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Lady Justice standing firm between the 2 pillars of enlightenment, or the balanced masculine & Feminine Principles of consciousness. Akin to her is Maat and the justice card from the Tarot, which represent Natural Law and alignment to it and Truth. Basically, we're either in alignment or not regarding Truth Universal Laws & Moral Codes. Sounds simple enough, but aligning one's self to Natural Law is much easier said than done. I have compiled an extensive playlist of videos about it all:

Much thanx & respect to Leslie Powers for her contribution to the content. This was a video project that was off-the-cuff, yet quite pre-contemplated for a long time. There's just so much to consider with words and swords, especially with the latter when used allegorically or metaphorically.. What Leslie speaks about regarding trauma and unsorted inner issues is very important for individuals in how they perceive reality, themselves and others, and also how they take in info, personal interactions, their interpretations of it, how they process it through their inner dialogue based off of their level of inner alchemy, overall life experiences, education, etc

Regarding Dissolving The Divide...

If you are new to our channel, content and what we're about, I recommend watching our introductory segment @dissolvingthedivide

@lesliepowers3487 and I had an unintended extended break, or hiatus from our regularly scheduled discussions this summer. It's been complicated to find a good time, internet, stability and such from my end since moving back to France, working 7 days a week and shifting living situations a handful of times. But as the summer is cooling off, our planning is warming up with some great people in line to continue where we left off in exploring the array of issues that keeps humanity divided in order to find and share ways to resolve them.

Some other references and relevancies:

Asha Logos: Language is the Battlefield:

FUNL Trivium Conference: Livestream:


Leslie will also be presenting in the upcoming conference September 23-24th titled Metamorphosis put on by some friends from the Cubbyhole with their 3rd conference under their S.E.E.D. Truth Academy..

Video Produced by Derek Bartolacelli aka AwakenYaMind

My recordings varied between all different hours within the 24hr linear daily time lot, which is why you see my energy levels varying a bit, but at least there's the capture of the full moon rising and the sun over the Mediterranean sea for a cool, yet unfortunately noisy backdrop.. I know some of the subjects and concepts i brought up can be analyzed and spoken about in profound amounts...

Back with another discussion with the brothers about a great topic/concept/practice/mindset of perseverance.

Chris is broadcasting these videos live and also having open call-in sessions for an encore about these roundtable chats, so if you want to check them out and chime in, check out his End Evil Podcast channel:

A few mixes of mine that comes to mind about what was said:
Courage Under Fire:
The First Stand Before The Last:

Intro Music Credits in Order:
Kemetic Suns - We A Warrior
Nu Vision Project - Bio Regenesis

Thanx to Brandon Spencer for the SEED video promo vid and for providing the following info below- check him out on Bitchute or Odysee



One Great Work Network

Chris Jantzen

Derek Bartolacelli

Crypt Rick




The Truth About Morality with Kris Nelson

Our Time Is Now



There's many illusions in this reality in a multi-facedted, multi-layered way... it's a long process in peeling back the viels to one's true self and the true objective perspective of this world, this planet, this reality.. We also need to take head with others caugh up in the illusions of life and know how to properly & effectively engage with them..

This has a lot to do with breaking limited and desolate perspectives of life and one’s abilities, mental and emotional capacities and levelling up to be a better version of themselves. Doing that has some very positive ripple effects to others and their local environments.. As spiritual as you may be, we're still living in a state of slavery where psychopaths walk amongst us.. Take the rose colored glasses off, altho there's nothing wrong with keeping it positive or optomistic, just keep it real at the same time and stop acting like it's all good..

There's a ton of people claiming they know, they're aware, they're awake, yet the varying degrees of all that varies immensely and people need to not rest on their laurels with their pathwork because to fully unveil, unravel & heal all this generational trauma, one's own indoctrinations & traumas, metatronic reversals, activations, etc, can take lifetimes. there is no arrival point in this realm.. we keep leveling up and mastering our selves on all levels and keep shining our eternal light on the unconscious darkness.. So don't be living in an innner world of delusion thinking you got all this shit out, cuz you don't, neither do i, and frankly knowbody have it all figured out on all degrees.. So let's use that humility to fuel the energy to be on that path and influence others along the way

I will get this uploaded on bitchute and other platforms, but i wanted to release this mix initially on youtube for all you 4,500 of you out there.. thanx for being here


Intro - Courage (Eyes That See) - Les Crane
Battle of Shadow - Hieroglyphics x Manly P Hall
Universal Law Remix - Illustrate ft. DJ Chonz
The Human Element - MOOD & Talib Kweli
What Up Sun - Cam The Wizard, Def3, Ira Lee & Vision
Truth - Nitty Scott
Breakdown - Style Misia
Turn It On - Firewater
Avian Metropolis - Ka Zodiak
Basic Instinct - Abstract Rude
Green Light: Now Begin - Blackaliscious
Contribution - Jurassic 5
Bio Regenesis - Nu Vision
Dark Tower - Fundamentals
Raw Scienz - Scienz of Life
Hold Your Own - Living Legends ft. Regen Fykes
Who We Are - Tiye Phoenix
Three Blind Mikes - 8:35
Just An Illusion - Imagine
Illusions - The Pharcyde
Let'em Breathe - Maker ft. Mestizo
The Dream - Lil' Sci & Carlos Nino ft. Dwight Trible

All vocal edits inserted are samples I snapped up from the late grate Manly P Hall for the lecture - Maturity is the grand Illusion

Arranged, Mixed, & Produced in 432Hz by Derek Bartolacelli aka AwakenYaMind in Le Ciotat on Sept 3th, 2023


More to come from this group as we cover more controversial topics.. This one is about distinguishing true Care from "karen" care and what the causal factors of the latter are.


