I go over the 3 brands of tire I have used so far, which one is best?

Let's Make some Beer can Chicken and Stuffed Burgers (Rattlesnake eggs)
This is how I show love on Mother's day.

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Hey thanks for coming to my channel, my name is Eric Bengtson and I grew up riding in 70's Muscle cars. My uncles always had Challengers, Cudas, Darts, Chargers and Road Runners everything from a slant 6 Dart to a Hemi Cuda and all motor combinations in between. Once the power gets in your veins there is no turning back. Mopar E was born from that which is my alter ego when cars are involved. This is one of my lifes passions along with Grilling, being a professional drummer, fishing instructor (to my kids) and car nut. I hope you enjoy my content and I look forward to lots of laughs and fun. Later, Mopar E. Check out my Instagram as well #mydestroyer1320