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This is part two of the Ibex Spring area. The Moorehouse Mine is a very large talc mine that was discovered in the early 1930s and was in operation until the late 1960s.

If you want to learn more about the area, the Death Valley National Park has a really good history of the region and can be found at:

This is part one of a two part video on the Ibex Spring area located in Death Valley California.

If you want to learn more about Ibex Spring and the surrounding area, Death Valley National Park put together a nice history of the region and it can be found at:

Was out taking landscape photos when I stumbled across this small family mine. From the looks of buildings and equipment, the mine was not being worked anymore. Such a wonderful find because the buildings and equipment did not have bullet holes.

This site is where a desert hermit use to live. It is a nice little place and even in the height of summer, it is always a nice temperature.

Short video on what I have been able to find on the two women who lived in this cabin and worked a nearby mine in the deserts of southern Nevada.

This was a little explore of a mine to test new camera gear. Wanted to see if a single camera platform could be used when I am underground taking photos and recording video.

Next to two springs high in the mountains, the Beck Ranch was used to raise Morgan horses. The cabin was built from railroad ties in 1941. The railroad ties came from the Tonopah and Tidewater which ceased operation in 1940. The ranch was in operation until the late 1960s.

This was a small, family owned and operated mine. From the looks of the tunnel they did not produce much, but from the amount of whiskey, beer and wine bottles, they did drink a lot when up at the mine.


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Having wanderlust I explore lost, forgotten and remote places. With that, several people that I have taken out into the desert kept saying I needed to start a channel and share my adventures with others. So here it is.

On this channel I will do my best to present to you all kinds of adventures/stories and sites that are remote and not easy to get to.

Along with video and images I take at these different sites, I also take 360 images to better document the sites as they were when I visited them. These 360 images are being posted at:

I am also posting 360 video montages of these sites on YouTube. When BitChute starts accepting 360 videos I will move those videos to this channel. Until then:

Join me on my little adventures!

PS : Please , please do not ask me where these sites are located or if I can give you a map to the locations etc etc....
Locations will not be revealed so please respect that. Only if the site is protected and is part of the national network
I will use the actual name of the site. Other than that, please don't ask. Thank You.