Clark and Lois Kent struggle to keep their family together as Clark’s secret life slowly tears it apart. Things become hectic when both their sons apparently start exhibiting Kryptonian abilities.

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Wanda is slowly falling apart while Vision and Darcy try to figure out why he was brought back; Monica seeks to re-enter Wanda’s reality, unsure of what will happen.

An infant named Chihiro, finds herself trapped in a Kami world. After her parents become pigs, Chihiro works in a bathhouse to discover a way to free herself and them.


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Abandoning his homeland due to a curse from a forest god turned demon, Akshitaka journeys west and finds himself in the middle of a war between humans and forest spirits.



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A Russian lady named Anna who’s been a prisoner of an abusive life fights for her freedom after being trapped in service to the KGB.

The Enterprise-E crew follows The Borg back to the 21st century to stop them from assimilating the future.

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Wanda awaits childbirth. However, it accelerates and she and Vision do their best to keep it secret from the neighbourhood. Meanwhile, their neighbour, Geraldine isn’t what she seems.

Will it happen? Should it happen?


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