15+ Animated Violence & Gore

A compilation i made featuring the bloodiest most over the top animated scenes you have ever seen.

Crazy weirdness gallore, smoke some weed for the right effect.

This video also wasn't allowed on pussytube for some reason, there's no extreme gore just a few slightly graphic images.

A crazy short video i made just for the sake of making something messed up :P

15+ This video is banned on youtube, it features a little bit of nudity (nothing explicit). And a guy shooting fire with his dick, is that a reason to ban a video pussytube.

A tribute to the slimy and cheesy 80's, this one's a bit mild compared to the other parts so it should be oke for teens of the age of 15+


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If you're a sick fuck who enjoys hardcore splatter and gore then come on down here and join the fun on Devilman's Gorezone, i'm also active on youtube ( I started this account because i'm done with YT's censorship and their fucking flagging, you are welcome here to watch my video's in their purest form. Completely uncut, and bloody raw.