talk about" (apparently), as energetic teachers and practitioners, so please take what resonates with you and leave what doesn't.

I initially reached out to Sarita after following her work for months and discovering that she also spoke the same (energetic) language as me. We clicked immediately, as did Tara and I. Tara came into my life when she invited me to share my teachings during her online Divine Feminine Series (in 2021), but I have been aware of her work for several years also and always been inspired and nourished by her gentleness and grace. Known as the UK's "self love expert", Tara has 20+ years experience as a spiritual teacher, empowerment mentor and master soul/psychic reader. Sarita's work also spans the globe and a plethora of modalities including shamanic mentoring and deep-dive workshops and seminars.

I love listening to these amazing women and am so grateful to have them on my podcast today. Here we chat about loving ourselves as being key to holding more light for the collective, all the crazy that is manifesting for purification right now, what the (spiritual/psychic/soul) consequences of these injections actually are and what we believe is needed as we all move forwards as co-creators and warriors of the new earth.

I hope you are nourished as much as I am by their powerful, loving and infinitely wise words and general deliciousness!

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YouTube: Sarita Sol

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YouTube: Tara Love Perry


I have been looking forward to this interview for months!

The last time I spoke with Andy was almost a year to the day and that recording only lasted 2 hours on my YouTube channel before being removed for (of course), "violating community standards".

Both Andy Kaufman MD and Tom Cowan are no strangers to controversy nor being censored across multiple platforms, when it comes to having real and researched conversations about this "virus" and everything associated with it. They have been working tirelessly for years to help educate people about Terrain Theory among many other things, and lucky for us, are not showing any signs of giving in or giving up.

I love these two for their honest and common sense, authentic delivery of the facts, their explanations of the "real science" and how they consistently show up speaking the truth so that others may learn and take back their personal power. They both offer a variety of natural products on their respective websites that support holistic health and upload their own regular podcasts and interviews to keep us all in the loop, so please check them out and support them as you can.

I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did. We really are so fortunate to have brave souls like this on our side. Please feel free to share it as you wish.

Connect with Andy here: (Highly recommended viewing)

Connect with Dr Tom Cowan here:


Frank Jacob has been speaking truth and exposing falsities through his chosen mediums of music, writing and film, for decades, so his recent sharing about the controversial "Guardians of the Looking Glass", will come as no surprise to those who know of his work and his character.

I discovered Frank on the "INSPIRED" YouTube channel with Jean Nolan (thank you guys!; a few weeks ago and immediately wanted to connect with him. Since those interviews, his phone and computer have been running hot, confirming that many around the world are on the same conscious page and ready for new insights and support.

Here we discuss the futuristic "Looking Glass" technology in-depth including wormholes, star-gates, sacred geometry and timeline trajectories and how the "D-elites" (as I call them) and the potentialities of how their continuous grab for power, wealth and world domination, could play out as the timelines continue to shift. We also touch on how the world has been enslaved for eons through the program of spiritual amnesia, if we should be giving "controlled opposition" any energy or not, and the "war" in the Ukraine, plus much, much more. This conversation is sure to get you thinking and questioning the narrative and what "you think you know," as we all should be doing right now.

I am sure you'll appreciate all that this amazing story teller has to share, as much as I did. Whatever you choose to take on, of course, is up to you, but one thing's for certain: all the world's a stage.

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It's always a joy to connect with this amazing sister who has done (and continues to do), so much for the collective. Here we chat about how the past few months have unfolded for her, how she has shifted personally and what she is choosing to focus on now as the world continues to dismantle. Hint: it's all about building community and counteracting the negativity, with love, compassion and a deepening commitment to peace.

Like myself, Henna has removed herself from Facecrack and has reduced her social media platforms to the ones below:

Healing Sanctuary:
Telegram channel:
Activism: and

Please reach out to her and support the amazing work she is doing.


I feel to add a disclaimer ahead of this video, so please read and consider the information discussed with an open mind and an even more open heart. We are living in extraordinary times and our energies are expanding and changing at rapid rates. During such intensity, it serves us well to practice deeper discernment and more detachment to the spiritual things we 'think we know'. All your comments are welcome of course, however, deliberately rude or offensive ones, will either be ignored, or removed. Apologies also for the quality of the video, we tried 3 times to connect before managing to record on Skype. "Somebody" didn't want us to have this chat perhaps! Also please note that if I only interviewed people that share the same views as myself, that would be biased and a form of bypass, hence, I will always invite a variety of guests to speak on my channel; it's not always a given that I am going to share the same views as them all.

