This topic at hand is no joke, yes some of these scenes are cryptic remarks from cartoons but my dream last night was no laughing matter. Like in the cartoon people are trapped into egg like virtual reality chambers where quantum computing keeps them trapped inside this false reality. When people are treated badly, or abused by the oppressors via war, crime, so called natural disasters, and illness. Make no mistake is is these computer controllers running the game. Even dreams at night are people taken against their will to enter very unpleasant experiences inside a simulation sandbox. Who knows what hell they can put a mind through in the nightmares when they sleep as well as the hectic often cruel lives in the awake state. Think about it our minds are being used continuously by the matrix we are never truly asleep. One test years ago involving people who rarely remember having any dreams proved they did indeed dream constantly when almost all of the subjects began describing vivid dreams every time they were suddenly woken by the scientist from a sound sleep. They can indeed erase our memory, they can affect our thoughts. I'm not sure if anyone has ever escaped this matrix with their memory intact if they had the controllers would be out of work and the dream matrix closed until decent people could replace the sadistic scumbags running it.

Everything about 2020 is abnormal, recently there seems to be a rash of very strange behavior which in my opinion seems to be outright demonic in nature.

Lunacy is becoming rampant!

Its becoming self evident that everything we have been taught is a lie.

Who can believe them anymore?

Is there an agenda to extract earths fresh water?

If this is true then everything we have been taught about reality is a lie, there is no objective analog reality, just some digital matrix construct which is little more than a glorified prison. It reminds me of that old TV series the prisoner and the truman show where virtually everything is founded upon lies and manipulation.

The cosmos is held together on words!


Strange facts!

Coincidence or not... You Decide

Reality or Illusion?

Exposing the Covid lie

The whole Covid scenario is a lie its the common cold or better put the sniffles! Now they finally admit the chances of dying from Covid is 0.0000001 % or better put one in 19.1 million. There's more danger in a bee sting, mauled by a dog, scratched by a house cat, bitten by a tick, or being struck by lightning than there is from this so called pandemic! Put simply its a total farce and no it has nothing to do with rescuing children like certain youtube people are claiming! Q anon is a real thing but anyone can post as Q so do a little research before assuming every video or post claiming to be Q anon is authentic because many are not!!

Time traveler or not?
You Decide!

This is anything but normal!

The world is changing fast!

Covid is an excuse to normalize snitching on neighbors, this is not about health its about indoctrination.

I discovered a major Q drop in a Japanese Anime

This video is a comical yet truthful discussion between the devil and the smart meter.

Coronavirus is a fraud perpetrated by wealthy entities to make money off vaccines as well as the millions of phony masks they are selling! None of these cloth masks can protect from a virus, hence the whole thing is as Max Igan would put it, one big Coronafraudus.

Funny UFO parody that I dreamed up, and took a few hours to edit together.


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