SEED 5 Conference coming up in September!

One Great Work Network

Chris Jantzen

Derek Bartolacelli

link to mix i mentioned relevant to this topic of care: Genesis, Awakening the lost principle:

Crypt Rick





All Is Mind

Dialectics, Spells, And Vision,-Spells,-And-Vision_:4


So what is a time capsule in this musical conscious expressive context?? It's more than just moments in time and the experience/ lessons learned throughout, but also making a timestamp, or impression upon this reality at any given moment in time that will last for eternity, or in other words, timeless..

What these brothers & sistas have laced on tracks from tapes, CD's to wax on the under has been beyond inspirational for me since the late 90's.. Some may call this 4trak lo-fi hiphop sound archaic, but for me these are timeless beats & lyrics full of high intelligence and heart.. That independent artistry where nobody's looking to sell their soul by signing a record contract and be assimilated in the matrix system industries and having one's soveriegn rights over their art compromised.. have you seen how dismal commercial radio and such has devolved over time? and today, it seems like ai will whip up some beats, ghostwrite some generic lyrics, auto-tune the singers' voice, and crank that shit out like it was on an assembly line at an amazon package facility.. Think that's a far fetch? have you seen how wack some of the latest movies and netflix series are? wonder why writers are on strike? wonder why a lot of writers suck? The puppet string pullers really only want mainstream media to be at an intellectual threshold of around a 6th grade level..

As far as this channel on youtube goes, I'm really only going to be able to "permanently" upload mixes like this due to some stricter copyright regulations.. The old skool underground tapes, which many are outta print, usually don't have those issues since it's been mostly from independent artists/record labels.. All I can really do on screwtube with the other mixes is livestream them, which usually get blocked/taken down due to the aforementioned within a day or two.


Intro - This Is Not A Test (of time) - Bicasso x Kirby Dominant
La La Song (Changes) - Style Misia
Sands of Time - A.E.N.
Timekeeper - Futureshock
Time Out - Feenom Circle
X-Zistance - Scarub ft. Knose & Praverb
Chronos Absolute (snippet) - Fundamentals x Bob Tuskin
Snippet - Bored Stiff
Time is Ticking - Kirby Dominant & DJ Icewater
Time snippet Session - Various
Time Is The Essence (snippet) - Living Legends
Clock Work - Murs, Grouch, Eligh, Asop, T.S., Elusive
Wealthy Mind - The Grouch
Song of Time - Ultraman
Talking Dead Man - Kaotik Souls
Blur - Tted & 4 Months
Who Can Rip This - Fraecus
19 Year Old Moon (rare cassette tape) (1996) - Fundaments
Remember? (snippet) - King Koncepts
Snippet Session
BS & Ayentee - Secluded Journalists
Sign of The Times - Ka Auditron Ba
Change in Thangs - Acid Reign
Moments to Ruin - Sidus Idiom
For The Moment (snippet) - Knot Tight
Forward Progress - US Pros
Instrumental Outro - Gypsy Cab x Allan Watts, George Carlin & Killah Priest
Times Not Leaving - Little Aida
Everything is Everything (snippet) - Scarub
Time Is On My Side - Emanon
Iamnotyourburden - EV

This is a full length mix of songs, snippets and some vocal samples to add an extra triad of divinity to this sacred trinity.. This selection of songs, as well as the the most recent project(s), spans 40 years of Hip Hop.. That means there have been jewels of the science of life dropped on numerous albums from some great artists over the decades trying to key listeners into the proper ways of truth discovery and inner gnosis. This is edutainment, where artists enter you mind and hold it for educational purposes, but with style and appeal to help one focus and pay attention

Word Sound Power, which is what this artform evokes profoundly to the Mind Body Spirit, especially if it's done through artists who've had profound experiences with Knowledge Understanding & Wisdom.. See The pattern and the magic master number? Many things come in threes and trinities..

