This binds the one who calls himself the sovereign & everyone that nests under the dragon's wing.

Whitney Webb & Iain Davis discuss the plan to create a golbal fiefdom

Many won't realise our freedoms are being slowly eroded until it affects them personally

Participation is consent, silence is acquiescence

The hidden jurisdiction running in the background that you don't understand.

Glenn Beck interviews Whitney Webb

Glenn Beck interviews Whitney Webb

Glenn Back interviews Whitney Webb

Glenn Beck interviews Whitney Webb

They die, flapping on the pavement like beached pilot waves suffering frequency attacks

Eloquent intellectuals like jordan peterson who make astute observations still miss the central premise, they need to take a lesson from an ex-con to see the whole picture. Thanks to Jason from ARCHAIX

So, you are being attacked, you have two options, only one gives you a chance of survival. No it's not flight, you allowed them to deploy millimetre wave small cells, 4,550 satellites and geo-fencing remember? Try again and think of your children this time!


Research by Joe from Free Man channel into the origins of the alpha-bet , geometry, etymology & roots of words and linguistics when coupled with what's known about resonance & the research by Dr Emoto we can see how spoken & written language can be used as spell casting or programming without ones knowledge.

Are you aware of the new covenant? Silence is acquiescence

The simulacron presents the new head of New Zealand's new Public Health Agency, set to transition the Nation into the new normal, his name is Dr Old

Goodbye & Good Luck
Spoken word by Amandha Vollmer

Choose a side, time has come to let them know...

It is far more difficult to face a terrible truth than it is to believe in a beautiful lie.


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