UK energy therapist, author and teacher Tony Sayers, is a unique voice within the international spiritual community and pretty much only because of one reason: he speaks up about the elephant(s) in the room that many others refuse to do.

He is a catalyst like myself, which is why I wanted to connect with him to discuss what's going on in the global energetic community and to share our insights with the intention of raising awareness for others and also moving beyond our own limitations. There may be potentially 'triggering' information contained here for some people including, what sort of possible AI programs we are dealing with (including the false god/yeshua/archangels matrix, not just the satanic ones), why (we believe) so many energetic workers are promoting the quackcine and the big one, whether our chakras are actually a help or a hindrance.

There will be much contained here for your private and professional discussion and contemplation, so please follow your own heart, do some extensive investigating of your own and tune into what your soul needs at this point in time, because ultimately, none of us know for certain what is going to unfold, but being willing to learn and also admit we 'don't know', is a sign of spiritual maturity and integrity and can often lead us to unexpected 'light-bulb' moments that shift us for the better.

Whether this discussion resonates or not, one thing is for certain, and that is the New Age Movement is, at the very least, compromised, and at the very 'worst', dangerous.

Stay tuned for Part 2 with Tony soon.

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What Dale and I discuss here, won't be news to many of you, but it may provide many others with some big reality checks. Please follow the links provided to discern for yourself that what we talk about, is all backed up on government websites and stated by their own people. The legislation is there and it doesn't lie.

Dale Holmes is one of few Australian men brave enough to stand up and speak out against the tyranny that is currently engulfing our country and communities. He has been vocal from the start and is known for his authentic and passionate expression of events and exposing the state, national and global systems (and oligarchs) so others may learn the truth and start taking their power back.

In this frank podcast today we cover smart cities, chemtrails and cloud seeding, HAARP weather manipulation and how it is being used right now across NSW, specifically the South East Queensland border and the Northern Rivers regions and how this geo-engineering links into bio-engineering, genetically modified organisms and the C19 quaccine.

We also touch on how the "truther" movement is compromised and how ultimately, we each have a responsibility for our own spiritual growth and awareness and that this is the key to "taking our freedoms back". Because in truth, nobody "took" our freedom from us, we have acquiesced and given it away over the course of several generations. It's time to clear our collective (and individual) "victim-hood mentality" and live as we deserve to.

Connect with Dale:

Check these out also:

Higgins Storm Chasing

The Australian Rain Making Act of 1967

The Gene Technology Act 2000

The Paris Climate Agreement


Channel 7 "blooper"


Harald Kautz-Vella takes the meaning of spirituality (and research) to a whole new level.

For decades he has lectured, investigated, pioneered and practiced myriad healing techniques, quantum science theories, global and galactic "conspiracies" (not theories, actualities) and pretty much everything and anything related to planetary consciousness and the "history" of mankind. Speaking with him today was a long awaited privilege.

Here we discuss the C19 "vaccinations", Transhumanism, black goo, crystals, Christ consciousness, paganism ("Lupercalia" aka Valentine's Day, and much more.

Find Harald's books here:

Looking forward to recording and sharing Part 2 soon.


This is perhaps my favorite interview to date.

It's certainly one of my more emotional ones and for this I am truly grateful to Trevor for being such an open and generous soul and for going there with me. I think many of you will see and appreciate a "different side" to this SIX times Australian and FOUR times World Iron Man Champion (!!), for he truly is a being of integrity, courage and divine masculinity.

After watching the livestream of Trevor speaking at the recent freedom rallies in Australia (on the Gold Coast), I was moved to reach out and invite him for a chat. It wasn't so much his speech that compelled me to do so - although it WAS amazing and so on point - but rather, his peaceful warrior energy and the palpable reverence and passion he obviously has for country and culture, that resonated with my own spirit and mission, and after speaking with him today, it totally makes sense why I felt that way. On that day he told the story that he also shares here, about the Chrysalis and "Imaginals", which of course, reminded me of my bush blood tonic of the same name that I am currently offering as a protocol to heal the 3D blood and the 5D bloodlines in relation to the V. (Find out about it under the "shop" tag on my website if you're interested Gotta love Spirit guidance don't you?!