The Video section of this project is pretty straight forward: I took a few screen recordings of The website & youtube channel Freedom Under Natural Law, who put on a great online conference I was included in this past June.. I added my 3 piece project of audio visual snippets, but slowed it down by half to fill in the time duration of this mix.. I slowed it down even more so during the info-graph section that highlights some of the great works Kris Nelson has done on his website
I even incorporated one of his over 5 years ago in my first lil video clip about the Trivium.. There's a few shots with Chris Jantzen when I was staying at his place for a few, which was when I first got down on collaborating for the conference


Trife Life (instrumental) - Mobb Deep x Mark Passio & Marja West
A Matter of Fact - Bicasso & The Grouch
Words - Panoramic Utopia
Language Song - Living Legends
Knowledge (Snippet) - Gangstarr x Mark Passio
Do The Knowledge - Konceptual Dominance ft. Eclipse 427
Amnesia (snippet) - Boac
Exit As Fulcanelli - Jewels Hunter x Dolores Cannon (I think)
Form of Intellect - Gangstarr x Mark Passio
Head Check - Eligh
The Esotero - BMAC Mastamind
Xetrov - Oddities ft. Snidley Whiplash x Marja West
Trivium Interlude 1
Stop Messin With The Crack - Bay Area Art Collective
Trivium Interlude 2
Purpose Not Poison - Concise Reality
Trivium Interlude 3
Only The Wise - Blood of Abraham x Marja West
Soulflys Thru - Pitch Black & The Grouch
Word From The Wise - Poor Righteous Teachers
Wise As A Serpent - El*A*Kwents
Outro - Various
Outroduction - Factor

Props to Will Keller on the stellar Trivium graphic work!

Arranged, Mixed, & Produced in 432Hz on July 24th, 2023 in Sunny La Ciotat by Derek Bartolacelli aka AwakenYaMind


Dedicated to the Trice Great- the real 333, not the counterfeit.. This is the 3rd and final segment I had the honor to craft for the Trivium Conference put on by friends @FreedomUnderNaturalLaw

Yea, i got a bit excited for this one and rolling with the numbers in a triad type of triangular technique.. there's much one (including myself) must master and understand before becoming thrice great themselves, which takes us to the quadrivium, but that's for another time.. thanx for tuning in

check out my new series with Leslie Powers @dissolvingthedivide

also the Great work warriors with @chrisjantzenendevil5808


2nd segment of this triad of trivium trinity symmetry audio visual teachings for the massive online event put on by friends and others in network called @FreedomUnderNaturalLaw ((FUNL)).. I had to boil down much music and visualz to fit into a limited time slot that i was fortunate & grateful to be allowed to split it up into 3 parts to sprinkle throughout the 2 day livestream conglomeration of many great researchers, philosophers, teachers, artists, and truth speakers... Now I've been advertising this for a few months and was hoping to gain some anticipation form folks, and after it's all said & done, I'm pretty underwhelmed, especially coming from my youtube side of support.. which is why i haven't been in such a hurry to release this video and the following one.. i also don't like to over-saturate uploads, so i spread things out a bit..

I worked and tinkered on this project for quite a few moons in many places: from CA, to NM, back to Cali and a quickie in Oregon, then finished it on my international travels to pAris (much Underground Luv), Bretagne, and put the finishing touches on it all in sunny and stormy La Ciotat, where I've cranked out over 6 years of conscious content from there.. So yea, it's kinda fucked up to travel around so many places while working my magic all along the way only to gather the attention from a few..

This video goes over the Three-fold path known as the trivium step by step.. Doing my hermetic hip hop archeology, excavating gems of knowledge understanding & Wisdom, aka Grammar, Logic & Rhetoric.. Much respects to Kris Nelson @EvolveConsciousness creator of monumental aggregated information in the forms of awesome info-graphs & presentations which i incorporated in this 2nd snippet session, showcasing his work and a glimpse of the podcast I was honored to host with Leslie powers for him on our show @dissolvingthedivide

I do appreciate those tuning in, don't get me wrong, and i understand if my style/approach and such has drawn some fatigue to some, i get that, and that's okay.. PEACE

Recorded, mixed, mastered in 432Hz by Derek Bartolacelli aka AwakenYaMind around the Summer Solstice 2023

Raise up the collective consciousness & standards of living!

Very special project dedicated to the conference.. tune in this weekend!

Mixed in 432Hz

Visiting The Wizard's Workshop for the first time to learn, work and support a fellow brother in network.. He is an Artist, Blacksmith, Master Builder, Truth Seeker, Hermetic Hermit, Natural Law Aligner, and quite the modern day renaissance man giving his all towards The Great Work.

What a dope ass trip I took last month rolling up to Redding from the SF Bay Area to hang out with great friends Chris Jantzen & Leslie Powers on the way up to Oregon where I have a few friends situated in the south part of the state.. Between him and I, we got a bit over 100 "mutual friends" on facebook, which i understated in the video.. We spoke about a lotta cool, interesting & insightful things for half the day as he showed me the ropes on how he works his craft and how to put the hammer to the steel..

Topics discussed in this video include::

Mythology, Norse Mythos, Magic, Alchemy, The Great Work, Natural Law, Craftmanship, Symbolism

Sexual energy, Male discipline, Morality, Positive influence,
Dragon art, allegories and symbolism, The Secret Society of The Carbonari,

I had a ton of questions for him, but not all where asked, let alone filmed.. c'est la vie, but best believe I was helping him out while i was there, not just filming the day away without lending a hand to the brotha man..

