Once you have met the devil you will never forget it. The moment where your life changes forever and you begin to question your personal sense of reality. What are lies and what is truth!

Knowledge is not wisdom, understanding alone cannot heal humanity, only love and mercy combined with understanding and knowledge can solve a problem. Humanity lacks love and mercy, both of these are from God because no one is good, no not one.

In this video the Lord tells us in scriptures that he is truth and that we need to be truth like Him. Jesus said "I am the way, truth and the light, nobody comes to the Father by through me." This is the essential character of God, TRUTH. So in order to share his wisdom you must develop this character trait.

This is a description of my experience with demons in a nightclub shortly after becoming a born again Christian.

The demon of anxiety comes when it is practised again and again and Jesus showed me how it developed in me at a very young age and how fix it. God Bless Us All.

Jesus is truly amazing and the revelations of truth that the Holy Spirit gives, and with time heals every aspect of your being. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word Of God. Immerse yourselves in his healing and His scriptures. God Bless Us All.

Are you surrounded by demons? How to bring the Prince Of Peace Into Your Life.

Be healed by Jesus Christ.

In this video God revealed to me why Adam and Eve is the common everyday situation of every human being that ever lived and that our lives are nothing more than this one story on repeat.

The amazing way God greets us when we die is breath taking. Scriptures back up my near death experience of the angels coming to collect me when I almost died. God bless us all.

When you allow yourself to open up to God, like in any relationship, He gently reveals himself to you but in order to do this you must commit to Him. God isn't in your face, he is in those secret places.

So many people I meet each and every day suffer from a lack of self worth. We have become a nation of sick people physically, emotionally and spiritually and even though those in control tell us that we are modern forward progressive society there is very little evidence that humanity is caring for itself in any sustainable way.
Coming from a very dysfunctional family and being dysfunctional myself and still parts of me are, like everybody else, I developed a craving for love. To my surprise it wasn't romantic love my craving aspired to but a love that went much deeper than that. The entire scriptures are in totality the love of God for man to the point the he put his son on the cross for us. He took it that far. God bless us all.
Note: All descriptions are scripture based. Please look them up for yourselves because its wonderful to know who you are, without having to go searching around the world.


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