Hitler and the bois in France after they kicked their arses. 1940

Israel a totally innocent nation right?

Not my meme nor are any of the others you'll find here. I've seen this one going around for a while now so why don't I share. Already removed by JT.



Jewish woman gets pissed off by a Swastika that is engraved in a guys garden and reacts in a typical jewish manner of crying 'muh 800 million...'

Wait 800 million not 6 million? Yes you heard that correctly. It was 800 million according to her. Let's believe her cause a jew would never lie XD


Original title "Foreign Press Conference April 1933 Aka Hitler Speaking At Foreign Press Conference 1933"

I'm not German or speak German so I don't know what their saying. If you have any idea let me know XD

"Also a nation that wants nothing but freedom equality and peace" - Von Ribbentrop 1938

The same guy who was hung for supposedly starting a war. Don't listen to allied propaganda.

The children are our future 1488

Heil the Hitlerjugend. Back when kids were strong and actually went outside.

Track 10

Trying to upload more frequently than before but I keep facing issues whenever I try to upload

Track 3

Also featuring Blondi. Not sure what's with the screen it's just how the video was.

Der Führer and the bois vist France. Hitler was a admirer of architecture, the reason he went to visit.

A great informative and entertaining animation that I found which perfectly explains the situation that we are currently facing. A must watch really. Surprised this ones still on JT.

I'd make a joke about Israel but Israeli immature

Open borders for 🇮🇱!


We gonna chop off your foreskin
You won't remember a thing


Here are the top 10 reasons to like Israel:


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I'm a random goy here to preserve history/videos. I'm trying to dl videos as much as I can. The schedule for uploads is between Friday to Sunday so anywhere between these days at least 1 or 2 videos shall be up.

Feel free to fill me in with information if I have missed anything. Such as the german marches I will be uploading here, any additional information (lyrics, date recorded ect.) would be appreciated.

Translates of the lyrics would be helpful too. With all this I'll have more backstory and can preserve all info about it.

Outside of BC I upload informative stuff here. (I'm waiting to get banned)