I will say that I've genuinely enjoyed and have been inspired by his works and the word & intentions he puts behind & in front it all.. Mostly on facebook, which, correction, I said 50 in the video, but we actually have over 100 mutual friends, so that's pretty cool..

Find him on these platforms!

If you're in Norcal or Oregon, you can probably meet him in person at the various festivals, markets and renaissance fairs throughout the year he may be installed in with many of his crafts for sale or possibly barter-able.. I got a few things from him, which are very cool, such as the feather of Maat, an ank necklace, and probably my favorite knife i've acquired..
All my links to a dozens platforms are found right here:

I'm going to lightly get some things off my chest apart from this great discussion about this taboo topic we all shed light on. What it comes down to is head cage programming and how religion literally holds people back (which is etymologically defined literally from the root word religare) from living their true authentic lives free of dogma and other archaic assimilations..

Some links of things mentioned in the video:

The Music mix, which is one of the longest one's I made, and I would suggest downloading itand playing it back on something that keeps an audio bookmark cuz it's not easy to get this one in in one sitting.. It's not on my youtube channel, due to copyright, as will most future mixes will unfortunately endure on that platform, so all i put up was a 40 minute sample of the full compilation...

Why Natural Law is not a religion: presentation by Brandon:

He actually had a really fascinating conversation with Sara Cross, who's art I featured on the thumbnail and in the video.. She was featured in last year's FUNL conference and our friend will be chatting with Leslie & I soon on @dissolvingthedivide .. Her works can be found here:

Check us out and other livestreams from Chris most Thursdays:
@brandonspencer0093 @CryptRicksIveBeenThinking , Jim Adams @jimadams107 and Jerry Tappan @heavyconscience4461


Quick 2 minute promo for the Trivium Conference coming up really soon this June 24/25

Had the fortunate opportunity to be invited to sprinkle some of my magical musical mixtures for this mega 2 day conference!
Special thanx to Chris Jantzen, Leslie Powers Jon Roeland & Will Keller for organizing everything!
Check out the website beforehand where you can see previous conferences on their website and youtube channel. I got thrown in the mix last minute for FUNL 2 with a cool lil musical insert, and this time around with more time allotted and heads up in advance, I got 3 special snippet sessions tailor-made for this event.. Not enough time for a full on mix, but I will release one about it as well as my own full-length presentation about this subject, revolving and expanding around the concepts expressed in this conference.

sign up for more details for the Trivium Conference that will be live-streamed for 2 days straight.


We have another unique episode this time around for our 22nd installment- live and direct from beautiful Redding California! I (Derek) had to see Chris Jantzen & Leslie Powers one last time before I return to France. I captured some good moments during my stay, where we hung out by a pristine lake, a lil campfire congregation, and a few other scenes, including a glimpse of salsa night, which Leslie thrives in!

This subject will get its rebuttal regarding the sacred counterpart to the divine principle of self defense with a whole segment delving into ways we can cultivate a strong inner feminine which helps us curb violence towards us and our projections onto others.. Something i'm looking forward to, and expand upon what's been eluded to in the past regarding the art of debate, stemming from the overall art of life.

Much Thanx to @lesliepowers3487 & @chrisjantzenendevil5808 for making room in their busy lives to squeeze me in there for a few days! This was more of an impromptu video, which is a collage of different segments we recorded in different settings while sticking to the common theme of self defense for the main topic of this episode.

I added a quick snippet from former guests Logan Hart from the Wizard Factory who just recently spoke with Dan Arnold on his livestream.. He's kept true to his word in keeping his Saturday fixture running, where I've called in a few times, which included a funny sequence with Rodney Goodwin, who we recorded a session right after he finished with Logan that day.. Leslie was on there recently for 2 very good discussions regarding the wounded masculine & feminine with another few past guests in Stephanie MoDavis & Will Keller..

Intro music - Travelin' Man by Scritch (Chris Jantzen & Jer Rodriguez)

Outro - Divide & Conquer - Bay Area Art Collective

all video & music arranged, mixed, and produced by @AwakenYaMind

Leslie & him are on the

Her website:

Don't forget to sign up and save the date for the upcoming conference:

Derek's portal of conscious content:

Thank you for watching

Welcome! Today I have the honor of showing you some behind-the-scenes chats and a glimpse of how we get down on creating videos, thumbnails, and podcasts.. Of course we had discussions on Natural Law, and also technology issues, dealing with trauma, self-defense, and the dangers of living in cities. We covered a vast range of topics on our minds and took an intuitive and impromptu walk through philosophy, hermetic principles, and life lessons we’ve learned as content creators and freedom speakers. Motivation and Empathy to all the listeners, encouraging all to explore and share Natural Law and The One Great Work. Tryin to have a little fun in the process too!
-Chris was kind enough to flush out those topics regarding what's in store....

There was a bit too much video footage I shot during my stay in Redding chez Chris.. I finally found a way to converge them into coherent collages of conscious content.. In this video, I compiled all our captured moments in Chris's room/studio.. We had some great sessions, including a few visits from Leslie Powers!