In this heartfelt and personal communion, Trevor shares some potent memories from his childhood, the toll that living the life of the sports "celebrity" eventually took, his journey with family and fatherhood and the deep soul-nourishing work he now offers after shifting careers (and gears) nearly 24 years ago.

He also gives us a sneak peek about what he is up to behind the scenes with a growing number of Australian sports people (who are legends like him, actually) and conscious celebrities. Help is on the way brothers and sisters so don't give up!

You can connect with Trevor here: and



It was a joy and a privilege to finally connect with another soul sister, Rinat Strahlhofer.

After working for Telstra as a marketing strategist for many years and was part of the team in charge of the massive $1 billion 3G rollout, Rinat started to smell a rat; and I'm not talking PCR.

Her intuition led her to discovering that the so-called "testing" technique employed by all telecommunications companies to gauge the heating effects of mobile phones on humans - SAM, short for "specific anthropomorphic mannequin" - is in fact, rigged AND unregulated and has been for decades.

Not being one to back down from a challenge, Rinat embarked on a deep and often disturbing journey, uncovering truths, lies and myriad (actual) conspiracies that have been concocted by the industry to make us believe our devices are safe. What she uncovered left her overwhelmed and despondent and subsequently she left the corporate world to take nearly a decade off to recoup and pursue other interests with family in Switzerland.

In 2019 she returned to Byron Bay and fortuitously connected with some local activists sharing information about EMF pollution and the dangers of the then-impending, 5G. Inspired - and fueled by her own rising mama bear instincts - she joined the Northern Rivers for Safe Technology group and has been a core strategist and speaker of truth ever since.

#WeAreNotSam is the result of her hard work and dedication to educating people about the dangers associated with our (literal) addiction to mobile phones and other devices. It is a (growing) campaign supported by and consisting of whistleblowers from the legal, medical, scientific, telco and activist industries, dedicated to "safe technology" and offering alternatives to what the machine that is, "Big Brother-Big Tech-and-Big Pharma", relentlessly pushes upon humanity.

There are many layers to this interview and several "truth bombs" shared, covering everything from to Terrain Theory to Transhumanism, so please watch it a couple of times so you absorb everything and grasp all the connections that we discuss.

You can connect with Rinat and her team here:

Her podcast:

Watch "The Gaia Code" here:

Links to products mentioned:

If you're interested in learning more about Zoonosis:

Mentioned by Rinat, Alison McDowell:


Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco, are a powerhouse couple if ever there was one.

Both spent many years sitting with traditional elders, embracing rites of passage and learning sacred teachings, before finally meeting (fortuitously) in an elevator in Sydney many years ago. Since then, they have combined their love of ceremony, music, yoga, healing and Indigenous practices, into one of the most potent yoga offerings in the industry today.

Like many other yoga activists, myself included, they have received and endured ridicule and rejection from their peers when they chose to boldly speak out against the pLAndemic. Regardless, they continue to hold their integrity and intentions from their secluded island homestead, offering online classes, mentoring, teacher trainings and regular ceremonies to help nourish and educate those who are ready to step into their own "next level of service".

Everything that Ana and Jose say, do and create, stems from a deep love, respect and reverence for Mother Nature, Her wisdom, Her medicine and all Her creatures. They live the Medicine Path, the Beauty Way, one that I have also studied, followed and trusted for many years, knowing that the sacred earth-based practices, bush medicines and seasonal ceremonies, offer everything we all need to maintain full body-mind-and-spirit health.

In my opinion and experience, there is nothing in the teachings of ANY Native or Indigenous protocols, that advocates the ingestion of man-made chemicals or experimental "vaccines" over Nature's options for example, and certainly not to "improve" one's health, and the fact that so many yogis are advocating this, claiming it aligns with the Eight Limbs of Yoga - in particular "Ahimsa" (non-violence) as well - is not only absurd, it can be regarded as a Universal Crime. It's definitely a violation of duty of care.

The yoga/spiritual industry and community has been undergoing a massive transformation through this whole C19 experience and we can only hope that soon, those studios, teachers and students who fell for the illusion and narratives, the "Wetiko" as it is known to the Native American elders, "mind psychosis", will be able to return to heart-centered knowing and re-establish themselves as grounded, clear and balanced yogis.

