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The completed video and song from our second album, 'The Promethean Concept and the Sinister Archetype of Satanarchism', which was released in 2019. It opens the album and before now, the video had always been divided into two parts. This time around, we've made one video with all of the updated art pieces connected to the ritual itself. All images were put together by myself with the generous contributions of our listeners worldwide. All music performed and composed by the Conflagration, past and presently.

No nudity is featured in this presentation, just sincere art.

The purpose of this material is to neutralise your conscious resistance, so that each sound, each image bypasses the resistance. The intention is to subvert your mind with ideas you never thought existed and to induce altered states.

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Our Spenglerian epic in death ambient form titled, 'The Decline of the West (Western Aeon)'.

Dedicated to all who have died since this project began. This is the first part of the release, as we have unleashed the second part, respectively; 'Imperium'. We suggest that you listen to this track when you have thirty minutes of time to immerse yourself into it and also for meditative purposes, if you prefer. These sounds are those of the dark gods and the individual travel through dimensions here, there and anywhere.

Our Spenglerian epic in death ambient form titled, 'The Decline of the West (Western Aeon)'.

Dedicated to all who have died since this project began. As echoes across time, through aeons, at long last. Inspired by the works of Oswald Spengler.
Recommended works: 'The Decline of the West vol. I and II', 'Man and His Technics'.

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The merging of the Shadow, touching the Abyss.

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This track is, like the rest of the album, a large-scale Sinister tale with esoteric messages for you to discover. The themes behind this material are Pan-European satanism, self-discovery and the importance of Individuation.

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Split release by the Horde Sinistra collective: Nameless Conflagration and Bloodwyrd. Both songs are written from the perspective of Vlad III (Tepes; The Impaler). This is an ONA take on the historical events of 'The Forest of the Impaled'. Mind the chaotic effects, we wanted to play with your mind a bit.

From our debut album, 'The Religion of the Blood'.

Wanderer commence! Enter the Numinous Adversary and the creation of the Promethean man.

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Slow, brooding black metal taking the form of what the Nameless entity represents at its core.

Put together by a Pan-European collective of people who share the same views and desired outcomes for what the work is intended. All others need not apply, this is our legacy and so much more will dawn from the efforts of all involved.

The Entity lives on.

Noktulian V: Our fifth chapter of the 'Noktulian' saga set to induce a deeper trance and give feelings of restlessness, uncertainty and ultimately, being alive in a world that you no longer recognise yet you still continue on. Jupiter and Saturn aligning whilst playing tricks upon you.

Music and art put together by Nameless Conflagration and Nameless Visions. Special thanks for the contribution of Jennifer Crepuscolo (The Hypnotic Woman) and additional pieces by flsauto.

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Noktulian VI: 'Noktulian Entity (Eternal Nokturnal - The Event Horizon)', as it were, the final stage of the Noktulian programming. The first two tracks we did of this saga were of the death ambient formula. The two that followed were harsh electro. Finally, these last two pieces of the saga are a combination of black metal, death ambient and harsh electro.

Hypnosis contribution and woman featured: Jennifer Crepuscolo.

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From our first album, 'The Religion of the Blood'. A venomous opus dedicated to the distant memory of the dark gods, Athushir. Once again, we are presenting this in black metal proper and without any death ambient or electronics.

Athushir, as presented by the Sinisterly-Numinous Tradition of the Order of Nine Angles.

Nameless Conflagration and Bloodwyrd, along with a few other collectives, are part of the Horde Sinistra.

Just something to listen to over and over again. Footage taken from my own worldly travels and much contemplation after watching the films, 'Solaris' and 'Stalker' by Andrei Tarkovsky.

The materials presented are open for any and all interpretation. Whatever you want it to mean, will be its meaning. What it means to us will not be revealed. Feel free to make up your own mind.

Black metal savagery from our first album, 'The Religion of the Blood'. It is Sinister, chaotic and nasty. This is dedicated to all of the opfers, traitors and blackguards-- You know who you are. Keep watching.

This is the rough mix, so the vocals may be subject to change.

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'Noktulian Principle' is the indoctrination from the programming, the discipline and the archetype combined. This isn't black metal or death ambient but it is harsh electro made for the clubs as our message slips into your subconscious-- All you can do is get lost in the beat.

As collapse comes, so shall rebirth. Noktulian aeon.

Mankind, you have fucked yourself!

Our second track from our debut record, 'Religion of the Blood'.

A special feature from various members of Nameless Visions and Conflagration, respectively.

The second part of the Noktulian epic, featuring the 'Agios O Aosoth' performed by one of us and the spoken words of the late, Richard Ramirez (Night Stalker).

Materials presented are designed to put the listener and viewer into a deep trance state. Beware, this is binaural and its intentions are not to be kind to your soft brain.

A black metal track in the works. It may or may not be subject to change. Regardless, it captures the very essence of what it is.

"In red desert
Three fingers and a skull
Are laid on fur
The stones of a circle
Turn to frogs
The skeleton of a child
The birth of an Army
A nexion is opened…"

All digital art put together by Nameless Visions, as well as, all music performed by members of Nameless Conflagration. Hand-drawing of Satan done by Azothic Art.

This track is a considerable journey through the stars and beyond the Abyss. It takes you through your own layers of consciousness and should be used for meditative purposes without distraction and interruption. Listen at your own peril.

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This is our first EP titled, 'The Voyage From Aldebaran (Primal Aeon)'. This is a hypnosis-inducing binaural track in the form of space ambient. It will take you to places you've never been before into the acausal where dark gods lies. May it bring forth your greatest triumph or your more brutal defeat.

A nine minute odyssey closing the first album, 'The Religion of the Blood'. It ends with but a whisper of the second album approaching, continuing the story we have started to tell so long ago.

The 'Diabolus' chant (taken from The Order of Nine Angles and performed by a Nameless operative) meshed across the textured wall of noise with the black metal ensemble punishing forward. Minimal vocalisations were used as so the atmosphere just grabs you in itself.

All artwork featured in this video and all works, past and present, were done by various operatives under the Nameless banner.

You all shall and will be witnesses. Now, stack the bo...

Taken from our first release, 'The Religion of the Blood'. This is an entirely black metal release.

Creation through destruction.

The fifth and final video that we will make for this upcoming record titled, 'The Promethean Concept and the Sinister Archetype of Satanarchism.

This one is akin to that of a horrorscape you cannot escape from. It induces terror, feelings of confusion and helplessness. It invokes dark gods in their most archaic forms; Imagine your own spirit escaping upon your corpse and begins to devour it. This is receiving divinity through causal death itself.

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Our third and final track from the EP, 'Death Ambient, Death Cult (Carrion of Human Suffering)'.

This is both a curse and an ASMR release designed to induce trance. A hymn for the Golden One, who will bring forth and cleanse the realm of filth. A golden age will arrive. Let it take you.

The real horror from the EP, 'Death Ambient, Death Cult (Carrion of Human Suffering)'.

This single is divided into four sections of Being: Becoming, thinking, knowing and aught.

The eidos was to create an interactive experience of the mind of a sociopath where there's a reaching beyond the pyramid of skulls and a descending towards the infernal abyss; Abgrund.

Thoughts, feelings, ideas and visuals may appear chaotic and out of place, but the intrusion of different dimensions are used here as metaphor. Everything is in sequence of how it was intended.

Watch on your own peril.


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