And there you have it... 3 conscious cats coming together for some good times, encouragement, support and friendship... Aren't these the beautiful sides of this pathwork!?

Music credits:::

Intro: Iminsodeep
Outro: In Da Forest

both tracks by Chris Jantzen & Jer Rodriguez under their monicker Scritch

Leslie & him are on the

Her website:

Don't forget to sign up and save the date for the upcoming conference:

Derek's portal of conscious content:

Thank you for watching


Such a great conversation with these two! We cover Brittany's latest book release, vegan pains & gains, raising livestock and becoming more self sufficient on the homestead farm. These two have a wealth of knowledge & experience which has given them some great insights about this reality..

I've been familiar with Bryan's work (as mentioned in the video), but not so much his partner, whom I've been pleasantly surprised with learning about her life path and trajectory with many empowering and enlightening ideas and plans.. They're in it for the win-win, in being conscious co-creators and stewards of this beautiful earth.

Show them some love & support, plus get that free cookbook- there's one of my recipes in there too!

Cookbook link:



Their Homestead Project:

We'll see them sometime in the future over on that good'ol Dissolving The Divide show with my co-host Leslie Powers..

You can find all my platforms & projects over here:

Thanx for watching & bon appétit!

We have a very special guest with us today, who is the architect of his fantastic website where he showcases hundreds of info-graphs and profound presentations based off of Natural Law & Hermetic Principles. He's researched and philosophized about many subjects, including the underestimated one about care (true care based in universal morality) and the absence of it. Today we're interested in examining this dynamic with people and how their approach to information differs so much that it's caused a great deal of discord, division and indifference in society and the common household.

The goal of this discussion is to help re-establish true care for knowledge: gnosis of self, and objective Truth. We have to acknowledge the propaganda, brainwashing, half-truths, lies, deceit, mis or disinformation from so many sources and angles in society, media, gov't, and the internet (to say the least). But because of this, many people are operating off of the aforementioned, which creates what we are terming dark care, and or not much care at all, since it's been conditioned out of us to varying degrees. What this dark care creates is a pseudo persona of people conditioned to care about things that are contrary to objective truth and support those falsehoods. The virtue signaling of these half or false truths is another layer on top of this cake of collective consciousness fragmented beyond belief, which perpetuates the polarization between people. We're trying to help dissolve this unnecessary tension between people, which starts at the first organ formed within every human who's been birthed on this planet, the heart. But it must be activated to one's true stellar self aligned to Cosmic Law, the Principles we mention on our show every episode and how it applies to everything. We cannot truly, positively evolve as a species if we're not on the same page, still enslaved, apathetic to ourselves, others, Objective Truth and the reality we live in.

We encourage you to check out his monumental work on his website!

a few related works of his:

Kind, Kin, Genus and Care:

Care for Other Beings and Ourselves:

Dark, Negative and Limited Trivium - Trivium, Language and Reality

infographs incorporated in the slideshow and the video thumbnail:

Him & Leslie can be found on the

Leslie's wonderful website:

Derek's hub of conscious content:

song credits:
Intro: Light Years - Ill Minded
outro: The Holy Science - Nu Vision

Thank you for watching, we hope this helped anyone understand more about the subject matter, creating

This mix has nothing to do with any religion or religious beliefs and/or systems thereof.. oh hell to the naw- it's more about true self & Natural Law.. Religious head-cages are a main causal factor as to why folks do not believe in themselves.. It conditions people to be on standby a bit in this lifetime- to hope for a better afterlife in heaven, or just wait for Jesus in this one, even tho folks have been waiting for him for over 2k years, but whatever.. Don't hold your breath! and don't take your breath (prana/spirit) for granted... work with it, feel into it, alchemize that shit! Cuz there is so much bs in this reality that lures us away from ourselves, our divinity, our true purpose, our magnificent potential.

Believe whatever you want- that's Free Will baby! But take it back to the first Cosmic Law Principle of Mentalism, in that you are the master of your dome/domain, and that the only true form of belief, or the most powerful type is your belief/support/faith in yourself.. We can fortify this thru deeper gnosis of self, the activated heart, striving to do right with every choice every day, which is being aligned to objective Universal Law/Lore and Morality.. Lex Naturalis

Make believe: why would "they" want to make you believe something? so they can manipulate your actions based off of inserted beliefs that make you co-create the fucked up world they want to make.. And since the dawning of the rona, the've fear mongered billions into believing in the boogie men viruses/variants, quaccines, masks, and novid tests... More than themselves, their immune systems and their ability to discover the truth for themselves

walking around the matrix, are you able to make sense thru all the fake shit while staying true to your divine essence? We are aiming at the one belief that is not beneath one's own authenticity

walking around the matrix, are you able to make sense thru all the fake shit while staying true to your divine essence? We are aiming at the one belief that is not beneath one's own authenticity... It's also to note clearly that knowledge & Truth are not the same as beliefs and what one believes- those things can parallel to Truth, but many beliefs fall short and have gotten countless people harmed and killed since antiquity..

