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A walk along the South Devon coast, south of Exmouth and on the other side from it of the River Exe estuary.

- Hall of mirrors - Equilibrium - Klaus Badelt
-Basic indus' 2020
-The year of clearvision
-Until your engine stops Waypoint
-Burning Footsteps
-Repairing a plasma conduit

Funny fuckery featuring:

-Harmful Opinions (gaming on Twitch)
-Raz0rfist (gaming - Arcade Live streams)
-Timcast (News commentary)
-RLM (film reviews)
-RomanianTVee (Vee, news commentary)

Obligatory Year-Crash vid within a building game, this time not Space Engi, but Medi Engi!

Reverse malfunction - by TeknoAXE

Did a big but easy circuit to pick up the tors around White Tor before the weather moved in.

Organ Symphony Finale - Saint-Saens
Finlandia - Sibelius
Air on a G-string - J.S.Bach

In this chapter (with 9 parts), Bert Smallways gets taken aboard a fleet of war machines and meets royalty.

Images searched to provide mood, contact me if there are any issues.

DWA - Teque

until Bitchute brings in my YT vids again....not sure why it stopped doing so!

Bitchute seems to have stopped sending auto-updated videos over from my YT channel, I contacted BC support - no response.
Am uploading a few vids directly until it catches up!

to send to Nat

A trip past Peter Tavy to find some tors deeper into the Western Line.

[P.S. - the new version of Video Manager is trash, and the attempt at making me use a new Uploader is also trach, YT, stop getting in my way with obstacles and making things difficult. Old design is perfect.]

-William Tell overture - Rossini

In this episode, Bert Smallways' runaway balloon drifts him into northern Europe.

DWA - Teque

I played a match with sound up and chatted/bantered over it on Bonfire Night, it's more of a proper Gaming video compared to the tiny clips I've dropped recently!

Basic insud run - TeknoAXE
Reverse Malfunction by TeknoAXE

Just a motherfuckin' Pumpkin and thas'all. Costume is kinda meant to be Jack The Ripper. Sajid Javid wants to requisition my pumpkin carving equipment probably I imagine. Maybe put a GPS on the knife-handle. Who knows.

Burn (from The Crow) - The Cure

Further up the woods in the River Tavy Valley, hunting for tors!

Firebird 1919 - Stravinsky
La donna e mobile - Guiseppe Verdi
Nutcracker Suite - Tchaikovsky

Various interesting videomakers on Twitch/Youtube/Bitchute, dislaimer some are not in alignment with each others' views, but I enjoy their content anyway.

An easy walk to 2 tors from Cox Tor car park.

Firebird (1919) - Igor Stravinsky

This was me 2nd attempt at searching for High Tor.

Divenire - Ludovico Einaudi
Gnossienes 1,2,3 - Erik Satie

Continued readthrough/audiobook of Wells' WITA.

DWA - Teque

A chill slow-paced match with classical music.

SabreDance - Khachaturian
Karelia - Sibelius
Samson & Delilah Bacchanale - Saint Saens

There will be Spoilers, because I don't give a blind fuck about spoilers.

Also, yes I am indeed bright green like an apple, you're welcome.

-Official Final Joker Trailer
-The Crow

Reading a new Wellsian Audiobook for you wall. This was written in 1907 I believe - before WW1, but when flight was just beginning in the real world after the Wright Brothers. Enjoy!

Pictures are image searched and used to create mood - if there is an issue, contact me.

DWA - Teque

A short but very very windy walk near Burrator Reservoir!

Realms of the Russian Bear INTRO - Martin Kiszko(?)
The Black Hole - John Barry
Enemy at the Gates - Hans Zimmer

A walk up to the mast at North Hessary - where there is a small tor - and surrounding tors!

1812 Overture - Tchaikovsky
Troika from Lt. Kije - Prokofiev
Also Sprach Zarathustra Opus30 - Richard Strauss


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