Ultimately, the way forwards is for all of us to remember who we are in this life, what we came here for, to remember that we are custodians of Mother Earth, caretakers of (all) the children on the planet and that living in divine alignment with Pachamama, is the only way to reclaim our sovereignty, and quite literally, salvage our humanity, both individually and as a global collective.

I hope you enjoy this passionate and empowering conversation with two incredible souls leading the way with love, light and unwavering conviction.

You can connect with Ana and Jose on:

Purchase Ana's book, "Fierce Medicine" here:

Discover the magic of Jose's "Descendance":


Dr Peter McCullough has worked tirelessly in service to humanity and public health for decades, not just during this "pandemic". We are lucky to have him on our team and it was my privilege to speak with him again.

He is a world renowned Cardiologist, Chief Internist, Epidemiologist, Professor of Medicine, has a Masters in Public Health, is Editor-in-Chief of "The American Journal of Medicine" and "Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine" among many others. He is regarded as the most published, peer-reviewed medical doctor in world history. Dr McCullough presides over several Medical boards, lectures to Congress, the FDA and the NIH regularly, has received multiple awards and continues to see patients in his clinic every week. Dr McCullough is also (volunteer) Chief Medical Advisor for the "Truth for Health Foundation", representing a growing collective of doctors, specialists, nurses and medical scientists, in educating the public about Covid-19 and more importantly, the dangers of these gene-altering drugs that they are calling "vaccines".

Here we discuss why the vaccines are dangerous (particularly for children), the latest "Novavax" push, "mass formation psychosis" and why he believes all four Covid-19 "vaccines" should be stopped immediately.

To find out more about Dr McCullough's work, please visit:

The US Dr's network:

The Australian Dr's network:

Link to Dr James Giordano, the DARPA neuroresearcher (aka, Mad Scientist) that I mention in this podcast.


With powerful Black Cockatoo and Wedge-tailed Eagle magic as his totemic medicine, Alec Willie Stanley Doomadgee is a man of courage and conviction, and despite experiencing more than his fair share of trauma, has managed to maintain a healthy and infectious heart of humor. He is also a respected leader and advocate for Aboriginal rights, highly regarded amongst his people and peers as a Tribal Lore man and Warrior for the “Knowledge Keepers”.

Alec burst onto social media like many of us did when "convid" (or "Influenza C", as I call it), came to town, sharing his truth and doing his best to explain to Australians - of all skin colors and nationalities - how dangerous these experimental injections actually are, and why they should avoid taking them at all costs. His Instagram page, "jarrbikgala", is particularly insightful as well as educational, sharing bush medicine remedies and ancient "tips" for physical and spiritual health.

In this candid chat - which lasted 2 hours on YouTube before it was removed for "violating community standards", by the way - we share our thoughts on colonization and the poison that still pollutes Indigenous (and white) minds, what's really behind the "jabby, jabby" (as he calls it), why he believes so many elders and mob are listening to the government and ignoring their traditional medicines, plus why "Australia Day" is not only offensive to our Original People's, but a completely inappropriate date to be celebrating anyway.

Alec also recounts the personal tragedies his own family have suffered at the hands of a bias, corrupt, racist and failing Australian medical system and those working within it, and encourages all peoples of all nations, to always question the mainstream narratives, follow their intuition and never stop fighting for what they believe in.

Obviously a man of many talents, Alec also created the content, directed, and (associate) produced the inspiring documentary "Zach's ceremony" in 2016, after earning his stripes in radio, television and more recently, motivational speaking, Emcee and mentoring.

Please visit to view:
Find Jarrbikgala on Instagram: and on Facebook by the same name.


Trained in medical biosciences, internal medicine and osteopathy, Dr Carrie Madej has been relentless in serving up the truth about Transhumanism (and how it ties into his pLandemic), from the get go.

Her work ethic as a believer, scientist and passionate advocate of human rights - especially when it comes to protecting the children - is unquestionably thorough. Her recent findings about what is actually IN these experimental shots, is now being well received and promoted around the globe, adding yet another perplexing and deeply concerning layer to what millions already recognize as an extremely dark and disturbing agenda.