Belief ◊◊ Be Life

Believe ~~ Be Lie Eve

Don't be the lie, be to live, don't be evil, be the life!


Intro - Luminous Flux - Jomei
Be - Nu Vision
On The 1 - Aceyalone & The Lonely Ones
I Still Believe - Lowkey ft. Akala & Black The Ripper
Circulate - Mystik Journeymen
Gone With The Wind - Ohmega Watts
Don't Quit
Be To Live - Very ft. Tim Sears
Believe - Celestial Serpent
Black Sun - BMAC Mastamind
I Was Thinkin' - Dan Alexander
Believe In You - Luckyiam
Make Believe - One Be Lo ft?
Believe It Or Not - Various (Interlude snippet session)
Something To Believe In - Pride City Purpose
Blue Ice - Panacea
Better - Tiye Phoenix
Believe - AWOL One
Sense-Ability - El*A*

Since we we had a cancellation with a guest last week, we decided to recap all our previous guests in a segment between us. We added a few extra videos on our behalves and a few other goodies from when Derek visited Leslie & Chris in Redding, California..

We're keeping busy with a lot, and we may have to go a few weekends this summer without any uploads due to life schedules and concentrating on conferences, which we get into a good amount in this video.. But in anticipation and careful calculation, we should be able to keep our word on getting a new video out every Sunday.. I'll be back in Redding for a few before I go to France, so we'll capture some more good moments up there to share

The 3 Conferences:

Some guests are on the

Others have their own websites



Thank you!

welcome to my massive project exposing the mass media in many ways through hip hop music.. Many songs have helped me over the past 2 decades to steer clear of the mind control programming & propaganda that the mainstream media & corporate "sponsors" have inundated the world with

I previously released this material in a 3 part series, but i figured it could be easily fused together for a full feature documentary of sorts- since it's music based, i've tokened the term documusical. This is a very unique video compilation that you most likely will not find anywhere else at this quality of consciousness.. This is a tapestry that's tied in many angles to analyze the negative effects that television programming has had on the population.. USA has the worst programming, but it's been a type of role model for other countries to emulated thru their versions of tell lie vision..

Remember when people would say how television was the love killer of relationships? Since the millennium, we still got that plus slew of gadgets that do much more and with the likes of social media stations to tune into, netflix and whatever other kinds of instant media gratifications are on demand.. looks like a love killer outta pandora's box on steroids. Of course there are positive sides to a lot of these things, but look at the people and the world around you and within yourself.. can you see the negative aspects and effects of modern media outweighing the positive? Easier to see from the outside looking in.. well how to we get outside? Put down the tech.. do a digital detox.. take a break from social media.. unplug your television for a month or just get rid of it.. stop playing video games.. isolate yourself for a bit.. do some introspection and contemplation about it.. then go back out in public and check out people's behaviors in regards to being influenced by tv, media and smartphones, etc..

Operation Mockingbird was a secret campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence media since the 1950s


Mass Media - 3 Melencholy Gypsies
Tell Me Your Vision - Kaotic Souls + Azeem refix snippet
Run Daddy Run (snippet) - Fun Lovin' Criminals
Propaganda - One Be Lo
Culture of Fear - Thievory Corporation Ft. Mr. Lif
Code Orange - Kirby Dominant
Corny Corrupt Confusionati Corporatocracy Commercial Break
Information Overload - DJ Drez ft. Rocky Dawuni
Wake Up (DJ Child Remix) - Azeem Ft. ?
Country.Under.Frustration. - The CUF
Don't Worry - Mr Traumatik
Dangerous Products snippet - BDP
Turn It Off (The Telescreen) - MC Ma'at
Headlines (verse) - One Be Lo
She Used to Watch Channel Zero, but it got cancelled - Interlude
The Industry - Kool DJ EQ x Terrence McKenna
Radio Freq - Dead Prez
The Awakening - Senim Silla
Dumb it Down a lil More - intermission (Professor Griff, Various)
Control - Azeem & Rashinel
Y Do U Fake? (Beatdie Delite) - Sunspot Jonz (David Icke subliminal refix)
Phuk The Media - Disturb N Tha

Jackfruit (or J-fruit for short) is quite a wondrous "fruit" and can be used a variety of ways.. This recipe allows you to eat it raw or cooked, wether as a snack, tapas, nachos, (meat substitute with that pulled pork texture & flavor) for sandwiches, burgers, sliders, wraps, tacos, phauxxy cheese-steaks, casseroles and stir-frys.. The idea of this recipe is for you to decide what to do with your delicious j-fruit marinade after you prepare a great stock to keep in your refrigerator for at least a week without spoiling.

Download the free cookbook for the full details and other deliscious recipes:

~ before we get started, a foreword from the author & chef Derek Bartolacelli ~

◊ Cooking and food preparation is very interesting to say the least, and I've had much experience with it, including working in restaurants for over 15 years in several positions including the kitchen.. Cooking is a fruitful experience that allows one to unravel their nurturing creativity into a meal while working with the elements that satisfies our hunger.. a simple concept that comes to mind, yet very profound is that good'ol pot of rice burning over a wood fire, in context to The Chinese 5 Element philosophy.

