Nintendo released a Ninji speedrun and I attempted to get the fast time I could possibly get. Suffice to say I am pretty proud of my placement. How did you all do in it? Also, how do you feel about this Ninji?


I played the Top 5 Super Expert levels of the week! If you liked the video give a sub... It's free ;)

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ThaBeast721 is one of the Gods of Mario Maker and he is holding a level design competition. Link to the video with the rules to the competition is

Audio did not record so, I had to record afterwards. Hope you enjoy the background music which I got from ( If you know any other ROM Hacks that would be fun to play and watch please let me know. This is the First ROM I've played with the exception of Kindergarten Kaizo by Panga.

This is a video that presents what type of content I will be uploading if you're interested in what you see I hope you would consider subscribing!

I already have some videos available to my Youtube under the same name (DevolvedRaichu) but I will begin to upload here as well!


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Hello there my beautiful people! I'm DevolvedRaichu I play a lot Super Mario Maker 2, but I also tend to Shiny Hunt in Pokemon along with other Mario games and other platformers!

I have a Youtube and Twitch under the same name (DevolvedRaichu). Go on ahead and drop a sub/follow/like/share and etc... You know you want to.