Her message is simple: these injections are NOT SAFE.

This IS a spiritual war and it is far from over, but with souls like Dr Madej fighting for the light, it's only a matter of time before the complete Convid charade crumbles and the whole Truth comes out.

Connect with Dr Madej on:


David Icke is a man of conviction.

He’s been called every name under the sun for standing out from the crowd to share his beliefs and what he’s discovered about the way the world ticks, but after dedicating thirty years to constant research and discovering some incredible truths about our history and lineage as a species, it’s all a bit like water off a duck’s back now. He has been forged in the fires of public opinion and just like any light warrior, remains undeterred from his mission for it.

He is a messenger with a heart of gold and a clear-cut purpose and whether you believe what he shares or not, you have to give him points for tenacity.

I first found David about ten years ago when I began questioning 9/11 ( as well as climate change and world poverty to a greater extent) and have followed his work ever since, dipping in and out of various podcasts and live streams last year especially, given the circumstances. 2020 was a pivotal one in regards to my own spiritual journey - as it obviously was for billions of others also - and I have found his teachings both informative, inspiring and deeply provocative. He always inspires me to think outside “the box” as it keeps morphing and to keep pushing the boundaries of what I think I know, and in the times that we are living in now, I believe that is a vital skill and essential practice to have.

I reached out to David because I wanted to find out more about the man behind the persona that is presented to the world and what I found was a light-hearted spirit, a man who lives and breathes and is driven by his passion - with limitless compassion - and who isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade. Our chat starts with the “cult” and ends with climate change and basically covers everything else in between. I am sure it will provide you with much food for thought and remember, you can always receive or reject what is shared.

This episode was also recorded by a French director doing a documentary series on David, so parts of it might end up elsewhere!

Naturally, he has been banned from every social media platform for exposing the world wide web of corruption, but you can connect with here on his website:

It was a great privilege to speak with and share a few laughs with David, who in my eyes, has given hope to so many during a time when we most of us believed all hope was lost.


Velan Cadden and Adya Conte are another amazing Australian couple walking the path of conscious service.

As self confessed "lovers of people", they both share a passion for raw truth, somatic movement and dance and exploring and merging the mysteries of the divine masculine and divine feminine.

In 2012 they founded "Sacred Seed" as an expression of their life's work and passion to share the earth-based practices and cultural traditions that have enriched and nourished their own lives. Every year they travel between Costa Rica and Australia, offering their potent body of work to those who are curious about exploring boundaries and discovering how to live in alignment with all levels of their being.

In Australia they run healing retreats, yoga teacher trainings and community gatherings from Upper Wilson’s Creek in the Byron Bay Shire, land rich in ancient wisdom and deep healing frequencies. In the jungle-scape of Costa Rica they live and teach at Pachamama – a spiritual community and transformation center - exploring the path of the Red Road via the ancient lineages of spirit work that draw upon the wisdom of Mother Earth, the master plant medicines and the teachings of the elders.

You can connect with Velan and Adya here:​


Dr Peter McCullough is regarded as one of the world's leading cardiologists and experts when it comes to Covid-19. With a plethora of medical qualifications, professional accolades and 46 peer-reviewed medical publications under his belt, what he has to say, deserves to be taken seriously.

Dr McCullough is an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist and Professor of Medicine at Texas A & M College of Medicine, Dallas, TX USA. He maintains ABIM certification in internal medicine and cardiovascular diseases. He practices both internal medicine including the management of common infectious diseases as well as the cardiovascular complications of both the viral infection and the injuries developing after the COVID-19 vaccine. Since the outset of the pandemic, Dr McCullough has been a leader in the medical response to the COVID-19 disaster and has published “Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection” the first synthesis of sequenced multi-drug treatment of ambulatory patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the American Journal of Medicine and subsequently updated in Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine. He has commented extensively on the medical response to the COVID-19 crisis in The Hill and on FOX NEWS Channel. On November 19, 2020, Dr McCullough testified in the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and throughout 2021 in the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, Colorado General Assembly, and New Hampshire Senate concerning many aspects of the pandemic response.