◊◊ I rarely adhere to specific recipes, which allows more freedom of expression and creativity- that doesn't always mean that the dish will be better. haha, there's been the trials and errors, but what I'm eluding to is that you don't have to use all the same ingredients I do, because honestly I improvise more often than not and not everyone has all the ingredients for particular recipes at any given moment anyway. So relax, this is a very flexible recipe to follow, whether you're vegan, flexitarian, or omnivore.

◊◊◊ The key ingredient of knowledge from this is understanding the template of helpful practices/techniques to follow for this jackfruit marinade preparation.

^^Try to source ingredients from quality organic producers & farmers
consider an herb garden for teas, culinary, apothecary, tinctures, gifts and aromas..

- Drain 1 can of j-fruit (net weight of 14oz or 400g) of its liquid by cracking open the top just a little where no chunks would fall out.
- piece by piece, squeeze them to extract more liquid over a fine mesh colander.
- shred the pieces by hand or with a fork into a pulled-pork type of texture & size.
- notice some seed or nut type pieces? break those down a bit- it's best that way.
- Transfer into a bowl or tupperware (glass ones are better and convenient for direct storage).

Ingredients to add:
- Obviously there's options and I'm giving out guesstimations of volumes that I usually squeeze and splash in there instead of spooning it in, haha).

1 tsp sesame oil
1 tbs olive/avocado/grapeseed oil
1 tsp ACV (apple cider vinegar)**
1 tsp balsamic vinegar
1 tsp or tbs of jalapeño jar juice, or olive juice, pepperccini, pickle brine, etc
1 tsp soy sauce or teriyaki,

Patty joins us to help shed light on and to truly consider the spiritual aspects of healing on all levels for all ages. We invite the western medical world, which in modern times can be considered the allopathic way of healthcare, which lacks much of the above with their protocols and ways of treating sickness and such.. She holds many degrees and qualifications, aside from delving into much research and information that is not subjected to medical students, so she has a wealth of knowledge, background and experience.

Patricia is evoking with us today, which is part of what she provides in her practices: "Healing by aligning with the Principles of Natural Law and healing as mechanism to face one’s shadow and find one’s purpose."

Does it not seem imbalanced at all out there in hospital land? one sided responses and diagnostics? have you noticed some of the symbolism with a snake or 2 slithering up or down a staff? That is called the caduceus, representing DNA, kundalini, vitality.. Yet it's been distorted and showcased on pharmacies in many countries: many instances, there's only one snake- usually on the left side of the staff, which symbolized an imbalance of allopathic medicine in the absence of the right side (homeopathic) leaning towards the left brain, which creates over-logical thinking and dogma

Can we really take it back to Universal/Cosmic/Natural Law to assist us and others to dissolve this great divide in the medical world? Patty thinks so, altho easier said than done, so have a listen to hear her vision, solutions, and evaluation of current systems of health/sick care.

Patty Lager and her services can be found here:

She is on the
as is Leslie, who always has her fantastic website and services available

Derek is all over the place- too many platforms & projects to mention as well as the locations he's been recording from:

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Bonjour! Derek once again here as your friend and audio optician of 3rd & 1st eye vision with a new musical edition.. This ain't the spaced out pineal glandish 3rd eye type of mix..  It's more about cultivating spiritual street-smarts & that 1st eyesight from the inner heart- that activated intuition that helps you see thru the minutiae so one can navigate their lives more unbridled..  An awakened heart chakra really gets the wheels spinning proper all around the body, not just the chakras above. It's to envision with a soul-sparked imagination a better place, life, environment, society, relationships, etc..  Leveling up the playing field and making it a win win for others..  how are we seeing others around us?  do we try to see them in a positive light, or at least see the potential in them if they're not currently aligned?  How do you see yourself?  Divine in the flesh or what?

This is the 3rd installment of that 3rd eye vision type of hip hop rendition.. This one's a bit different to the others being grounded more in this 3D reality field. this completes the trilogy of these 3rd eye mixes, and unfortunately, i didn't concoct a full feature video show to it like the previous 2 (links below). I see this mix as the prelude to the others in a sense in how the beginning of this confronts some of the problems and psychological work we need to confront and overcome on this journey of awakening/enlightenment/path to freedom.. There's some divine timing for the number 3 as we approach a conference about the Trivium, where I'll be contributing some musical magic with a trifecta tribute to the trinity, triune & Triforce.. 3 is quite the magic number

This musical mixture is a type of fusion of themes from previous projects regarding Visionz of Anarchy (or sovereignty) and 3rd Eye Vision..  No recycled songs from all that in here except a lil snippet or so..  This is about envisioning a holistic future, focusing our sights on better ways of living from the micro to the macro and anything permeating in between..   Let's forget about all this pretentious new age pseudo-spiritual 

This mix was made outta the blue in a sense, with some synchronistic music projects in the works that I was refining , so I'm happy this went rather short and sweet so i can focus on what's next to come, which will be catering empowering melodies & messages..  My apologies for the lack of new music mixes- I've been hitting some creative walls with some projects, focusing on other videos & life work, still moving around from state to state and will go back to france next month, plus preparing for an upcoming conference that I encourage y'all to check out and sign up for:


We Lost Sight - Dälek
Treeline - Visionobi ft. Mitekiss
Translucent Transformation - Nu Vision
Ghetto Supastar - DJ Cam
Human Being - Zion I
Focus On Sight - Thievery Corporation
3rd Eye Foresight Interlude
no more room

Another meeting of the minds, this time on his turf as I rolled up there last March for some painting jobs.. Re-tooling: with real tools and the digital ones that help us produce conscious content.. Re-schooling: cuz it rhymes and sounds cool, haha, f'real tho- improving one's knowledge and homeschooling à la David Rodriguez (more on him in another cool video where he came over to chat with us)..

I spent 5 days up there, and i took a lot of documentation that will be released in due time.. I was up there for a few reasons, since the Great Work don't stop wherever I go, and it was intended to get some ideas sparking for the next @FreedomUnderNaturalLaw Conference that he's partly managing, as well as @lesliepowers3487 who I wanted to go over some things regarding our series we have together called @dissolvingthedivide Much love & respect to Nancy who let me stay in Chris's room under her roof, which used to be just a studio where Chris has his End Evil podcast set up- more on that next video for a special studio session..

We get into many topics in a very free flow way since i just popped on the camera and recorded some good moments.. subjects include: Natural Law, content creation, masonry, arguments & divisions between people, geoengineering, life improvement, applying Hermetic Principles, and carpentry along with many other skills & handy work.. It was really cool hanging out with purpose, working, philosophizing, and having some fun with it all

We'll be back with more, including videos from The Great Work Warriors

Music by Skritch (Chris & the homies)


Today we're here to discuss reconciliation, forgiveness and rectification to bridge gaps between discorded people and invite unification, so this episode is full of inspiration thanx to Chad and his 'As Within Project of Emancipation' joining us for a very heartfelt conversation..

Chad, or Shadical as I've known him for several years now on social media, has a great website full of wonderful services influenced by Cosmic Care, Universal Morality, Hermetic & Alchemic Principles and Natural Law. That good'ol science of life that demands we take control and responsibility for our own lives, hold ourselves to high standards and keep ourselves accountable to any unaligned thoughts and emotions as well as our actions, choices and behaviors..

We really enjoyed Chad's insights, practices and presence with us and his approach to divisiveness in a streetwise spiritual way.. You can learn more about his programs, philosophies and reach out to him in a few ways:
As Within Emancipation Project
Email: [email protected] 
Fb page: As Within Emancipation Project
IG: As_within_EP
TikTok: as_within
Youtube channel: As Within Emancipation Project

Leslie Powers:
She provides an array of wellness services well worth inquiring about, where she can set you up with a free 15 minute consultation

Derek is constantly involved in his conscious creations on his other channels on 7 different platforms

We will both be participating in the upcoming FUNL Conference titled 'The Trivium' on June 24/25...
you can sign up to stay posted via email on their website and check out previous conferences chalked full of great presentations & people.

contact us if you would like to be a guest or have any suggestions

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One of the more touchy & tricky topics we have to cover in this series quite thoroughly and Cory did a great job with breaking the ice. It's easier said than done with bridging gaps that have been around for a while and most likely have widened over time.. Cory goes over many great points to consider regarding the whole concept & history of government, which paint's a peculiar picture of what the population is actually voting for in political elections.. This is something many do not want to see or hear, much less change their lives about, yet when one does, something empowering takes place within that individual.. With his new initiative, Cory is challenging people to ponder the question: to vote or not to vote?

Last year Cory co-hosted a monumental online summit that featured over 50 speakers, researchers, authors, wellness coaches, etc, including Leslie & I. The main theme is how to end slavery while evoking true freedom- something we haven't experienced under any form of government in the history of its existence..

Cory's Links & Works:

He wanted us to share this short reading as well, which is relevant to our chat.

The Superiority of Moral Power over Political Power:

Cory and Leslie can also be found on the one

All 3 of us are on the lovely website from our friends at Luvalution:

contact us if you would like to be a guest or have any suggestions

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Greetings & Bonjour,

You may have heard of my work under the monicker AwakenYaMind, where i've been mixing provocative truth-infused themed music mixes since 2012.. Been holding out too long on doing my own work under my own name for a bit too long there, but it's been complicated over the years living in France.. Originally from The San Francisco Bay Area, but i've been in France for over the past decade now and i've been going through multidimensional transformations, awakenings, deprograming, ego deaths and all that other stuff that comes with becoming an activated individual.. I'm not as much of an activist as i should be, but i've been on a different path in a sense and i'm looking to really get things rolling for 2021 in a big way..

I'm aligned with Natural Natural Law, Morality, and the higher sciences of spirituality to keep it short

Looking to get at the heart of some matters here and speak my awakened & re-educated mind that is rooted in heart-based intelligence