Dr McCullough has had one full-year of dedicated academic and clinical efforts in combating the SARS-CoV-2 virus and in doing so, has reviewed thousands of reports, participated in scientific congresses, group discussions, press releases, and has been considered among the world's experts on COVID-19. He is one of 57 authors/medical experts from 17 countries, who are now calling for the immediate cessation of the vaccine around the world in the "Bruno Call for Vaccine CEC" initiative, holding international health agencies, governments, regulatory authorities and vaccine developers, to account on these experimental products.

In this candid discussion, I ask Dr McCullough to explain, in layman's terms, what this virus actually is, how it differs from influenza, what the vaccines are actually doing to people, who shouldn't be taking them at all and what's really going on with "shedding". We also discuss how the media is deliberately inciting fear and manipulating the narrative to mislead the public, as well as how the medical profession's overwhelming reluctance to honor their Hippocratic Oath, is enabling what really is in essence, global genocide.

You can find out more about Dr McCullough's work here:

Please feel free to share this video with those you know who are still "on the fence", uncertain of what data to believe, and anyone who may be considering taking the vaccine but do not feel fully informed.


From Dortmund, Germany, Sascha Wagener and partner Camilla Moehle are definitely doing their bit to create the New Earth.

Along with fellow activist Joana Gumpert (who sadly could not attend this meeting), they have initiated a worldwide community called "The Hero Tribe" and are passionate about speaking truth, supporting humanity and showing how simple it actually is, to align one's inner nature with Mother Nature in order to experience peace and empowerment, even in the midst of the current world crisis.

Between the three of them they have acrued many years of martial arts training, Qi Gong, Yoga, Meditation and event management skills, which, thanks to the "plandemic", they had the time to collate into their first book offering. "The Hero's Handbook", is a unique compilation of original people's and global masters sharing their wisdom and teachings and an invaluable guide for any aspiring or experienced spiritual seeker. Sascha is a co-founder and international instructor at "Secret Elements Qi Gong" and head coach at "Missing Link Karate Headquarters". Camilla is a yoga and meditation teacher with a calling to nurture and nourish others and is also a co-founder of The Hero Tribe along with Sascha and Joana.

Find out all you need to know about The Hero Tribe, their online workshops and to purchase the book at

We are so lucky to have beautiful souls like these, sharing their skills and their knowledge in service to the collective.


Dr Andy Kaufman was one of the first health professionals to speak out publicly in 2020 about the C19 plandemic and question the mainstream narrative.

From his base in New York he continues to courageously share information, offer workshops and seminars to inspire critical thinking and encourage outside-the-box spiritual awareness within the global community.

As a natural healing consultant, forensic psychiatrist, expert witness, public speaker and inventor, he is well versed in multiple medical perspectives and over his years in clinic and practice, has conducted and published his own original research in the areas of molecular biology and academic medicine.

The biggest takeaway from this conversation for me was to remember to always come back to basics, as in, the truth that this C19 virus has NEVER BEEN ISOLATED and therefore anything connected to it - in regards to its behavior, anticipated traits, possibilities to mutate and even the latest theory that those having the jab are "shedding" - is just conjecture and projection.

There are many factors inter-woven into this ever-unfurling story, many things to consider as new information comes to light and certainly a lot of personal journey work to be done before any of us will fully understand the magnitude of what is happening in our world right now.

One thing's for sure, with people like Andy Kaufman leading the charge as one of the central pioneers, the future of humanity is looking pretty bright.

Connect with Dr Kaufman at


Dr Christiane Northrup is a visionary pioneer in the field of women's health.

As a board certified OB/GYN, Dr Northrup has over 30 years of clinical, surgical and university level administrative experience to share. She is a three-time New York Times bestseller - "Women's Bodies", "Women's Wisdom" and "The Wisdom of Menopause and Goddesses Never Age" - and has appeared on multiple prime time television shows including Oprah, The Today Show, The View, The Dr Oz Show and Good Morning America. She has also hosted eight highly successful public television specials.

Speaking the truth, is what Dr Northrup does.

As a business owner, physician, former surgeon, mother, writer/author and speaker - and according to Miriam Ava (PhD), "a rebel, rock star and authority on what can go right with the female body" - Dr Northrup acknowledges the innate wisdom and power of the body, mind and soul and the human's capacity for growth, freedom, joy and balance.

Her name has been included on the list of "The 100 most trusted people in America" (Reader's Digest, 2013), Oprah's "Super Soul 100" (showcasing international leaders who use their voices and talents to awaken humanity, 2016) and in 2020 was added to the "Watkins Spiritual 100" stable, acknowledging those making significant spiritual and unique contributions on a global scale.

Dr Northrup is all about unity consciousness and teaching women how to create health by tuning into their own wisdom. After decades of transforming women's perception and understanding of their sacred bodies and processes, she now teaches women to thrive at every stage of life.

Our conversation today addresses the issues around widespread cognitive dissonance within the medical and spiritual communities, what the [email protected] is actually doing to our bodies and how the responsibility for our health and well being, now more than ever, is in our own hands. It's up to us to draw the line in the sand and say "NO" to tyranny and the deliberate desecration of all we hold dear, sacred and human.

Connect with Dr Northrup and the initiatives she is involved with here:

Website and free e-newsletter

The Disinformation Dozen and Truth Week

Millions Against Medical Mandates

The Arise Tour (USA) mentioned (with Sacha Stone)

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It was such a joy and privilege to speak with Dr Northrup and to connect with a fellow "Conspirituality" light warrior!


A truly inspiring and enlightening conversation with three Divine Masculine Australian light warriors.

As a conscious creative producer, writer and director in the film industry, Mack Lindon is one soul that stands alone. Mack's spiritual messages and his passion and dedication to speaking Truth, reach a growing global audience and endear him to anyone seeking and needing the real teachings of God. His wisdom, live video shares and of course, his unique and conscious approach to film making, are all based on his own experiences and discoveries. Based on his own journey, his first feature "RISE", continues to receive international acclaim and he is currently in pre-production for "Dunamis", an epic story that is sure to turn the industry on its head and direct it back into its heart.

Connect with Mack at and on Facebook under Mack Lindon.

Grant Eagles is a mystic mentor with a background in countless philosophies. He understands the myriad tapestries of the universe and is able to articulate it to others in an accessible, eloquent and digestible way. Grant's work is all about helping others to enact their innate power and dreaming potential so they may discover the frontier of who they have always been; "without the fuckery", in his own words! He believes when we break the shackles of the past, we become the torchbearers of our ancient lineage.

Connect with Grant at and on Facebook under Grant Eagles.

With a background in coaching, mentoring, music and spirituality, Saddhanta Ananda (born Kori Reardon), has seen it all. His spiritual name "Saddhanta Ananda" (from Siddhanta), meaning the "established doctrine of bliss", was gifted to him from an intuitive meditation. Saddhanta is a profound spiritual guide and teacher, connecting with earthly souls and helping them to find their original soul calling. In his journey to here, he has fathered two children, written poetry and music, run businesses, worked with his hands and tasted all of the struggles and strains that life can present.

Connect with Saddhanta at and on Facebook under Saddhanta Ananda.

These three beautiful men speak to many issues the collective is experiencing right now including the agendas connected to the deliberate feminizing of the Divine Masculine, gender sabotage, sacred sexuality and the energetics of circumcision.


Everything Grant Eagles does, he does with heart.

From his mystic mentoring packages to financial guidance and speaking truths about life, love and how to liberate the spirit, this is a man on a mission to not only affect change in others, but to BE the change himself.

Grant collaborates and co-creates with the revolutionaries of tomorrow, the conscious entrepreneurs, the social innovators, the way-showers and the storytellers of the present, "now" moment and he isn't afraid to call it as it is. He’s devoted his life to sharing his principles of modern-day mysticism, philosophy, empowered action and self-mastery as we all individually (and collectively) action our innate human potential.

One thing's for sure, with Grant Eagles on planet earth at this time, things will never be dull and they will always be real! It was an absolute joy to share time, space and some "out-there" concepts with this brother.

You can connect with Grant here:


Here's my second chat with the Aussie legend that is Max Igan. Another conversation no doubt that will press buttons as much as it pushes boundaries.

There are a lot of truth bombs and reality checks in this one, mixed in with laughs and lightness too and all of it is intended to open your mind and empower your heart and soul mission. We talk about disclosure and whether it's necessary, the (failed) political system, the history of the New Age Movement (that many refer to as the New 'C'age), taking "I do not consent" to the next level and lots of other interesting stuff.

Always time well spent with this pioneer of truth.

You can find Max at



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